How to Watch Hulu on Roku in Canada [January 2023 Updated]

How to Watch Hulu on Roku in Canada [January 2023 Updated]

You must register for a streaming service to watch Hulu on a Roku device. Hence, download the Hulu app for Roku, log into your Hulu account, and enjoy watching the content. We are here with the complete guide if you can’t find Hulu in Canada on Roku!

Hulu is an on-demand streaming platform accessed via Smart TV, Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, and Amazon Firestick.

Hulu subscribers have numerous options for watching the service on Roku’s various devices, which range from set-top boxes to broadcasting sticks and media hubs.

The Walt Disney Company owns Hulu, which provides a wealth of enjoyment with 1,142 films and 1,253 TV shows available in its on-demand library. This includes Hulu’s original shows, like Name That Tune: Season 3, The Drop, and The 1619 Project Docuseries.

Moreover, you can watch hit content on Hulu, like Minamata.

So, let’s start watching Hulu on Roku in 2022 and learn everything else you need to know to trick Hulu’s location.

So, let’s get started.

How to watch Hulu on Roku in Canada [Easy Guide]

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to stream Hulu in Canada on Roku :

1. If you don’t have a Hulu account, go to the Hulu website and subscribe to Hulu.

2. After subscribing to Hulu, turn on your Roku device > Press the Home button > Select Streaming Channels.

3. Click on Search Channels > search Hulu > select the app.

4. Now, select the Add Channel button, and your Roku device will start to download the app.

5. Return to your Roku Home Screen, where you will see the Roku Hulu app. Now, open the app, log in, and start streaming Hulu’s shows and movies.

How to set up Canada Roku Account for Watching Hulu

If you don’t have a Canadian Roku Account, then follow these steps to set up a Roku account for Hulu:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN and download it on your device (we recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Open the Hulu VPN app, and sign in using your username and password.
  3. Choose a US server from the list and connect to it.
  4. Once the connection is established, Go to to create a CA Roku account.
  5. From the list, select Canada as your country, and insert a Canadian Zipcode. You can type any zip code from the internet, like 99501, 85001, 92803.
  6. You have successfully set up your Canadian Roku account.

Furthermore, you can easily watch Hulu on Roku even in Romania, Germany, New Zealand, or any other region that does not have the service officially.

Get the premium ExpressVPN services to stream on Hulu.

You can easily watch Hulu in Canada on this streaming device now.

Which Roku Devices Support Hulu?

There are multiple Roku devices that you can watch Hulu on in HD quality, and some devices even support 4k streaming. Hulu supports the following Roku devices:

Roku 1 4K Roku Ultra
Roku 2 4K Roku Ultra LT
Roku 3 4K Roku Premiere
Roku 4 4K Roku Premiere+
Roku LT (2700X) Roku Streaming Stick
Roku Express 4K Roku Streaming Stick+
Roku Express+ 4K Roku Smart Speaker

Roku Devices that Don’t Support Hulu

Unfortunately, some Roku models don’t support Hulu. These Roku models include:

Roku 2 XS model 3100X
Roku HD model 2500X
Roku LT model 2400X and 2450X
Roku 2 HD models 3000X and 3050X
Roku Streaming Stick models 3400X and 3420X

Which Devices are Compatible to Watch Hulu with Roku?

Nintendo Switch Android Devices Apple TV (3rd generation or later) Mac and PC web browser Amazon
Amazon Fire Tablets Apple iPhones and iPads Xbox 360 and Xbox One Roku streaming devices
Chromecast TiVo LG, Samsung, and Sony Blu-ray player PS3 and PS4

Note: When you encounter Hulu error code p-dev320, consider watching the same clip on some other devices while using Hulu.

Roku TV Models that Support Hulu

Hulu supports a wide range of Roku TV models, including:

Sanyo Android Devices Westinghouse Element
Sharp Hitachi Magnavox RCA
TCL Philips JVC Hisense

How to download Hulu content on Roku in 2022

Here are the steps for how to get free Hulu on Roku:

  • Subscribe to the ad-free version of Hulu, which costs ($11.99 per month.)
  • A Download logo indicates downloadable content next to the title of the TV show or movie. Navigate to its details page and click the Download button.
  • Click the Downloads icon at the bottom of the application to stream all offline files on the device. Also, choose the Trash icon to delete them.

Why Hulu isn’t Working on your Roku?


Hulu cannot be accessed via Roku for either of the following three reasons:

    1. Your Roku device is not compatible with Hulu, or you’ll have to reinstall the apps and reboot the device.
    2. Hulu’s applications were lately updated, and they are only compatible with the latest versions of Roku. Hence, try upgrading your device and then broadcasting Hulu.
    3. It is possible that Hulu also isn’t working on your Roku due to geo-restrictions. For example, if you are attempting to access Hulu in Spain, Belgium, Europe, Ireland, or any other region other than the United States.

What Can I Watch on Hulu on Roku in Canada?

You can enjoy watching your favorite television shows and movies with a US Roku account and Hulu.

In addition to well-known films and television programs, many documentaries and family-friendly programs are available in regularly updated collections of new material. If you sign up for the Hulu Plus Live TV subscription package, you can view over 65 network TV channels live from Hulu for CAD 87.17 ($64.99) per month.

We’ve put together a list of the best movies and TV shows available on Hulu on Roku, so if you’re looking for something to watch in 2022, you’re in luck. Let’s start reading.

Popular Shows to Watch on Hulu in Canada

You can stream Hulu content in Canada, such as:

Best Hulu Shows
Cooks vs. Cons: Seasons 2-4
The Bachelor: Season 27
Cutthroat Kitchen
Narco Bling: Getting Chapo Guzman
Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller: Season 3
Deadly Women: Season 14
Port Protection Alaska Season 6
9-1-1: Lone Star: Season 4
killing County
Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens: Season 2
Love Island UK Season 9
The Watchful Eye Season 1

Popular Movies to Watch Hulu on Roku?



Now, after setting up a US Roku account and getting Hulu, you can watch your favorite movies and shows anytime. If you wonder what to watch on Hulu in 2022, you are in luck because we have sorted out a list of the best movies and TV shows that you can watch on Hulu Roku.

Best Hulu Movies
The Drop (2022)
Good Luck to You, Leo Grande (2022)
Fire Island (2022)
Extraordinary (Hulu Original)
GameStop: Rise of the Players (2022)
The Deer King (2021)
Happening (2021)
Love, Gilda (2018)
The Princess (2022)


Yes, you can get the Hulu app on Roku. This streaming service supports a lot of Roku devices that let you stream Hulu in 4k and HD quality.

If Hulu is not working on your Roku, we suggest you turn off your Roku and wait for 30 seconds. Now turn on your Roku and check for an updated Hulu app. Install the app, and you will be able to watch it.
If that doesn’t solve the problem, check your internet connection, and make sure your device has the latest Roku software. If you don’t have the latest software on your Roku, then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Roku Home
  2. In settings, select System > select System Update > select Check Now.
  3. If there is any Roku software available, it will download it automatically, and you are good to go.

To add the Hulu app on Roku, launch your Roku and go to the home screen. On the search menu, type Hulu, and install the app on your device. Sign in using your email ID and password, and you can stream your favorite shows anytime. Remember to connect a premium VPN.

No, Hulu is not available in Canada, and you can’t watch it using your Roku. you will have to take help from a premium VPN to stream Hulu on Roku.

You can install the Hulu app on Roku for free. However, to watch Hulu, you will need to subscribe. When it comes to the prices of Hulu, you can either pay 8.71 CAD per month or 87.25 CAD per year.You can also subscribe to the Hulu bundle that gives you access to Hulu, Hulu, and ESPN Plus. This bundle comes at 16.28 CAD per month. With this bundle, you can watch a wide range of content on a single platform. Note: From March 2021, Hulu will come at a revised price of 8.71 CAD/month and 87.25 CAD/year. Similarly, the Hulu bundle will cost around 17.44 CAD/ month.

To change the language on Hulu on Roku, follow these steps:
  1. Press the “*” button on your Roku remote.
  2. It will open the Audio menu. Select the subtitle setting.
  3. Choose your desired language.
  4. The language setting that you have chosen for Hulu will be saved.

Select the content that you want to watch. Go to the content description page, choose Options or Audio & Subtitles. From the Audio menu, select Subtitles or Closed Captioning Off. Click the return button and watch your content without subtitles.

Roku pin for Hulu, or other streaming services, is a four-digit code that you set up for your Roku account. To install Hulu on your Roku, you need this four-digit pin.


Now you can easily watch Hulu on Roku in Canada and stream your favorite movies and shows like Avengers, Animaniacs, and Matrix movies. If you are a Hulu fan, then you will absolutely love streaming Hulu because it has all the original movies and much more.

So, what are you waiting for! Power on your Roku, get the Hulu app, and stream unlimited Hulu content anytime, anywhere. Just don’t forget to connect to a premium VPN!

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