How to Watch Frozen Planet II in USA

How to Watch Frozen Planet II in USA

Frozen Planet II is a new documentary series co-produced by the BBC. It is a follow-up to the first Frozen Planet, which aired in 2011. The latest David Attenborough show takes viewers to the unseen majestic icy lands and wildlife in the earth’s coldest regions.  Considering the geo-restrictions imposed by BBC, many fans are curious to know how to watch Frozen Planet II in USA.

The second season of the widespread nature documentary series will stream on BBC iPlayer this September till October. If you are a UK resident, you can access these programs via BBC iPlayer. If you are not, you will need to find a way to unblock BBC iPlayer.

A VPN service can provide the UK IP address to access the BBC iPlayer anywhere.

Watch Frozen Planet II in USA – [Easy Steps]

Follow these steps to watch Frozen Planet II in USA using a reliable VPN service such as ExpressVPN:

  1. Subscribe to the best VPN (like ExpressVPN).
  2. Download the VPN app, install it on your device and log in using your details.
  3. Connect to the UK server.
  4. Open BBC iPlayer and watch Frozen Planet II in USA.
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Is there a trailer for Frozen Planet II?

Yes, here is the official trailer for Frozen Planet II, released by BBC Studios.

Is there a Frozen Planet 2?

Yes, Frozen Planet 2 is the sequel to Frozen Planet, released in 2011. The original Frozen Planet series was a nominee and winner of several awards. Frozen Planet 2 navigates the entire cryosphere and its inhabitants.

Where can I Watch Frozen Planet II?

You can watch Frozen Planet II on BBC iPlayer. However, if you live in the USA, you won’t be able to access the series. The BBC has chosen to block all of its content in USA. And you’ll need a VPN to unblock BBC iPlayer.

When is Frozen Planet 2 coming out?

Frozen Planet 2 has been streaming since 11th September 2022. The show will air every Sunday on BBC iPlayer. The six-part show will conclude on 16 October 2022 with the last episode, “Our Frozen Planet.”

What are the Frozen Planet II air dates?

The Frozen Planet II release date on BBC was 11th September 2022. The episodes will air every Sunday on 18 September, 25 September, 2 October, 9 October, and 16 October 2022.

Where can I watch the new Attenborough?

You can watch the latest David Attenborough nature documentary on BBC iPlayer. You can easily access Frozen Planet II to watch online streaming of the show on any device with our recommended VPN.

What are the Frozen Planet II filming locations?

Frozen Planet II was filmed in the coldest icy locations. These places include:

Atka Bay Antarctica
Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica
Karakorum Mountains, Skardu, Pakistan
Sukhbaatar Province, Mongolia,
Russian Far East (Land of the Leopard National Park)
Durminskoye Forest reserve Russia
Nunavut, Canada
West Ice, Greenland
Russell glacier / Greenland Ice Cap
Store glacier, Greenland
Svalbard, Norway.

Is there a Frozen Planet II full episode guide?

Here is the Frozen Planet II full episode guide.

Episode Title Air Date Time
1 Frozen Worlds 11 September 2022 8 pm BST
2 Frozen Ocean 18 September 2022 8 pm BST
3 Frozen Peaks 25 September 2022 8 pm BST
4 Frozen South 2 October 2022 8 pm BST
5 Frozen Lands 9 October 2022 8 pm BST
6 Our Frozen Planet 16 October 2022 8 pm BST

Which episode of Frozen Planet has killer whales?

The second episode of Frozen Planet II features killer whales. This episode explores the world of water and ice to exhibit the animals surviving on and under the Arctic sea ice. This part of the journey will reveal the secret locations where whales travel every year. These locations are known as ‘whale spas.’

Will there be a planet Earth 3?

Yes, there will be Planet Earth 3. Following the success of Planet Earth 2, the show will be released in 2022. The Planet Earth franchise started in 2001. The Blue Planet also includes one of the acclaimed and successful shows of the Planet Earth franchise.

What is frozen planet 2 IMDb Rating?

Frozen Planet 2 IMDb ratings spotlight 267 users’ votes. Per the IMDb, the show received a weighted average vote of 9.4 out of 10. 180 voters rated the show with 10 out of 10 scores.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Frozen Planet II in USA

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Frozen Planet II


You can watch Frozen Planet II on BBC iPlayer for free. However, you must subscribe to ExpressVPN if you are in USA.

David Attenborough is narrating and presenting nature documentary series.

David Attenborough is the narrator of Frozen Planet II.

Use ExpressVPN to watch Frozen Planet II onlinein USA on BBC iPlayer.

Wrap Up

David Attenborough is returning with the second season of Frozen Planet. You can catch up with all the latest episodes of Frozen Planet II on BBC iPlayer.

However, to watch Frozen Planet II in USA, you will require ExpressVPN to bypass BBC’s censorship. It is also the best way to keep your data private and secure.

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