How to watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia


Hey streaming buddies, what’s up? If you are looking for a way to watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia, hold on and read this complete guide to find out how you can do that with the help of a premium VPN app.

Hulu is adding another hotly anticipated exclusive title to its original content slate this year. Yes, you heard it right, Look At Me: Xxxtentacion documentary is all set for a premiere on the streaming platform this Thursday, May 26, 2022.

The whirlwind rise to fame and the unexpected death of upset SoundCloud rap sensation XXXTentacion is the center of the latest original documentary of Hulu.

Look at Me: XXXTentacion chronicles the incredible yet troublesome life of Florida teenager Jahseh Onfroy. He burst onto the scene with the twisted and visceral song “Look At Me!” Sadly, his short-lived career was ruined by mental health issues and domestic violence incidents that he confessed to. In June 2018, Onfroy was murdered during a robbery in Florida.

The exclusive documentary by Hulu is a production of Fader Films and is directed by Sabaah Folyan. It features several never-before-seen archival videos of the rapper, alongside interviews with Cleopatra Bernard (Onfroy’s mother), Geneva Ayala (his ex-girlfriend), and other close friends, including fellow rappers.

Look at Me: XXXTentacion is finally coming to Hulu, but due to Hulu’s geo-restrictions, viewers won’t be able to watch the documentary on Hulu in Australia. But we have a workaround.

Let’s explore how a VPN can help you bypass the geo-blocks of the streaming platform and which are the best Hulu VPNs for your streaming needs.

Quick Steps: Watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia

If you haven’t used a VPN before, follow our below mentioned simple guide on how to watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia with the help of a premium VPN app:

  1. Subscribe to a premium VPN service. The best option is ExpressVPN due to its super-fast servers and incredible unlocking powers.
  2. Get the app for your device through the VPN’s website and install it.
  3. Open the app and sign in with your subscription details.
  4. Connect to one of the servers available in the USA.
  5. Go to your Hulu account and start streaming Look At Me: Xxxtentacion from anywhere.
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Look At Me: Xxxtentacion Trailer

Hulu has finally shared the first look trailer of their forthcoming documentary Look at Me: XXXTentacion, which will take a look at the late rapper’s controversies, on May 18, 2022. The new trailer seems promising to provide a deep look into XXX’s SoundCloud origins, and also will shed light on the physical violence allegations that damaged his career.

Watch the official trailer here on the official Hulu channel:

In the trailer, we can see some of the unseen footage of the rapper’s life, the archived videos, and also the interviews of the close ones to the departed rapper. For the interviews, the mother, sister, girlfriend, and Craig Xen can be seen in the trailer. If you want to take a look into the life of the late rapper Xxxtentacion, don’t forget to tune in on Hulu!

Best VPNs to Watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia

With far too many options available online, selecting a VPN that meets all of your requirements might be a tricky matter. However, for our readers we have listed down the best VPNs to watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia.

Bypassing Hulu’s geo-restrictions isn’t a piece of cake and you will need a VPN that works adequately with the streaming platform. The top three Hulu VPNs that provide just everything you need are ExpressVPN, Surfshark, and NordVPN. These VPNs are simple to use, budget-effective, and easy to configure. They assist you in circumventing geo-restrictions while maintaining the highest level of security.

ExpressVPN  – Recommended VPN to Watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia


You can instantly connect to the New York – USA server of ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has more than3000+ servers in 94+ countries and 160 sites to choose from. You may utilize this VPN to circumvent geo-limitations levied by streaming services like Hulu, US Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, and other content outside the United States, such as Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu and shows like American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story on Hulu and  Crush on Hulu in Australia.

The VPN provider on a 100Mbps connection has download speeds of 87.18 Mbps and upload speeds of 52.13 Mbps. We have connected to a server in New York.


It offers apps for many operating systems like Android, Windows PCs, game consoles, macOS, Linux, Routers, iOS, and smart technologies, thanks to its futuristic technology. The VPN supports six concurrent users and offers limitless bandwidth.

ExpressVPN has several outstanding features that make the service exceptionally fast and protected. The following are some ‌features: Lightway Protocol, Threat Manager, Trusted Server Technology, Camouflage Mode, Kill Switch, AES-256 Encryption, and Split Tunneling.

The monthly fee of ExpressVPN is AU$ 10.12 /mo (US$ 6.67 /mo ) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. The VPN offers a 1-month money-back guarantee and a free trial. Payment can be made using a credit card, bitcoin, or PayPal.

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Surfshark  –  Budget-Friendly VPN to Watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia


We could easily connect to the Chicago – USA server using Surfshark

With the right combination of high-quality services, low pricing, and fast servers, Surfshark is a cheap-cost VPN for watching Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu outside of the United States and also you can watch other Hulu content like Breeders Season 3 on Hulu in Australia.

Surfshark offers access to over 3200+ servers in more than 65+ countries. Using these servers, you can get around geo-blocking on streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Peacock TV, and others.

We tested Surfshark on a 100 Mbps connection, and it provided 86.51 Mbps download speed, and 51.86 Mbps upload speed. We have connected to a server in Chicago.


It employs AES 256-bit encryption technology. There is also limitless bandwidth and concurrent connections. The VPN is interoperable with Linux, iOS, Android, game consoles, wi-fi routers, macOS, Windows PCs, and smart technology.

This VPN provides many upmarket features, such as Split Tunneling, Clean Web, Kill Switch, Camouflage Mode, Private IPsec/ IKEv2 Protocol, and No Borders Mode.

Surfshark costs only AU$ 3.49 /mo (US$ 2.30 /mo ) - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan, and you may pay with bitcoin, credit card, or PayPal. The subscription includes a 30-day money-back assurance and 24/7 customer service.

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NordVPN – Largest Servers Network VPN to Watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia


Connect to NordVPN’s United States – 6247 servers for the ultimate streaming experience.

NordVPN is renowned for providing 5543+ servers the largest network of servers, in 94+ countries that can assist you to sidestep geo-limitations foisted by streaming services such as Hulu, HBO Max, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Peacock TV, Netflix, ESPN, Sky Sports, and you can watch the latest content such as Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia.

Our team tested the U.S. servers and discovered that NordVPN hits speeds of 85.48 Mbps (download) and 48.42 Mbps (upload) on a 110 Mbps connection.


This VPN uses encryption and offers unrestricted bandwidth. Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, routers, game consoles, Windows PC, and smart technology are all supported. You’ll also be able to make six connections at once, and you can watch The Kardashians on Hulu in Australia on your preferred devices.

Double protection, Camouflage Mode, clean web, Split tunneling, AES-256 encryption, dedicated IP, Onion over IP, multi-factor authentication, and more premium features are available from NordVPN, and with these features, you can easily watch Under the banner on Hulu in Australia.

NordVPN’s subscription fee costs AU$ 5.3 /mo (US$ 3.49 /mo ) - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal if you sign up for the two-year plan. Customers can pay using PayPal, bitcoin, or credit cards. The company offers a 30-day cash-back guarantee and a free trial. You can also take advantage of the 24-hour customer support.

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Look At Me: Xxxtentacion Release Date

The documentary movie that has been in production for so long after being given the go-ahead by The Fader in 2017 is finally coming out. The long-awaited docu-film is ultimately all set now to release on the streaming platform Hulu on Thursday, May 26, 2022. The documentary will get its premiere at this year’s SXSW Film Festival first.

Introduction of Look At Me: Xxxtentacion

Look At Me: XXXTentacion is an upcoming documentary movie that is made on the significant rise and fame of Florida rapper Jahsey Onfroy, who gained fame almost overnight. The documentary will be exploring his life aspects, such as how he came into the list of being one of the world’s most-streamed artists on the internet, his life affairs, the allegations and charges that were against him, and in 2018 the events of his tragic death.

The documentary will feature never-seen archive footage of XXX and is set to become one of the most in-depth looks into an artist’s life to date. The docu-film will also feature intimate interviews held with Cleopatra Bernard, his mother, his ex-girlfriend Geneva Ayala, and fellow rappers Joey Badass, Trippie Redd, and Ski Mask the Slump God.

The documentary will cover the mystery of how despite being the biggest “SoundCloud rapper” of all time, XXXTentacion has been considered one of the biggest controversial people in hip-hop history until his death in 2018.

XXXTentacion came out of Broward County back in 2017 with his original track “Look At Me!” with a lesser-used style of visceral and distorted. His very short career was all interlinked and laced with the accusations of alleged domestic abuse and violent behavior of an ex-partner. Both of the first two albums, “17” and “?” went platinum. However, as his ubiquitous fame molded into real stardom, the rapper turned into a progressive polarizing personality.

At the time of his death, the 20-year-old hip-hop artist was racking up legalized charges, including witness tampering, false imprisonment, aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, and domestic battery. XXX was shot dead in a robbery outside a car dealership in Florida on June 18, 2018, in Deerfield Beach.

Careers and Mystery of Xxxtentacion

Onfroy kicked off his music career in June 2013 after he released his song “News/Flock.” As per some sources, the rapper met Stokeley Goulbourne aka Ski Mask the Slump God, while still in juvenile detention, and the duo started freestyling.

After his release from prison, Onfroy bought a microphone and started recording his songs and music. He released his first official EP (extended play), named The Fall, on November 21, 2014.

In 2017 his by far the most famous record, “Look at Me” gained massive popularity and reached number 34 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and the top 40 of the Hot 100 in Canada. While still in detention, Onfroy signed his breakthrough deal with Soloman Sobande, who remained his manager until his death. The rapper was offered six-figure contracts by several major labels but he ultimately signed for Empire Distribution at a comparatively lower royalty pay rate, complete creative control, and a meager upfront payment.

Look At Me: Xxxtentacion Cast

The upcoming  Hulu exclusive documentary Look at Me: XXXTentacion is casting his mother, girlfriend, and some of his close friends. Watch the list given under to see who will be seen in this documentary film.

XXXTentacion as self (archival footage)
Juice WRLD as self (archival footage)
Craig J. Gordwin as Craig Xen
Cleopatra Bernard as Mother
Jenesis Sanchez as Girlfriend
Minh Nguyen as Kid Trunks

The documentary film Look at Me: XXXTENTACION is produced by FADER Films and is directed by Sabaah Folayan.

How to Subscribe to Hulu service in Australia?

Hulu is known for its amazing catalog of content with several hit shows, films, and documentaries. If you also find Hulu’s content interesting and looking forward to subscribing to the streaming platform from outside the United States, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Subscribe to your preferred VPN app. We recommend ExpressVPN due to its unmatched features.
  2. Download the app on your streaming device.
  3. Open the app and sign in with your details.
  4. Connect to the US from the list of servers.
  5. Before subscribing, you need a payment method for Hulu. We recommend getting a Hulu gift card from eBay or You can also use PayPal or a virtual credit card (States Pay).
  6. Head over to Hulu’s website and proceed with creating your account.
  7. Fill in all the information and enter any US zip code for the location.
  8. Now select a subscription plan that suits you well. You can get the ad-supported package for AUD 9.82/month ($6.99/month) or the ad-free plan for AUD 18.25/month ($12.99/month).
  9. Use any of the payment methods mentioned in step 5 for the payment.
  10. Go ahead with your payment and wait for the confirmation.
  11. Once done, you will have a valid subscription to Hulu.

Summary of Xxxtentacion Father Tribute that Broke Nerves of Everyone

The father of the music artist XXXTentacion penned a very heart-touching tribute to his departed son back in 2020, who passed away in a very tragic way in 2018 as he got shot and killed as a result of a robbery. Since XXXTentacion’s awful death, his father, Dwayne Onfroy, was not very open about it.

However, around the time of November 10, 2020, Dwayne took it to the social media platform. He opened up regarding a dream that he had related to his son on the Instagram story.

Dwayne wrote the vivid dream in detail that he had about his son, getting the fans to feel with him.

Dwayne wrote, “I saw you in a dream last night,” he said about his son XXXTentacion. “You were singing a new song I’ve never heard.”

“Your voice sounded more mature. You looked a bit taller in the dream as well. I noticed a couple of things about you. You were dressed as you were as a kid; you had on a black hoodie zipped all the way down, and usual, you had on no undershirt.”

He added further, “What I also noticed though, is that you were happy. When You would come to spend time with me in WEST PALM BEACH, I used to chase you to go put on a shirt.”

“A lot has happened since you left,” he said. “The world has changed dramatically. There’s this VIRUS THEY ARE CALLING COVID-19 aka RONA (is that you). A lot of people have died from it. YOU HAVE A SON HIS NAME IS GEKYUME I ALWAYS TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD MAKE ME A GRANDFATHER at a young age, lol.”

He ended the note by saying, “Wish you could see him, but I know from the other side you can’t, so I will be your bridge; AFTER ALL, YOU CAME FROM MY BALLS TOO (I know, I know I’m always using that as my trump card in a conversation.)”

What to Watch Besides Look At Me: Xxxtentacion


You can watch the upcoming documentary movie on the life of late rapper XXXTentacion, Look at Me: XXXTENTACION, exclusively on Hulu after May 26, 2022.

Yes, this coming Thursday, Hulu is releasing the long in production and most awaited documentary on XXXTentacion. The documentary has been in the making for 5 years.

At the time of his death in June 2018, the late singer and artist XXXTentacion’s net worth was estimated to be around $5 million.

Wrap Up

The long-awaited and much-hyped Hulu documentary Look At Me: XXXTENTACION is finally landing on the streaming platform this Thursday, May 26, 2022. The documentary film encompasses the prodigious rise to fame of Florida singer and rapper Jahsey Onfroy and his journey to becoming one of the most-streamed rappers in the world through the internet. It also covers the incident of the rapper’s tragic death in 2018 during an armed robbery attempt.

If you are a die-hard fan of Onfroy and looking for a way to watch Look At Me: Xxxtentacion on Hulu in Australia, you will need a premium VPN app, such as ExpressVPN. We hope our guide will help you unblock geo-restricted platforms like Hulu and other popular streaming services, including Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Paramount+, and others.

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