How To Fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124 Outside UK [Quick Fixes]


Are you also experiencing BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124? Several BBC iPlayer users like you are unable to access their ‘my list’ and while doing so they experience such errors.

BBC iPlayer is a video-on-demand streaming platform that users across the UK can easily stream. Hence, you don’t have to hassle about getting subscribed to BBC iPlayer free trial as it is already a free streaming service. But if you are outside UK, then you must use ExpressVPN to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

If you are a regular user of BBC iPlayer, with your customized list of shows and movies, you might now be eager to access ‘My List’ on its app. Don’t worry. Our blog will help you troubleshoot BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124 within a few minutes.

What is BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124?

BBC iPlayer Error code 01124 is experienced by viewers when they aren’t able to access ‘My List’ on the BBC iPlayer app or webpage. This list features all the saved videos that you would have wanted to watch later.

Therefore, if you encounter this error while accessing ‘my list’ know that BBC is aware of this error and is working to resolve it as soon as possible. Understanding what is error code 01124 on BBC iPlayer is essential before you try resolving it.

For now, we have some easy tips that will help you resolve this error code issue and enjoy the best films on BBC iPlayer. Please note that you can experience this error on BBC iPlayer on multiple devices.

Let’s see how to fix BBC iPlayer Error Codes outside UK.

How to Fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124?

BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124 means there is an issue when accessing your “My List” feature on BBC iPlayer. Below we have shared some easy troubleshooting steps on how to resolve BBC iPlayer Error 01124 outside UK:

Restart Your Device

Begin with turning off your device. If you are not aware of the method of shutting your device off, go through the manual of the device that is in your use.

After turning off the device, turn it on after a few seconds. Open the BBC iPlayer app or website and see if you can access My List.

Reconnect to the Internet

A slow internet connection also prevents you from accessing My List on BBC iPlayer. To resolve it, restart your internet connection. Disconnect your device with the internet and connect it again. It will help in fixing the temporary glitches and resolve your issue with streaming BBC iPlayer on Android or any other device.

Update Device Firmware

Go to your device settings, and check for any available updates. If there are any updates available, make sure to update your device. Using an outdated device often causes the error. These bugs like Error code on BBC iPlayer can be fixed when necessary updates are made.

You can try this fix when streaming BBC iPlayer on Smart TV, Android phone, Apple TV or any other device.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If convenient then uninstall the app from your device but be careful not to cancel BBC iPlayer subscription. Following the uninstallation, reinstall the app again and add your credentials to continue with the app.

This step will help you clear the cache date and other glitches that are hindering your streaming experience.

Issues while streaming show

Other than BBC iPlayer Error code 01124, if you face any of the underlying issues while you stream shows, try using one of the following steps:

Limit Other Internet Use

The internet device is usually shared by many. A slow internet connection also causes BBC iPlayer to show error code issues. If you face streaming issues like BBC iPlayer not working properly, try to limit internet usage. In doing so, the bandwidth will be free to support your streaming.

Use an Ethernet Cable

Ethernet cable is used for connecting to the internet by means of a device. You can make use of this cable, in case of greater distance between your device and the internet router. With an ethernet cable, the underlying Wi-Fi problems can be solved without difficulties.

Using an ethernet cable ensures a fast internet connection and helps in avoiding problems with BBC iPlayer. Once your internet connection is stable, you can enjoy streaming the best shows on BBC iPlayer without any errors.

Lower Video Quality

To get rid of low video quality issues, try switching to standard definition. High-definition video streaming requires greater internet speed and often comes with heaps of errors. Go to the settings menu and change the video quality settings.

You can change these settings when streaming BBC iPlayer on iPad abroad, Android, Smart TV, or other devices. We hope you have understood how to troubleshoot problems on BBC iPlayer.

What are the Other Popular Content on BBC iPlayer?

Discover the top shows to watch on BBC iPlayer right now that are presently trending and grabbing viewers’ interest. The full list of best shows, movies, and documentaries on BBC iPlayer available outside UK is shown below:


If you can’t access ‘My List’ on the BBC iPlayer TV app, it is because of the underlying BBC iPlayer error code 01124. You can fix it by updating your app, restarting your device, or reconnecting your internet.

To reset iPlayer, begin by disconnecting the internet from your device. Following the disconnect, reconnect the internet, to refresh your connectivity. Once the internet is reconnected, open your iPlayer app and sign in again.

BBC iPlayer indicates an error by displaying something went wrong message. To resolve this, clear the cache data, update your app, restart your device, and ensure that your internet connection is stable

Wrap Up!

Unless you haven’t understood what is BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124, you cannot eradicate the root cause of this error. The article above has covered all the nooks of this error and also described methods to deal with such error codes easily.

Remember that BBC iPlayer outside UK faces geo barriers. To overcome such barriers, sign up for one of the best free VPNs for BBC iPlayer abroad, namely ExpressVPN which comes with a free trial.

We hope now you’ll be able to easily fix the error and explore what to watch on BBC iPlayer next. If you are a new user, you can sign up for it now without worrying about BBC iPlayer cost as it is a free service. If you have any other questions on how to fix BBC iPlayer Error Code 01124, feel free to comment below.

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