How to Install and Watch ESPN on Firestick in Canada?


Are you curious to know how to watch ESPN on Firestick in Canada? Read our guide as we have discussed all the easy steps.

Sports enthusiasts are fans of watching their favorite players on the screen on ESPN. It is a US-based sports broadcasting site. Unfortunately, it is geo-limited outside of the US due to copyright issues. Thus, you must have a premium VPN (ExpressVPN) to access ESPN+ Canada.

ESPN viewers can stream live games from the league when the MLB, NHL, and MLS seasons are live. You can watch 30 for 30 Bullies of Baltimore, Men’s Six Nations Championship 2023 and KBO League 2022, Hokey, Tennies, Football, Cricket Matches, and many more.

But if you are searching for how to watch ESPN on Firestick in Canada? Then you don’t need to look anywhere else because, in this blog, we will share how to download ESPN plus on Firestick and how to get ESPN on firestick free. Now, Let’s proceed ahead.

How Do I Install ESPN on FireStick in Canada?

Is ESPN plus on Firestick? You can download the ESPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick to get your ESPN+ membership.

Follow the quick steps mentioned below on how to install ESPN Plus on firestick in Canada:

  • In the Firestick home screen, press the “Find” option.
  • Move down and press the Search button.


    Search option on Firestick.

  • Enter ESPN and in the suggestion list, move down again and pick ESPN For Fire TV.
  • Choose the ESPN for Fire TV outcome from the APPS & GAMES section.


    Choose ESPN from the options.

  • Here, on the following screen, press the select button on your remote to choose Download.
  • Upon installing the program, launch it by hitting the Open icon.

Alternatively, you may stream ESPN live on jailbroken firestick. If you are wondering how to watch ESPN Live on jailbroken firestick, the subscription usually gives you access to a wide variety of content, including ESPN.

How to Watch ESPN on FireStick in Canada?

ESPN app not working on Firestick in Canada? Because ESPN is not accessible in Canada. If you are looking for how to watch ESPN on firestick in Canada for free. Then, using a free VPN can cause a lot of trouble and leak your details.

Thus, a free VPN is not a good choice. Therefore, we recommend a premium VPN for ESPN streaming, like our highly recommended VPN Express VPN.

Now, let’s proceed with how you can utilize ExpressVPN to get ESPN in Canada.

  • First, get a membership of ExpressVPN.
  • Turn on your Firestick TV, and navigate to the search bar.
  • Now, in the search field, enter ExpressVPN and choose ExpressVPN from the options.


    Search ExpressVPN on Firestick.

  • When installing the ExpressVPN app on Firestick, tap Download.


    Download ExpressVPN app.

  • Launch the application and sign in with the information you provided when you purchased your ExpressVPN membership.


    Sign in on ExpressVPN.

  • When joining such a VPN server, hit the Power option. This is it. Well, now, with the best VPN, your connection is safe for Firestick.

How Do I Add ESPN to Fire TV Stick Home Screen in Canada?

When you intend to access the ESPN app frequently, you should put it on the FireStick home screen. If your Firestick turns on for a long time, then it may cause ESPN buffering on the firestick. So, Reboot your device to resolve this issue.
Here is the best way to add  ESPN to the FireTV home screen in Canada.

  •  Navigate to view all options available on your FireStick’s home screen.


    Choose View All option.

  • Next, navigate to ESPN. Click on the settings option from the remote control of your Firestick device.


    Select the ESPN app.

  • Scroll to the bottom and choose Move.


    Select Move.

  • Use the analog button to put ESPN on your firestick’s upper section of the home screen. Now, click the select button for the acceptance of a new destination.
  • The ESPN app is now available on your home screen.


    The ESPN app is now on your Firestick home screen.

  • Enjoy!

How Do I Set Up and Watch ESPN Plus on FireStick in Canada?

How to get ESPN plus on firestick free in 2022? First, you need to register your ESPN account then, you can get a membership of ESPN+ and enjoy sports live streaming. Moreover, you may skip the ESPN account step if you have already registered.

  • Navigate to the ESPN site using any compatible device like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.


    Go to the ESPN website.

  • Now, on your home screen, choose subscribe now. Add your email address to continue.


    Add your email address to sign up.

  • If you still have not registered your account, then kindly create your account before proceeding.
  • Once you have created your account, next, sign in to the ESPN app using the exact account detail. Now, you can get a membership in any ESPN+ package plan and access ESPN+ on your Firestick device.
  • On the home screen, tap the setting menu in the upper right corner.


    Select the settings option.

  • Now, press first preference on Account information.
  • Choose ESPN Account and sign in on the following page.
  • Now, on your smartphone or laptop, go to
  •  Navigate to the site using an alternate device. Insert the Activation Code from your FireStick. Proceed ahead by clicking Next.
  • It will be asked to hit Continue once more.
  • Next, a notification will display on your FireStick. You have successfully accessed your login. When you’ve found it, hit finish.
  • Return to the ESPN home screen and click on the ESPN+ option on the upper side.
  • Choose the sign up now option.
  • Now, you may get a subscription plan you like the most. But we highly recommend you check a streaming first month and then plan to get an annual membership.
  • If you are wondering how to watch ESPN plus on firestick for free, then you will be surprised to know ESPN Plus is a premium service. You can access ESPN for free but not ESPN+.

How Much is ESPN+ on Firestick a Month in Canada?

The membership of ESPN+ costs CA$13.48 ($10 per month) or (CA$134.81) ($100 per year). There’s also a CA$18.87 ($14-per-month) combo subscription that contains ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney Plus, conserving your CA$14.83 ($11 per month) over subscribing to the three packages individually.

You may also get annual ESPN+ gift membership at (CA$134.81) 100$ if your ultimate goal is to get a gift for being a sports enthusiast. Note: Just newcomers can claim gift memberships.

Moreover, ESPN+ free trial is available for its new viewers. In case you get an error on ESPN or don’t like the service you can also cancel your ESPN subscription at any point.

What Devices are Compatible With ESPN in Canada?

You may get ESPN on Roku and other following compatible devices.

  • Android
  • Apple
  • Playstation 4 & 5
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Oculus go
  • Xbox series X
  • Xbox one
  • Chromecast
  • Samsung smart TV
  • Kodi


You may easily activate ESPN on firestick in Canada. Just follow the instructions below.

  • Install the ESPN app on your smart TV.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Click on subscriptions
  • Pick ESPN+.
  • Now, Log in with your credentials.

Take note of the activation code and navigate to on any smart device.

Yes! You may watch ESPN + on Firestick in Canada; follow the instructions mentioned above.

No! ESPN is not freely available on amazon prime in Canada. You can install ESPN and enjoy streaming after getting a membership.

Let’s start with the finest paid applications for watching live sporting events. These apps are free to download from the Amazon App store, but your membership is required for the application. Here are the apps you can utilize to watch sports content.

  • ESPN +
  • Youtube
  • Fubo TV

Their unique features can distinguish ESPN and ESPN+. ESPN is a freely available app. Whereas ESPN+ is premium and offers countless unique content like series, Live sports events, and much more that are not accessible on ESPN.

Wrapping Up

Now, we can assume that after reading this complete guide, you know how to install and watch ESPN on Firestick in Canada.  ESPN is one of the most renowned sport streaming platforms around the globe.

But, if ESPN on firestick is not working because you are outside of the US, you must use premium VPNs like ExpressVPN to access ESPN Plus Firestick in your region.

You may stream each latest sporting event or match on ESPN+ if the ESPN app on firestick keeps buffering when you use this service for a continuous long time. We also highlighted how to jailbreak ESPN on firestick as an alternative way to stream ESPN.

For any further questions on ESPN on Firestick not working, feel free to ask us in the comments below.

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