How to Watch Blippi Season 4 in Canada


Blippi season 4 is coming on Hulu on August 24, 2022. In this article, we will tell you how to watch Blippi season 4 in Canada on Hulu via a VPN. Hulu is a US-only channel and due to licensing policy of the streaming giant. Therefore, you can only watch it in the US, so to unblock and use Hulu in Canada, you must use a VPN.

Blippi is your kid’s teacher; he can teach them so much in a fun and adventurous way. Blippi will help your kids in knowing a lot of things. So if you are a parent, we 10/10 recommend you make your kids watch this series. They will learn a lot by watching Blippi.

Quick Steps: Watch Blippi Season 4 in Canada

You can Watch Blippi Season 4 in Canada on Hulu by following some of these steps to unblock Hulu in your region and watch its content.

  1. Download and set up ExpressVPN on your device.
  2. Connect it to a US server. (We recommend the New York server)
  3. Go to the Hulu website and log in to your account.
  4. Search for Blippi and watch the show with your kids. 
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Is there a trailer of Blippi Season 4?

No, there is no trailer for Blippi season 4. But we have attached a video for your kids below. Blippi needs no trailer or anything as every new episode will teach your kid something valuable and good, too, in a lively and playful manner. You must include this on your kid’s screen time.

Where else can you watch Blippi?

You can watch Blippi on Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and Amazon. Due to its worldwide popularity, the show was almost picked by all the streaming giants across the globe. Each of these platforms contains all the seasons and episodes of the show.

As most of these channels are only accessible in the USA, you will need a VPN to unblock and access them in your region.

What is the release date of Blippi Season 4?

Blippi Season 4 release date is August 24, 2022, on Hulu. Blippi Season 4 of the show has already been released. There are six collections and 134 episodes in total of Blippi. Each episode is around 11-20 mins long.

Who is the Cast of Blippi Season 4?

Blippi Cast and crew include:

Clayton Grimm, aka Blippi
Kaitlin Becker, aka Meekah
Stevin John, aka Blippi
Candice Moll, aka Mary
Joe Haden
Brittany Ann Cormack, aka Seamstress
Sonia De Los Santos
Moonbug Entertainment (Distributor)

What is Blippi Season 4 about?

Blippi is coming back on your screens on August 24, 2022. He will teach your kids everything from color, shapes, sounds, alphabet, and animals in a fun way.

Blips love to explore and learn about new exciting stuff, so it is an excellent chase for your kids to know about them too. He’s coming for season 4 to take your kids on adventures and exploration with him.

In this season, he will teach your kids about zoos, aquariums, trucks, cars, space, tow trucks, fire brigade, and many exciting things. In addition, he will educate them about numbers, sounds, letters, shapes, and a lot more.

So are you ready to let your kids get lost in Blippi world? If yes, subscribe to a VPN before the series is released on Hulu. It’s not every day that they learn about things, from our very own Blippi.

What network is Blippi?

Blippi is on Youtube, and it was first released on Youtube by the Video Creator Stevin John, aka Blippi. The show was a massive hit, so many streaming platforms got their streaming rights. It is available on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Peacock TV.

How much did Stevin sell Blippi for?

Stevin John sold Blippi for $3 Billion to Moonbug Entertainment. The distributor bought Cocomelon and Blippi both for this amount, so it’s unclear how much money Stevin sold Blippi for.

How old is Blippi now?

Stevin John, aka Blippi, is now 34 years old. He started making videos at the age of 25 or 26. He had become so popular among kids in such a short span of time. There’s another show called Blippi Wonders made by Blippi’s creators. If you are wondering where to watch Blippi wonders. You can watch it on Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and Amazon.

Did Blippi sell his show?

Yes, Stevin John, aka Blippi, sold his show on July 31, 2020, for $3 Billion to Moonbug Entertainment: they purchased not only Blippi but also Cocomelon. There are many Blippi shows and even a movie.

Is there an app for Blippi?

Yes, there is an app for Blippi on the App store, but it is only available on Hulu App and Apple TV+ app.  Tip: We will also tell you how to watch Blippi offline as a bonus.

What is Blippi’s real name?

Blippi’s real name is Stevin John. He is a former air force officer but soon realizes he’s not made for flying planes. So he switched career paths and decided to be a child entertainer instead. He and his fiancee Alyssa welcomed their first child on March 17, 2022.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch Blippi Season 4 in Canada?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Blippi season 4 in Canada because it offers the most up-to-date and highly encrypted solution with the quickest internet speed. The details of the provider are given here:

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What to Watch on Hulu Besides Blippi in Canada


Stevin John, aka Blippi, is an educationist and your kid’s favorite teacher who teaches them about many things in a fun way.

No, Blippi is not a reality show. It is a pre-recorded show made by the Video creator Stevin John.

Yes, Blippi Netflix Cast has one new member that is also Blippi but is not Stevin John as John decides to give more time to his son and fiancee. So this new Blippi guy Clayton takes up his role. Blippi Netflix IMDB ratings are also good.

Yes, you can watch Blippi Season 4 in Canada on Hulu via a VPN. The show will be released on August 24 on the platform.


Your kids’ beloved educationist Blippi is coming on Hulu on August 24, 2022. But the problem is Hulu is a US-only streaming platform, so a VPN is required to overcome the location barrier. We recommend you use ExpressVPN to unblock and access Hulu to watch Blippi season 4 in Canada.

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