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For all Michael B. Jordan fans out there, August will arrive with the actor’s latest movie on Netflix, A Journal for Jordan. Netflix users in many countries will enjoy direct access to the film. But some areas may not allow access to the title. So, if you’re wondering how to watch A Journal for Jordan in UK, we’ll guide you on precisely how to do that.

There’s a chance that this specific movie title isn’t available within the Netflix library of your country due to copyright issues.

You can prevent the resulting error message with a premium VPN; let’s show you how.

Quick Steps: Watch A Journal for Jordan in UK

Here are four steps for unlocking A Journal for Jordan:

  1. Download & install a premium VPN (ExpressVPN is our firm top recommendation).
  2. Run ExpressVPN’s app, and sign in.
  3. Connect to a US-based server.
  4. Open Netflix, search for A Journal for Jordan, and access the movie’s stream.
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Is there a Trailer of A Journal for Jordan?

Yes, there is a trailer of A Journal for Jordan, and it’s available on YouTube. The trailer begins with a sentimental scene where a wife tells her military husband to write a journal for his soon-to-be-born son. Then some sad scenes come up, as the son asks his mother why she doesn’t talk about his father much.

Watch the full trailer here.

Where can you watch A Journal for Jordan?

You can watch A Journal for Jordan on Netflix, even if you are in the USA using ExpressVPN. The movie will be released on Netflix’s South Korean region only.

An effective VPN service will enable you to avoid geo-restrictions (the result of licensing agreements). ExpressVPN is the perfect choice with its brilliant speeds and top-class security.

What is the story behind A Journal for Jordan?

The story behind A Journal for Jordan is the true tale of a United States Army First Sergeant named Charles Monroe. Mr. Monroe was sent to Iraq and kept a journal while abroad for his son (who is still an infant) to read when he grew up. The movie is a story of strength and courage, with love at the center of it.

 Will A Journal for Jordan be on Netflix?

Yes, A Journal for Jordan will be on Netflix starting the 4th of August, 2022. Unfortunately, the movie starring Michael B. Jordan might not be available inside the Netflix library of your country (or perhaps you live in a region where Netflix isn’t active, to begin with). Either way, grab a premium VPN subscription to access the movie, as highlighted earlier in this article.

Is A Journal for Jordan out?

Yes, A Journal for Jordan is out. A Journal for Jordan movie release date was December 25, 2021. Sony Pictures released the movie on that date under the banner of Columbia Pictures. Michael B. Jordan is the star and co-producer of the film alongside Denzel Washington, Todd Black, Steve Tisch, and Jason Blumenthal.

Who is in the cast of A Journal for Jordan?

Michael B. Jordan leads the cast of A Journal for Jordan (playing the protagonist), with other talented actors such as:

  • Jalon Christian (playing Jordan’s son)
  • Chanté Adams (playing Jordan’s wife).

Other prominent actors in the movie include:

  • Tamara Tunie
  • Robert Wisdom
  • Susan Pourfar
  • Jasmine Batchelor

What is the plot of A Journal for Jordan?

The plot of A Journal for Jordan (true story) centers around the life of a US military First Sergeant called Charles Monroe. The Sergeant is part of the US campaign in Iraq and writes a journal, to guide his son to live a good life even if his father isn’t alive to witness it firsthand.

What will happen at the end of A Journal for Jordan?

The end of A Journal for Jordan has heartbreaking moments as the protagonist of the movie finishes his journal for his son (with hardly any sleep), urging him to follow a decent path in life even in his absence. This happens barely two months before the father dies during his Iraq deployment with the US military.

Is Journal for Jordan based on a true story?

Yes, A Journal for Jordan is based on the true story of a US soldier (Charles Monroe) who was sent by the army to Iraq, and during that stint, pens down a journal for his infant child named Jordan. Denzel Washington directed the movie based on a book (having the same title) written by Dana Canedy.

How long is A Journal for Jordan movie?

A Journal for Jordan runs slightly over two hours (2 hours and 11 minutes, to be precise). During the span of the film, the story of a US soldier unfolds. He writes a journal for his son, telling the story of how his parents met and what he should do in life.

A Journal for Jordan movie filming locations included New York’s Central Park.

What happened to Michael B. Jordan in A Journal for Jordan?

Micheal B. Jordan’s character in A Journal for Jordan passed away in Iraq (near Baghdad) in 2006. The family members he left behind were his little son and wife. In the movie, his wife reminisces about their meeting and ensuing relationship, focusing mainly on the journal he penned for his son.

Is A Journal for Jordan a sad story?

Yes, the movie is somewhat sad. While A Journal for Jordan has its obvious sad moments, given the death of the central character at a young age, the movie’s director (Denzel Washington) and screenwriter (Virgil Williams) didn’t intend for it to be too emotional. The story is instead designed as an old-school romance with some humor sprinkled in.

Why is it called A Journal for Jordan?

The movie is called A Journal for Jordan because it centers around the central character (played by Michael B. Jordan) writing a journal for his newborn son (named Jordan). The main character met his son just once during his lifetime, before fighting in Iraq and getting killed there, leaving behind written messages for his son.

Who wrote A Journal for Jordan?

Virgil Williams (a producer in the US) wrote the screenplay for A Journal for Jordan. Dana Canedy wrote the book that the movie was based on in 2008, a memoir of her life with Charles Monroe and the life lessons he left behind for his little son to follow as he grew up and faced the world’s realities.

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Yes, A Journal for Jordan will be available for viewing outside the US.

Yes, A Journal for Jordan has mixed reviews (3 out of 5 Rotten Tomatoes rating).

You can watch A Journal for Jordan on Firestick via Netflix. To watch it in UK, you will need ExpressVPN to watch the South Korean library of Netflix


If you’re a Michael B. Jordan fan, then A Journal for Jordan is a must-watch for you. To access the movie from a location where streaming it on Netflix is geo-restricted, invest in the super-affordable, high-speed, and secure ExpressVPN (get the steeply discounted annual subscription) to watch A Journal for Jordan in UK.

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