30 Best ABC IView Shows To Watch In 2022

30 Best ABC IView Shows To Watch In 2022

ABC Iview has been a video-on-demand broadcasting channel since 2008. ABC iView shows are only available for Australian viewers. It also provides catch-up TV, where one can view ABC iView dramas and shows on their TV with a subscription.

Recently, they have begun free live streaming services and successfully conducted many such streams.

Various programs are hosted on ABC iView. It can range from Arts and Culture to Drama to Documentary. Now you can open ABC iView shows to watch cartoons as they have brought kids’ shows online by broadcasting the cartoon shows on ABC iView.

You can watch these movies on ABC iView outside Australia with the help of the best streaming VPN.

The top 30 best Shows to Watch on ABC iView:

The Split (2018-2022)


Directed by: Dee Koppang O’Leary
Written by: Abi Morgan
Cast: Nicola Walker, Stephen Mangan, Deborah Findlay, Annabel Scholey
Genre: Legal drama
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

No. of seasons: 3 seasons with 6 episodes each

Working as a divorce lawyer, Hannah Stern lives an ironic life as she mulls over her life falling apart. She started working with Noble and Hale, a rival company to her family firm, Defoes, after having a fallout with her family.

She stands against her family in high-profile divorce cases. She soon finds herself in the similar footsteps of her clients as she pursues an extramarital affair with her coworker, Christie.

She thrives on bringing balance to her relationship and work. What happens when suddenly her dad, her mother’s ex-husband, is back in the picture? Watch to find out.

Mystery Road (2018-Present)


Directed by: Ivan Sen
Written by: Kodie Bedford, Steven McGregor, Michaeley O’Brien
Cast: Aaron Pedersen, Tasia Zalar, Tasma Walton, Judy Davis
Genre: Crime Mystery
IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

No. of seasons: 3 seasons with 6 episodes each

Investigation begins when a person goes missing from a cattle station. Detective Jay Swan with cop Emma James is appointed to solve the seemingly simple missing case, but they soon realize it’s anything but.

Racing with the time, Jay and Emma have to find the missing person, Marley, but they have to face the two new chaotic harbors. Somehow, Marley returns to his thrilled family. But he hides more than he lets on. Upon investigation, more of the truth is revealed.

What is the truth? Was it a missing case, or was someone else involved? Watch to find out.

Ridley Road (2021-present)


Directed by: Lisa Mulcahy
Written by: Sarah Solemani
Cast: Eddie Marsan, Rory Kinnea, Agnes O’Casey
Genre: Historical drama
IMDb Rating: 6.7/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

It is based on the true story of Vivien, a young Jew. She discovers a Group of 62 people who stand against the Nazis. They are an underground movement that constantly tries to stop the rising fascists.

The series follows her actions and the risks she takes to thwart the fascists. She lives among the National Socialists despite being a Jew and works against them. This is one of the best war movies of all time.

Smother (2021-Present)


Directed by: Dathaí Keane
Written by: Kate O’Riordan
Cast: Niamh Walsh, Gemma-Leah Devereux, Dervla Kirwan
Genre: Thriller
IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

No. of seasons: 2 seasons

Just like the name of the series, Val Aherns is feeling smothered by her life. After her husband’s demise, many truths are unveiled. Val and her three daughters try to bring themselves together. But they constantly face obstacles and breakdowns.

They are struck with more complications when suddenly they are faced with Denis’ estranged son, Finn. They face trust issues with him, but soon Val warms up to him. But the terror still looms over the family. This is also one of the best comedy action movies of all time.

Innocent (2018- Present)


Directed by: Matthew Arlidge, Chris Lang
Written by: Matthew Arlidge
Cast: Daniel Ryan, Lee Ingleby
Genre: Mystery
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

No. of seasons: 2 seasons

‘Innocent’ depicts how righteous people had to face treason for crimes they didn’t commit and struggled through the consequences.

The first season revolves around David, who was charged with murdering his wife. He had to serve seven years in jail and lost custody of his children. After his release, he is set on finding the real culprit, reconnecting with his kids, and bringing his life back on track but with a lot of struggles.

The second season contemplates the real killer of a 16-year-old boy, Mathew, after the accused was found not guilty after a 5-year-long trial.

Killing Eve (2018- 2022)


Directed by: Anu Menon
Written by: Emerald Fennell, Laura Neal, Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Cast: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer
Genre: Spy thriller
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

No. of seasons: 4 seasons

It’s a very interesting series following a villain and their crimes. Eve, a security officer, is not content with her work despite her love for it.

She is tasked with looking out for a witness to an assassination of a Russian diplomat. Due to her knack for adventures, she finds herself chasing the villain across the continent. She doesn’t know that this is going to change her life.

The assassin, Villanelle, moves across the country, slaying people in her path. Eve not only has to catch her but she must find the person behind Villanelle who orders her to prosecute the plans. One of the best ABC iView shows to watch anytime.

We Hunt Together (2020-Present)


Directed by: Carl Tibbetts
Written by: Gaby Hull
Cast: Hermione Corfield, Babou Ceesay, Eve Myles
Genre: Thriller
IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

No. of seasons: 2 seasons

A damaged person can take two pathways, one is to heal themselves or give in to the dark. When Baba, an ex-soldier, rescues Freddy from sexual assault nobody thought that things would turn ugly. The pair wreak havoc as they murder people.

Detective Superintendent Lola Franks and Detective Inspector Jackson Mendy follow the leads to catch Freddy and stop them. It proved a difficult task as the pair are down to their third victim and they have no leads for it.

They seize the situation as they start finding evidence for the third victim. Seems like they put a stop to all the turmoil.

The Newsreader (2021-Present)


Directed by: Emma Freeman
Written by: Michael Lucas
Cast: William McInnes, Sam Reid, Anna Torv
Genre: Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

Dale, an ambitious reporter, and Helen, an avid news reader, are brought into the spotlight after their story, Launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, is published. They have to fight against the ever-growing field of media to remain at the top.

They are celebrated and hyped up as they produce successful headlines. Their relationship also blooms away from the spotlight. But their feelings and work are found at stake after an interview with an HIV person goes downhill.

If they want to stay together, they have to quickly clear out everything as they face new challenges.

The Stranger (2020-present)


Directed by: Daniel O’Hara Hannah Quinn
Written by: Danny Brocklehurst
Cast: Siobhan Finneran, Shaun Dooley, Richard Armitage
Genre: Thriller
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

Adam Price, a detective, has to deal with a peculiar case when a stranger approaches him regarding his wife, Corinne. Adam tries to locate Corinne but it’s futile. He has no trace of her and the stranger appears to be rather suspicious.

Trailing Corinne, Adam shockingly meets the victims of the strange man. The chase brings his past to light too. Now, he has to deal with his past and the mystery of the strange man and his wife, Corinne. This is the best movie to watch on Stan outside Australia.

High Fidelity (2020-present)


Directed by: Jeffrey Reiner
Written by: Solomon Georgio
Cast: Da’Vine Joy Randolph, Jake Lacy, Zoë Kravitz
Genre: Romantic Comedy
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

Remember the angsty feeling as a teenager when you felt a lot and believed a lot, the series will help you revisit it. And, if you are a teenage viewer then this series will give you some tough lessons.

Rob Brooks, a record store owner, recounts her five memorable heartbreaks after a failed attempt at dating. As she recounts her stories, she reflects upon her mistakes.

Does she learn and move on from it or ignore and commit the same mistake again? Watch to find out. This is the best ABC iView shows for watching with your family.

Aftertaste (2021-present)


Directed by: Renée Webster, Jonathan Brough
Written by: Jonathan Brough
Cast: Wayne Blair, Natalie Abbott, Erik Thomson
Genre: Comedy
IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

With a tarnished reputation, a celebratory chef, Easton West moves back to his hometown, Adelaide Hills. His outrageous explosion on set goes viral which brings him a lot of negative fame.

Set on building his prestige again, he allies with his 19-year-old niece. The niece likes to bake and make pastries which may not be enough to run a restaurant but with her adamant uncle, she complies. Together they clean the area to build a restaurant but it’s not easy with her hot-blooded uncle.

On the very first day, he forces her to make a dish out of the menu. Is it a save or a disaster? Watch it and find out.

Bluey (2018-Present)


Directed by: Richard Jeffery
Written by: Joseph Brumm
Cast: Melanie Zanetti, David McCormack
Genre: Children’s television series
IMDb Rating: 9.7/10

No. of seasons: 3 seasons

Bluey is the name of the main cartoon character in the series. The cartoon explores the family of foxes, a mother, a father, a daughter, and a son, Bluey.

Blue has lots of friends and acquaintances.

But he loves to play with his toys. In the series, we follow his daily adventures and family time. The show instils good values and promotes the idea of healthy family values.

The foxes are adorable and playful. It’s a light-hearted cartoon show.

Arthur (1996-2022)


Directed by: Debra Toffan, Greg Bailey
Written by: Kathy Waugh, Peter K. Hirsch
Cast: Bruce Dinsmore, Daniel Brochu, J.T. Turner
Genre: Children’s television series
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10

No. of seasons: 25 seasons

Yet another cartoon show on the list with the same endeavor. Arthur the main character is an aardvark. He has his family of aardvarks. Despite being an insectivore, Arthur likes to study insects instead of consuming them.

It’s an educational series for kids as they learn about insects and their whereabouts. He engages in different adventures every day. His expeditions are a source of learning for the viewers.

Small Axe (2020-present)


Directed by: Steve McQueen
Written by: Courttia Newland, Alastair Siddons, Steve McQueen
Cast: Khali Best, Gary Beadle, Naomi Ackie
Genre: Anthology Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

The series is a collection of stories of repressed black people in West London. It shows the hatred and racism present in the white people residing there, especially the metropolitan police.

The first episode recounts the first judicial acknowledgment of racism in the London police.

The second episode throws light on the ingrained racism among people.

The next episodes are true stories of people who were subjected to discrimination and fought against it. It’s an eye-opening and motivating show. You might also be interested in the best shows on Stan as it is also the best Australian channel.

Keeping Faith (2017-2020)


Directed by: Pip Broughton Andy Newbery
Written by: Sian Naiomi, Anwen Huws, Matthew Hall
Cast: Mark Lewis Jones, Bradley Freegard, Eve Myles
Genre: Thriller
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

No. of seasons: 3 seasons

Life turns upside down for Faith, a renowned lawyer after her husband and business partner, Evan disappears. In her search for her husband, she discovers troubling clues about her husband’s private life. The series is an articulate play of hints and secrets of Faith and Evan.

There is something that everyone is hiding. Is Faith herself responsible for Evan’s disappearance? Or is something bigger at play?

You will find that out when you watch the show but the important thing here is that no one can be trusted here.

Troppo (2022-present)


Directed by: Catherine Millar
Written by: Yolanda Ramke
Cast: Nicole Chamoun, Thomas Jane
Genre: Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

Jong Min, a Korean tech, is missing. A private investigator, Amanda Pharell recruits an ex-cop, Ted Confakkey to inquire about Jong Min’s whereabouts.

Shockingly, they find his remnants in the river.

Their prime suspects are Min’s friends Yoon Sun and Olivia. The case starts turning tricky as both Amanda and Ted’s past start to interfere in their conduct.

They have to deal with their demons to solve the quest. This is one of the most disturbing movies of all time.

Baptiste (2019-2021)


Directed by: Börkur Sigþórsson, Jan Matthys, Thomas Napper, Hong Khaou
Written by: Harry Williams
Cast: Tchéky Karyo, Tom Hollander, Anastasia Hille
Genre: Mystery
IMDb Rating: 7.3/10

No. of seasons: 2 seasons

Julian is searching for Natalie, a sex worker. Edward, Natalie’s uncle, helps him locate her. But Edward is not a trustworthy person, and as his true intention is out of the bag he flees.

Julian is not innocent either. With his family at stake, he has to find Edward and get his business done.

Why is it that Julian reached out to Natalie? What could be his business with her and Edward?

Vera (2011-Present)


Directed by: Paul Whittington, Julia Ford, Paul Gay
Written by: Glen Laker, Paul Rutman, Ann Cleeves
Cast: Jon Morrison, Brenda Blethyn
Genre: Crime Drama
IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

No. of seasons: 11 seasons

Detective Vera is the figment of novels written by Ann Cleaves. She is a very determined woman, who along with her team, especially her subordinate Sergeant Joe Ashworth, promptly solves the cases.

Now she has a very intriguing issue. Someone has been slaughtering people and then leaving them surrounded by flower petals. The massacre is rather peculiar and she has to get to its crux before things blow out of proportion.

The Good Karma Hospital (2017-Present)


Directed by: Nimer Rashed
Written by: Nancy Harris, Dan Sefton
Cast: Nimmi Harasgama, Amanda Redman, Darshan Jariwala
Genre: Medical Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

No. of seasons: 4 seasons

The drama is set in south India. Ruby Walker, a junior doctor, leaves behind her life in the UK to work in ‘The good karma hospital’ in Kerala.

She often seems to clash with her colleague Lydia. The series illustrates her love life, various ventures, arguments, and her relationship with her patients, while she stays at the good karma hospital.

You Can’t Ask That (2016-Present)

You-can_t ask-that-au

Directed by: Aaron Smith, Kirk Docker
Written by:
Cast: Harvey Zielinski, Danzal Baker
Genre: Reality Show
IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

No. of seasons: 6 seasons

It is an Australian reality tv show. As an Australian, it’s a must-watch. It is honestly the best show on ABC Iview.

The panel asks the veterans the most uncomfortable questions that reveal the hardships of undermined Australians and the misogyny they face.

The show covered a lot of taboo topics such as postnatal depression, drug addiction, and sexuality crisis.

Manhunt (2019-2021)


Directed by: Kirk Docker
Written by: Kirk Docker, Aaron Smith and Jon Casimir
Cast: Harvey Zielinski, Danzal Baker
Genre: Reality show
IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

No. of seasons: 7 seasons

Detective Chief Inspector, Coli Sutton has to hunt down the convict who murdered Amelia Delarangage. Amelia is a French student, studying in London. One day she is found dead with her head suffering major blows.

Detective Coli is on a cat-and-mouse chase with the suspect. But he keeps on losing him. He has to find the guilty and bring justice to the student as soon as possible.

Mum (2016-2019)


Directed by: Richard Laxton, Stefan Golaszewski
Written by: Stefan Golaszewski
Cast: Marlene Sidaway, Lesley Manville, Ross Boatman
Genre: Sitcom
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

No. of seasons: 3 seasons

It’s an award-winning family sitcom. Critically acclaimed, the show has reached deep into our hearts. ‘Mum’ revolves around Cathy, a widowed woman, trying hard to rebuild her life around the chaos that is her family and friends.

The show begins with Cathy mourning her husband’s demise and ends with her celebrating a bittersweet moment with her family on New Year’s Eve. Throughout the year she grows a lot emotionally and mentally.

Grand Designs (1999-Present)


Directed by: Ned Williams
Written by: Kevin McCloud
Cast: Jeremy Till, Kevin McCloud
Genre: Home Improvement
IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

No. of seasons: 22 seasons

Are you an architect fanatic? Then this show is a must-watch for you. Kevin McCloud, the host, and an architect, visits construction sites and works from the base to build them.

He’ll look at the blueprints and devise a plan to build the dream houses of people. He has built many installations on difficult terrains and conditions. It’s a mesmerizing show to watch.

Long Lost Family (2011- Present)


Directed by: Kate Scholefield
Written by: Nicky Campbell
Cast: Peter Arundel, Nicky Campbell, Davina McCall
Genre: Documentary
IMDb Rating: 8.2/10

No. of seasons: 12 seasons

The series studies the efforts of the hosts, Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell, to bring estranged families together. They study the history and whereabouts of the estranged member and their family.

They plan out the process and reunite the family. They have helped mothers who had to give up their kids, siblings who were separated, and parents who lost their kids. An episode ends with sweet and emotional moments.

Agatha Raisin (2014-Present)


Directed by: Geoffrey Sax
Written by: Marion Chesney
Cast: Matt McCooey, Ashley Jensen
Genre: Mystery
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

No. of seasons: 4 season

It’s a collection of tales of Agatha Raisin, who has a knack for investigation and solving mysteries. Her curiosity drives her to solve the issues relating to the fatalities occurring around her.

She explores and dives into solving the mystery. Most of the time she risks her life. But will she prioritize it more than her marriage? Yes. Follow her as she solves some mysterious happenings around her.

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans? (2022-present)


Directed by: Hugh Laurie
Written by: Hugh Laurie
Cast: Lucy Boynton, Will Poulter
Genre: Crime Drama
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

We all have heard about the ‘Crime Queen of Novels’, Agatha Christie. This show is an adaptation of her very popular book of the same name. The crime drama begins with the end of a person on the Welsh coastline. The dying man is discovered by Bobby Jones and the man relays his last wish to him.

When Bobby recounts his encounter with his friend, Frankie, they believe it’s a murder. The two friends decide to investigate the death forehand. But the trouble seems to be deeper as they find dark secrets inside the house of their prime suspect.

First Day (2020-2022)


Directed by: Julie Kalceff
Written by: Julie Kalceff
Cast: Evie Macdonald
Genre: Drama
IMDb Rating: 6.2/10

No. of seasons: 2 seasons

Hannah had a traumatic experience when she was outed as transgender without consent. But her friends help her regain confidence. She spends time with them in school and builds herself up.

She goes through backlash but with her friends around, she confidently fights back. Watch her grow and flourish in the show. It conveys a message to its viewers about accepting people of all forms and genders. This is one of the best kids’ movies on Netflix.

Brassic (2019- Present)


Directed by: Jon Wright
Written by: Joseph Gilgun, Danny Brocklehurst
Cast: Michelle Keegan, Damien Molony, Joe Gilgun
Genre: Comedy Drama
IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

No. of seasons: 3 seasons

The tales of boys and their tight-knit friend circle are quite well known. But Vinnie and his brotherly mates are facing a testament of time as their friendship seems to crack. They are, also, incredibly broke.

Vinnie, Dylan, Cardi, Ash, Tommo, and JJ, the six mates engage in petty thefts and shoplifting to survive and enjoy life. But with the looming tension can they survive their relationship? As their past catches up to them, they start depending on each other more than before.

Will this bring them together? Or will it be the last straw?

Louis Theroux: Forbidden America (2022-present)


Directed by: Daniel Dewsbury
Written by: Louis Theroux
Cast: Louis Theroux
Genre: Documentary
IMDb Rating: 7.1/10

No. of seasons: 1 season

Louis Theroux, the host, researches the impact of social media and the Internet on America. He reaches out to the far corners of America and discovers influencers and other artists that control the online world.

These artists can start a riot which can easily influence the general public who keeps a tab on things happening online. He visits artists who create porno content separately from the industry due to the rise of websites like only fan.

This is among the few ABC iView best shows available.

Call the Midwife (2012-Present)


Directed by: Syd Macartney
Written by: Heidi Thomas
Cast: Jenny Agutter, Laura Main, Vanessa Redgrave
Genre: Period drama
IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

No. of seasons: 11 seasons

Midwives are important to people who find it hard to take care of their babies themselves. The show throws light on a group of nurses working as midwives and their struggles. It is set in East London, where Jennifer Worth is assigned as a midwife in a convent.

The midwives, Jenny and Chummy, work tirelessly daily to help the kids and provide for them. It can be hard but they find their work rather satisfying and beautiful. This one has been highly rated to be one of the best ABC iview shows to watch.


So, we saw some of the best shows on ABC iView. If you ever feel bored of the recurring shows on your TV, then just tune into ABC iView shows to watch some of the best ABC iView dramas.

These interesting dramas will keep you engaged with their insightful storylines. So sit back and pitch into these amazing plots with ABC iView. And we will keep updating you with new shows on ABC iView.

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