Paramount Plus Price: How Much Does It Cost in UK

Paramount Plus Price: How Much Does It Cost in UK

Wondering how much will Paramount Plus cost in the UK? Don’t worry, we will tell you Paramount Plus price, including its plans and everything, just read this guide till the end.

Paramount Plus was launched in the UK on 22nd June 2022. It has an extensive collection of movies and TV shows like Teen Wolf: The Movie, Honor Society, Players, and SEAL Team Season 6.

On this streaming platform, you can also watch several blockbusters, new original series, practically every Star Trek sequence, and all Mission: Impossible movies.

The content library of UK Paramount Plus differs from Paramount Plus available in the US. The Paramount+ US has a rich collection of movies and TV shows and offers customers more subscription plans and deals. You can use a VPN to watch US Paramount Plus in UK.

The US Paramount+ offers 2 subscription plans, namely essential and premium, but in the UK it offers only monthly and yearly plans. Moreover, unlike other VOD providers, each subscription includes some form of live TV capabilities.

You can experience a whole new world of streaming for a very modest Paramount Plus price. Let’s dig into this guide!

Paramount Plus in UK Price and Plans

Paramount+ has adopted a one-size-fits-all policy in the UK as opposed to the United States, which has two membership tiers: a more affordable “Essential” plan with commercial breaks and a “Premium” option with no commercials.

The monthly cost of a Paramount+ subscription is £6.99. You can cancel Pramount+ anytime, and there won’t be any ads before or during the TV shows or movies you stream on Paramount+.

Those who want to save money can enroll in the annual plan. This costs £69.90 annually, saving 16.6% when compared to a rolling 12-month contract.

That’s certainly nothing to sneeze at, particularly for those managing multiple subscriptions to video streaming services like Prime Video, Netflix, and Apple TV+.

The other advantage of purchasing a year of streaming in advance is avoiding price increases throughout the year. However, it’s important to note that Paramount hasn’t publicly stated any plans to change the price of its subscriptions within the first year of its UK launch.

Paramount Plus Cost in UK on Sky Cinema

Existing Sky Cinema members, including Sky Q customers, have access to Paramount Plus at no additional cost.


Stream Paramount Plus with your Sky cinema subscription.

A Sky Cinema subscription is available through Sky’s streaming service, NOW TV, for £9.99 per month. No free access to Paramount Plus will be available to Sky Cinema subscribers on NOW.

However, certain Paramount Pictures movies that will continue to be shown on Sky Cinema and new additions that will be introduced in the coming months will be available to Sky Cinema members on NOW.

How does the Pricing of Paramount Plus Compare to Other Streaming Services?

Let’s face it: there are a plethora of streaming platforms competing for your consideration. It might be challenging to decide where to spend all your money without paying more on cord-cutting services than you would on a cable subscription. Let’s look at the comparison below:

Paramount Plus prices compared to Netflix?

Netflix has always been the undisputed king of streaming platforms, albeit at a higher price. Its standard fee for one stream is £6.99 /month, while 2 HD streams cost £10.99 /month. The premium plan costs £15.99 /month, allowing UHD and streaming on 4 screens at a time.

Meanwhile, you may access Paramount Plus’ content collection for less than £6.99 if you choose its monthly plan, or you can subscribe to its yearly plan, saving 16.6% when compared to a rolling 12-month contract.

Paramount Plus prices compared to Amazon Prime Video?

There are also a few ways to get Amazon Prime Video. For £7.99 /month, you can join Prime Video with Amazon’s other Prime benefits, providing access to other content such as Amazon Music and free delivery.

All of this is included in the Amazon Prime Video subscription fee, along with fantastic Amazon original programs like Robots and The Boys.

Amazon Prime Video also offers a cheaper alternative for students, who may pay £39 /year.

Paramount Plus is cheaper with a pricing of £6.99/month. You will also get Paramount Plus free trial to test the streaming platform. The content library of Paramount+ is compressed as compared to Prime Video as well as you will not get any benefits while subscribing.

Paramount prices compared to Disney Plus?

Disney Plus provides a magical collection of content from its collective company, including releases from the MCU, Walt Disney Studios, Pixar, National Geographic, and TV and Film entertainment from 20th Television.

While users in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada now have more mature entertainment with the addition of Star on Disney+, customers in the UK may benefit from this breadth of content with Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ combined bundle for £7.99 per month.

The cost of Paramount Plus is low compared to Disney+, but if you are a fan of a diverse collection, then Disney Plus is a one-stop.

How Do Paramount Plus deals compare to HBO Max?

HBO Max is unquestionably on the more expensive end of the streaming spectrum.

Having said that, it is dedicated to some incredible programming, including HBO Max Originals such as the critically acclaimed Euphoria and DC’s Peacemaker, as well as HBO favorites old and new such as Game of Thrones, and The Sopranos.

In addition, content centers offer on-demand material from Adult Swim, Studio Ghibli, TCM, Cartoon Network, and many other channels.

HBO Max has two plan options, as well as annual and monthly pricing. It’s £12.31 or £123.20 a year, includes everything, and is fully ad-free. If you want to save your few bucks and get a good collection of movies and TV shows, then subscribe to Paramount Plus.

How Do Paramount Plus prices compare to Apple TV Plus?

Apple TV Plus costs  £9.99/month, which is higher than the Paramount Plus monthly plan. Apple TV Plus is fully ad-free, offering a small library of exclusive original content that can be streamed in 4K quality.

There are two options available from Paramount Plus UK price, both of which include thousands of TV shows and films. You can enjoy 4K streaming on a few titles.

What To Watch On Paramount Plus in the UK


Stream your favourite movies and TV shows on Paramount Plus.

Here we have listed some of the best shows and movies you can watch on Paramount Plus in UK:


Yes Paramount Plus worth it. At £6.99/month, Paramount+ is a good value.

If you prefer CBS next-day programming or ViacomCBS entertainment like MTV or Comedy Central, you’ll appreciate their collection of series and movies. If you have a household with children, the Nickelodeon entertainment alone is worth the cost.

A growing number of original TV shows and movies are available on the site, such as various “Star Trek” series, the “Yellowstone” prequel “1883,” and a Halo-inspired series.

Additionally, live CBS sports are accessible, including NFL and SEC football contests.

Yes, you can cancel your Paramount+ subscription anytime, and you will still have access to the service till the end of your billing cycle.


Paramount Plus offers a live stream of CBSN, sports, and your local CBS station, unlike most of the aforementioned services. We hope you now have a good understanding of the Paramount Plus price plan, and everything.

If you are facing trouble streaming Paramount Plus, you must follow our easy-to-troubleshoot Paramount Plus errors guide and continue streaming without any hurdles. Do you have Xbox, and don’t know how to watch Paramount Plus on it, then follow the simple steps covered in our guide on how to watch Paramount Plus on Xbox.

We recommend that you subscribe to this fantastic streaming site right now, and if it is geo-restricted in your location, then use the best streaming VPNs to watch your favorite episodes!

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