Does PureVPN Work With Netflix in 2022? [Tested April 2022]

Does PureVPN Work With Netflix in 2022? [Tested April 2022]

Yes, PureVPN works with Netflix, but it gives several errors like the Netflix Proxy Error and is an unreliable option. Our guide covers the four easy steps to unblock Netflix with PureVPN in 2022 and also features the best alternative to PureVPN for streaming Netflix.

How to Unblock Netflix with PureVPN in 2022 [Easy Guide]

You can unblock Netflix with PureVPN by following the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN by choosing your desired package
  2. Download and install its application for your device. 
  3. Log in to the app using your credentials and connect to your desired server. 
  4. Open Netflix, and you’ll see the selected region’s library.

How to Unblock Netflix with PureVPN in 2022 [Video Tutorial]

Best Alternative to PureVPN For Netflix

You need a strong alternative to PureVPN to access Netflix as many of its servers are blocked by Netflix. PureVPN has its limitations and cannot easily bypass the geo-blocking imposed by Netflix. Many PureVPN users have reported DNS leaks and the inability to access various streaming platforms. A reliable, secure, and fast VPN provider like ExpressVPN is needed to bypass Netflix’s geo-blockage.

Express VPN – Best PureVPN Alternative for streaming Netflix

ExpressVPN is the most reliable alternative to PureVPN for streaming Netflix. With over 3000 servers in 94 countries, unlimited bandwidth, and lightning-fast speeds, ExpressVPN is considered the best VPN provider for Netflix.

You can now get a 49% discount on their regular monthly price by getting their special deal at $6.67 per month for 15 months. It has military-grade encryption that lets it easily bypass Netflix’s content restrictions. 

  • 3,000+ servers in over 160 locations

ExpressVPN has more than 3000 servers in 160 different locations. You will get optimal security, and it will effectively mask your identity so that you have no fear of data leaks and getting tracked. 

You can access many countries’ Netflix libraries and securely stream the geo-blocked TV Shows and movies in your country.

  • Strong encryption and security

ExpressVPN gives you optimal security thanks to its Advanced Encryption Standard. The AES-256 standard used by ExpressVPN is the same encryption standard that security experts implement worldwide to safeguard important information.

ExpressVPN masks your IP address and encrypts your traffic to give you full security. It does all this to protect you from the third-parties to steal and sell your information.

  • No Data Logging

ExpressVPN does not record any of its users’ Netflix activity. It does not store any logs or record your online activity and has a strict no-logs policy

The only data that ExpressVPN collects is the Application, and its version, choice of server location, date of connection, and the total amount of data transferred a day.

ExpressVPN working servers for Netflix

We tested ExpressVPN with Netflix and made a list of working servers. We also tested the download speed and latency to see which servers are working best with Netflix. The speed test results indicate that ExpressVPN is indeed the best VPN for Netflix. You can watch best movies on netflix with no hassle as well.

Server LocationsSpeed IndexLatencyDownload Speed
USA – Washington DC17459114 ms792.13 MB
USA – New Jersey 314284103 ms588.32 MB
USA – New York4831101 ms195.85 MB
UK – Docklands4370266 ms1175.17 MB
UK – East London18741112 ms496.23 MB
Canada – Toronto18017110 ms783.31 MB
Switzerland4778161 ms1175.28 MB
The Netherlands – Amsterdam4205670 ms1172.17 MB
The Netherlands – The Hague1033121 ms29.36 MB
Italy – Cosenza8309115 ms213.79 MB
Hong Kong – 22538154 ms156.68 MB

PureVPN Netflix Proxy Error [Fix]

While trying to stream Netflix with PureVPN, you may encounter the Netflix Proxy Error as follows:


It is important to bypass this error to stream your favorite series on Netflix. We have discussed the easy steps to fix this error on Android/iOS, Windows/Mac, and Firestick devices in this guide.

How to fix the PureVPN Netflix Proxy Error on Android/iOS

Follow the steps below to fix the Netflix Proxy Error on Android and iOS devices using PureVPN:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN‘s plan of your choice. 
  2. Download and install its application on your Android or iOS device. 
  3. Launch the application and then select “Stream Mode.” 
  4. Locate “Channels” and then tap “Netflix US.” 
  5. Launch the Netflix application and enjoy streaming your favorite shows.

Fix the PureVPN Netflix Proxy Error on Windows & Mac

You can follow the steps below to fix the proxy error on Windows & Mac:

  1. Subscribe to a PureVPN premium account. 
  2. Download the application and install it into your system. 
  3. Open PureVPN and select “Stream.” 
  4. Select Netflix US from the list of channels. 
  5. Enjoy streaming Netflix on your Windows or Mac device.

How to fix the PureVPN’s Netflix proxy error on Firestick

You can fix the Netflix proxy error on Firestick by following the steps below:

  1. Open Apps on your Firestick. 
  2. Open Categories and then select Utility
  3. Search the PureVPN application, and then download and install it. 
  4. Open Apps from the main menu. 
  5. Launch the PureVPN application and connect to a US server
  6. Enjoy streaming Netflix on your Firestick.

PureVPN still not Working with Netflix? Here’s the fix

You might encounter a few problems while streaming Netflix with PureVPN. If you find any errors while streaming Netflix with PureVPN, follow the fixes below:

  1. Flush your DNS
  2. Switch to a streaming specific protocol
  3. Restart your router
  • Flush your DNS

You need to flush your DNS to match your IP and DNS. Follow the steps below: 

  1. Press the Windows button.
  2. Type “cmd” in the search bar.
  3. Open the command prompt.
  4. Type “ipconfig/flushdns” and press Enter.

This will flush your DNS, and then you may be able to access Netflix.

  • Switch to a Streaming Specific Protocol

To fix Netflix’s error with PureVPN, you can manually change your security protocols and select IKEv2 or PPTP, whichever is ideal for streaming. You can change the protocol settings by opening the client and going to Advance settings. Once you have changed the protocols, restart your browser and access Netflix again.

  • Restart Router

You can restart your router to access Netflix using PureVPN. Follow the steps below:

  1. Restart your router.
  2. Clear its cache.
  3. Now connect to a VPN server from the location that you want.
  4. Open your browser and access Netflix.

PureVPN Speed Test

We tested the speed of PureVPN’s US server and got the following results:


We noticed a dramatic decrease in the upload and download speeds, and the ping was incredibly high as well. The speed test results were drastically worse as compared to the results carried with ExpressVPN.


Your PureVPN may not work with Netflix because of the following reasons:

  1. Your PureVPN account has expired.
  2. Netflix has blocked your server.
  3. You are not connected to the internet.

No, although PureVPN works with Netflix, it frequently causes issues, making it an unreliable option for accessing Netflix.

To cancel your PureVPN account, you need to log in to your PureVPN account and request a cancellation or refund via live chat. Alternatively, you may fill their cancellation form, and their team will further guide you on the cancellation process. 


PureVPN is not a reliable option for unblocking Netflix as many of its servers are blocked by Netflix. You need a reliable and robust VPN provider like ExpressVPN to change your Netflix region and enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies.

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