How to Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia

How to Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia

Do you love sci-fi movies? If yes, no wonder you’ll want to know how to watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia?

In Paradise, a sceptic named Bella Sway finds herself in a battle for control of Moonhaven, a utopian community. The story revolves around Sway’s efforts to fight the powers who want to extinguish Earth’s chances of survival. The movie is releasing soon on AMC in Australia.

If you are outside the USA you can’t watch AMC+ due to geographical restrictions being imposed by the streaming service. As a result, you will have to use the best Streaming VPN to watch Moonhaven on AMC+. Let us show you how.

Quick steps: Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia

Just follow these steps to watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Australia.

  • Download VPN (ExpressVPN is preferable due to its top-level performance).
  • Purchase its subscription.
  • Link to any of the servers in the USA.
  • Log into AMC+.
  • Find and Play Moonhaven.

What is the Trailer for Moonhaven?

The trailer for Moonhaven has been officially available. Therefore, do not pass up this chance.

What channel is Moonhaven 2022 on?

Moonhaven can be seen on AMC+, its official broadcaster. In spite of the fact that viewers of television have been presented with a variety of distinct visions of the future, it will be exciting to watch what “Moonhaven” delivers to us when it makes its premiere on AMC.

Where to Watch Moonhaven: Season 1 (2022)?

The AMC+ channel is the only place you can see Moonhaven. If you live in the United States, you can buy a subscription to the channel and have an amazing watching experience. A VPN is required outside Australia to stream ABC+ because of geo-restrictions.

When will Moonhaven 2022 premiere?

On Friday, July 7, 2022, Moonhaven will be made accessible to watch in its entirety for the first time ever exclusively on the AMC+ channel.

If you are a movie buff, using the Virtual Private Network (VPN) that we suggest, you can watch Moonhaven on AMC outside Australia.

Who is in the Cast of Moonhaven 2022?

The following actors will be featured prominently in Moonhaven’s first season in 2022:

Bella Sway is portrayed here by Emma McDonald.
Sonda Crux is portrayed by Yazzmin Newell.
Dominic Monaghn portrayed Paul Serno in the role.
Tommy Schultz is played by Joe Maniello.
Kadeem Hardison as Arlo
Lone, played by Elaine Tan
Chill Spen is played by Nina Barker Francis.
Eva Magyar as Ennis
Hoji Fortuna played Booker
Ayelet Zurer and Amara Karan performed.
 Thom Ashley as tello

What is Moonhaven on AMC about?

The plot of Moonhaven revolves around Bella Sway, a smuggler and lunar freight flyer who lives 100 years in the future.

She’s accused of a crime and sent to Moonhaven, a utopian society established on the Moon as a 500-square-mile Garden of Eden, to solve Earth’s problems. Bella, a skeptic in Paradise, is involved in a scheme to seize control of Moonhaven’s AI.

Later, we see that she joins forces with a local detective in order to fight against the powers who are attempting to destroy Earth’s final chance.

Where is Moonhaven 2022 filming?

The AMC show “Moonhaven,” which is a mix of science fiction and a perfect utopia, was filmed in Ireland. At the end of February 2022, the filming of the Moonhaven production finally wrapped up.

How many Episodes are there of Moonhaven 2022?

There are six episodes of Moonhaven which is a piece of science fiction. Each of these episodes is jam-packed with exciting and thrilling material for the audience to experience while they watch it.

What are the Best VPNs to Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia?

We’ve developed a list of the finest VPN providers so fans can watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPNs to Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia

Express AMC Plus

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Moonhaven on AMC+ outside Australia, we suggest using Express VPN. Here are some of the reasons why.

ExpressVPN offers 3000+ servers in over 94+ countries locations. Express VPN has five servers in Australia located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

As a consequence, selecting a server requires careful consideration of several criteria. Choosing the nearest server to your location will let ExpressVPN find out the optimum connection for your network if you’re uncertain.

If your device doesn’t support VPN locally, use MediaStreamer DNS to stream content online. To utilize ExpressVPN MediaStreamer DNS, you must first register your IP address on its website, then get an alternative IP address, and finally configure it on your device.

ExpressVPN has three subscription durations: one month, one year, and six months. A 12-month subscription package with a 30-day money-back guarantee costs AU$ 10.33/mo (US$ 6.67/mo) - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. ExpressVPN’s subscriptions feature unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 customer assistance.

Five separate devices may be connected to a single account. Other streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu may also be unblocked using the VPN, in addition to the ACM+ channel.

Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia


Surfshark is the most pocket-friendly VPN available to watch Moonhaven on AMC+ outside Australia. More than 3200+ servers VPN servers are scattered throughout the world in 65+ countries.

With over 91 of them in Australia, in 5 different metro regions and towns. We prefer to use the Perth server because speed and security make it an excellent server choice.

Using lightning-fast servers, Surfshark ensures both speed and security. For this reason, their servers are all equipped with at least one 1Gbps port. This is a great way to keep your internet activity secure from organizations and hackers, as well as automated programs.

Other features include VPN kill switches, symmetrical AES-256-bit encryption, and IPv6 leak protection. Plan options include one-month, twelve-month, and 24-month durations. You can get a 24-month subscription for only AU$ 3.56/mo (US$ 2.30/mo) - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan and save 81 percent.

This service may be accessed on as many devices as you want with a single account.

Beyond Netflix and HBO Max, Surfshark also gives you access to other streaming services like SlingTV, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video so you can watch movies like Mysteries Decoded Season 2 while traveling.

NordVPN: Largest network to Watch Moonhaven on AMC+ Outside Australia


NordVPN has the largest server network which can make it easy for you to watch Moonhaven on AMC+ outside Australia. Servers are spread throughout 60+ countries and 190+ servers in Australia located in 5 Australian regions, with more than 5543+ servers servers in total.

NordVPN stands out among other virtual private networks (VPNs) because of its unmatched mix of unbreakable security, lightning-fast connection speeds, and infinite capacity.

Subscriptions are offered in three varieties: complete, plus, and standard. If you purchase a complete two-year subscription for AU$ 5.41/mo (US$ 3.49/mo) - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal, you can save 68%.

AES 256-bit encryption, onion over servers, NordLynx protocol, and obfuscated servers are just a few of NordVPN’s standout features. These options allow you to watch Maggie 2022 on Hulu Outside Australia

Use the Threat Protection tool to further enhance your online safety. As a result of Threat Protection, you may browse the web without fear, speed, or anonymity. Using NordVPN to connect to public WiFi is the safest option.

For Linux, Android, iOS, and Mac OS X as well as Game Consoles, Streaming Devices, Smart TVs, and Network Routers, this VPN has specialized applications. It may be used simultaneously on six different devices.

Due to the fact that it unblocks other streaming services as well, such as Peacock TV, Paramount Plus, and HBO Max, you will also be able to watch series like America the Beautiful Series on those services.


No, Moonhaven 2022 isn’t based on a true story. This is a story that is based on science fiction, and every single minute brings you closer to finding out what happens next in this exciting and suspenseful narrative.

Yes, Moonhaven will be made accessible on Prime Video. On June 30th, 2022, this mind-blowing series that combines elements of science fiction and thrillers will make its debut on Prime Video.

For now, there is only one season of Moonhaven available to watch, and the premiere of that season will be on AMC+ on July 7, 2022.


If you are outside Australia and want to watch Moonhaven on AMC+, you will need to set up a virtual private network (VPN) on your computer or mobile device.

The usage of ExpressVPN comes highly recommended since it is a trustworthy virtual private network (VPN), which brings advantages of increased speed, safety, and privacy while connecting to the internet.

Installing an ExpressVPN and connecting to a server in Australia is all that is required to set up an ExpressVPN to watch Moonhaven on AMC+ outside Australia. 

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