How to Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia?

How to Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia?

Wondering where can I watch the Fifty Shades series? Don’t worry, you can watch Fifty Shades Darker Netflix on Canadian Netflix in Australia. However, you will need a VPN like ExpressVPN, because it is not available in all the regions of Netflix.

Who hasn’t heard of the popular Fifty Shades erotica series? Unless you’re one of the very few (who must be living under a rock), then you may not be aware that this raunchy yet addictive film trilogy was made based on the three E.L. James novels.

However, I bet the majority of you were unaware that Netflix in Australia does not offer Fifty Shades Darker (or most other countries). In fact, none of the three films is available on Netflix in the US.

This short article will cover where and how to watch Fifty Shades Darker (2017) on your current Netflix subscription from any location (outside Canada also).

How to Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia? (Quick Guide)

Follow the instructions given below to watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia.

  1. Download a VPN – ExpressVPN is highly recommended.


    Sign up for ExpressVPN.

  2. Connect to the Canadian server (Recommended – Toronto server) once ExpressVPN has been installed.
  3. Search for “Fifty Shades Darker” by opening the Netflix app again or refreshing the Netflix website.


    Stream Fifty Shades Darker with ExpressVPN!

  4. Play the movie and enjoy!

You can now unblock a lot more movies from all over the world, including Fifty Shades Freed, Fifty Shades of Grey, and The Notebook and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Season 4.

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Fifty Shades Darker (Trailer)

The trailer of the Fifty Shades Darker movie is given below-

“Fifty Shades Darker” (Overview)

The second movie in the Fifty Shades of Grey series, Fifty Shades Darker, was released in 2017 and is an erotic romantic drama.

In this film’s prequel, Anastasia, a college student, pursues a career in publishing. The excitement starts when she runs into Christian, her billionaire ex-lover, at a photography exhibition.

In order to win her back, Christian renegotiates the terms of their relationship. Outside forces, though, pose a threat to split them apart and break their dreams of a happy future. To experience the tension, you must watch this film!

Is Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix?

No, and yes! The movie is undoubtedly available on Netflix, but only in certain nations.

Fifty Shades Darker is not available on Netflix in the majority of nations, including the Australia. This is brought on by the geo-blocking and content licensing policies enforced by the majority of streaming services, including the Netflix website.

A VPN is a tool that can help you access tv shows And movies from Netflix or any other international OTT service. Now, we hope it’s clear to you about can I watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia.

The cast of Fifty Shades Darker

The cast of Fifty Shades Darker is listed below-

  • Dakota Johnson
  • Eric Johnson
  • Bella Heathcote
  • Luke Grimes
  • Rita Ora
  • Eloise Mumford
  • Marcia Gay Harden
  • Victor Rasuk
  • Max Martini

What type of genre is Fifty Shades Darker?

The genre of Fifty Shades Darker is an erotic romantic drama. Make sure that neither your parents nor your young children are watching it with you!

Release Date and IMDb Rating of Fifty Shades Darker

Based on reviews from about 102k viewers, the movie received a score of 4.5 out of 10 on IMDB. The film was released on 10 February 2017.

Why VPN is Necessary to Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia

A VPN is a piece of software or an Internet tool that alters your IP address and virtual location. You are prompted to select a remote VPN server in the location where you want to connect when you connect to a VPN.

If you try to access Fifty Shade Darker on Netflix without a VPN, you will see the following error message:

Oops, something went wrong …


Error on Netflix in Australia.

Your virtual location and IP change to a different country if you select a server there. All the websites and online streaming that you connect while connected to that VPN server will be fooled into thinking that you are attempting to access them from that distant nation rather than from your actual location when you do this.

You can watch an unlimited number of movies and TV shows like Back to the Future and Bloom Into You from all over the world by connecting to the Netflix content library of any nation using this method.

Using a VPN, you can watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix libraries in Canada, among others where it is available. We’ll assist you in identifying the VPNs that perform this task the best because not all of them are equally effective at it. Go on reading!

But if you are restless to know then I am telling you the name of the VPN earlier than expected- it’s ExpressVPN.

Why ExpressVPN is Recommended to Watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia

ExpressVPN is the most recommended VPN to watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia.

Choose the best Netflix VPN service like ExpressVPN, because with this VPN you can watch Fifty Shades Darker Netflix in Australia with a speed of 92.26 Mbps.


Stream Fifty Shades Darker with ExpressVPN!

This VPN provides a fantastic blazing-fast upload speed of 89.45 Mbps and a download speed of 92.26 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection through which you can easily unblock Pure Flix and stream Funimation.


Our team tested it on Netflix, and ExpressVPN provided a blazing-fast speed.

ExpressVPN is the perfect VPN in our analysis of the alternatives, as it meets all our requirements. So, the best VPN to watch Fifty Shades Darker full movie Netflix is ExpressVPN, you can unblock other movies of Netflix like Gangster the Cop the Devil, Blind Spot, and Pulp Fiction.

It is recommended for a variety of factors, such as its lightning-fast speed, excellent encryption, nearly perfect uptime record, and helpful customer support. ExpressVPN is without a doubt the best VPN for Netflix, offering 4 Canadian server locations.

More than 3000+ servers are available from ExpressVPN in 94+ countries. However, the Montreal server is not recommended due to the slow speed.

Recommended servers: Toronto, Vancouver

ExpressVPN also provides options for strong 256 encryption and bandwidth. They employ strong security measures, such as kill switches, split tunneling, government-grade security, and defense against IPv6 and DNS leaks. Your online activities are not monitored when you use ExpressVPN due to its strict no-log policy.

It provides users with simultaneous access to five connections. The VPN service is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Chromecast, Firestick, Roku, Edge, Firefox, Windows, Linux, tablets, Smart TVs, Android, iOS, iPad, Mac computers, Xbox, and more.

ExpressVPN offers a special function called Smart MediaStreamer for gaming consoles like the Playstation. You can download ExpressVPN on all of your devices and it is also portable.

If you want to stream something other than Fifty Shades Darker, you can also look into other streaming services like Disney Plus, ITV, and others. Moreover, you can unblock geo-restricted streaming services such as you can unblock OLN and can also watch CBC in Australia.

If you want to test it out, each of ExpressVPN’s three tiers offers a free 30-day trial. The monthly plan is the default option. The 6-month subscription is the next tier and costs $9.99 per month.

The 12-month plan at ExpressVPN, which costs AU$ 9.42/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, offers the best value. By doing this, you can save up to 49% and receive 3 additional months for FREE with the 12-month plan.

At this price, you can easily watch other platforms like Crave TV channel, and can also enjoy the amazing content of  Disney Plus from Anywhere.

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FAQs: watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia

Yes, Fifty Shades Darker is available on Netflix, but only Canadian Netflix has it. You can therefore unblock this movie if you’re located outside of these nations by using a high-quality VPN like ExpressVPN.

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. For you to watch movies and TV shows from around the world, free VPN services are rarely able to unblock streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or HBO Max.

We cannot give a direct answer. Depending on your location you may enjoy Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Free on Netflix but some may not due to licensing and copyright reasons. But all in all, you just need a premium VPN like ExpressVPN to tackle this problem, and the details of the same are already explained in this article.


I hope this guide helps you learn how to watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix in Australia and where to watch Fifty Shades Darker on Netflix by reading this article. Just watch it alone or with your partner and you will be fine.

Also, choose a premium VPN like ExpressVPN over a free one. If you are a newbie while choosing VPN you may be tempted but it is worth it. Enjoy streaming!

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