How to Watch Kung Fu Season 3 Outside USA

How to Watch Kung Fu Season 3 Outside USA

After premiering in 2021, Kung Fu is back for a third season that will contain American Karate and plenty of action. Season 3 of Kung Fu will premiere on The CW on October 5, 2022. This article will tell you how to watch Kung Fu Season 3 Outside USA.

If you live in the United States, The CW is the greatest streaming service you can subscribe to. A large variety of family movies, TV series, games, and on-demand material is available, but only to U.S. residents owing to geo-blocking, and one outside the USA feels difficulty in accessing the platform.

Using a VPN like ExpressVPN, however, you can bypass geo-restrictions and access the geo-restricted platform outside the USA. To put it to use, consider the following:

Watch Kung Fu Season 3 Outside USA – [Quick Steps]

To watch Kung Fu Season 3 outside USA, just follow the steps below:

  1. Subscribe to a VPN. (We highly recommend ExpressVPN)
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Connect to the USA server.
  4. Go to The CW website and watch!
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Is there a trailer for Kung Fu Season 3?

Yes, The third season of Kung Fu does, in fact, have a trailer. You immediately access it in the following or on YouTube.

Is Kung Fu on any streaming service?

Yes, online streaming services such as The CW, Hulu TV, and FuboTV all provide the opportunity to watch Kung Fu in the USA. However, due to the platform’s geo-restrictions outside the USA, international streamers need to get a VPN subscription.

When does Kung Fu Season 3 premiere on The CW?

Kung Fu season 3 release date has been announced, and it has been scheduled that Kung Fu season 3 episode 1 will be on October 5, 2022. It was on the 22nd of March in the year 2022 that the news was first reported. After its season 3, we hope for Kung Fu season 4.

Who is in the Cast of Kung Fu Season 3?

The Kung Fu season 3 cast is as follows:

Nicky Shen portrayed by Olivia Liang
Kheng Hua Tan as Mei-Li Shen
Eddie Liu as Henry Yan
Althea Shen played by Shannon Dang.
Jon Prasida as Ryan Shen
Evan Hartley portrayed by Gavin Stenhouse
Vanessa Kai as TBA
Dennis Soong portrayed by Tony Chung
Yvonne Chapman as Zhang Zhilan
JB Tadena as Sebastian
Tzi Ma as Jin Shen

How can I watch the original Kung Fu series?

You can watch the original Kung Fu series on The CW by logging into a VPN like ExpressVPN as viewers from outside of the United States cannot access the streaming version of Kung Fu on The CW because of geo-blocking.

By using ExpressVPN, users can circumvent the geo-restriction imposed by The CW and view their favorite shows from any location around the globe.

What’s Kung Fu Season 3 about?

Kung Fu season 3 episodes on the CW tell the tale of Nicky Shen, a young lady portrayed by Olivia Liang, who is now a college student at a crossroads in her life. While in China for an exchange program, she decides to join a female Shaolin monastery rather than return home to complete her degree.

She returned to San Francisco after discovering that her instructor had died, only to discover that the area she had called home had devolved into a haven for crime and corruption. After three years of running away from her family and life, she ultimately settles in a new area and resolves to utilize her martial arts skills to defend the city as she searches for the person who murdered her mentor.

The first season of the Kung Fu television series, which premiered in 1972, included a white man character portrayed by David Carradine. Kwai Chang Caine was a Shaolin monk who traveled to the American West.

Is Kung Fu Cancelled CW?

No, a second program season premiered on March 9, 2022, after being renewed in May 2021. In March of 2022, producers green-lit that the Kung Fu Season 3 2022 premiere date is October 5, 2022.

Will there be a season 3 of Kung Fu 2022?

Yes, to everyone’s relief, Kung Fu got renewed for a third season, which will debut this autumn. Kung Fu’s ratings have been so strong that The CW renewed the program for a third season even before the second season premiered.

Is Kung Fu coming back on in 2023?

Yes, the network has announced that the martial arts, action-adventure, and comedy show Kung Fu will be returning for another season and will be a part of their programming for the years 2022-2023.

How many seasons will Kung Fu have?

Kung Fu has aired for a total of three seasons. The first episode of Kung Fu’s first season aired in 2021, followed by Kung Fu season 2 in 2022 and its third season in 2022. The pilot episode of the first season was shown in 2021.

Why ExpressVPN is a Recommended VPN to Watch Kung Fu Season 3 Outside USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Kung Fu Season 3 outside USA because it helps you bypass geographical restrictions and enjoy buffer-free streaming of geo-blocked titles and movies. One needs just a reliable connection to the internet to get started.

Here’s a detailed description of the features offered by ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Kung Fu Season 3 Outside USA

Expressvpn-unblocked-the-cw-outside-usa (1)

ExpressVPN unblocked The CW outside the USA.

ExpressVPN has around 3000+ servers available with 94+ countries. It is compatible with almost every operating system on the market today, including Chromebook, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, and devices sold by Amazon, Apple TV, Nintendo Switch, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, and many more.

You can connect an infinite number of devices within the range of your router while it is running a VPN service. In addition, you may utilize the MediaStreamer DNS to operate the VPN on one of the very few devices that are designed to prevent VPN usage by default.

ExpressVPN allows you to watch your favorite movies or shows, such as Days of Our LivesShark Tank Season 14, and Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, outside the USA without worrying about restrictions.

ExpressVPN’s mobile app boasts a clean appearance and simple usability, making it ideal for beginners. Their chat assistance is accessible 24/7 if you have problems.  Threat Manager (which blocks malware-infected websites) and Network Killer are among them (which keeps your data harm-free upon a drop in connection).

In addition to the History Channel, you will also have the ability to quickly and easily access a huge collection of US-based services such as Hulu, ESPN+, Disney Plus, Hulu, NetflixParamount+ and Amazon Prime Video.

The full-year plan costs US$ 6.67/mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan and gives consumers three free months.

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Kung Fu Season 3


Yes, season 3 of Kung Fu will premiere sooner than some viewers expect. This show premiered in the middle of the season for its first two seasons, but it will now air in the autumn of The CW’s 2022-2023 television season.

Kung Fu has a 5.5/10 rating on IMDb.As of today, the CW has picked up Kung Fu for a third season.

So many injuries were sustained by David Carradine in the original “Kung Fu,” and that’s why production was halted. Most reports indicate that Kung Fu’s three-year run on The CW was quite successful regarding ratings.


You can watch Kung Fu Season 3 outside USA on The CW using a VPN. Using a VPN connection to a server in the United States, you may view any content that users in the country normally block.

If you want to watch The CW from abroad, then ExpressVPN is your best option for a VPN service. The procedure is simple, quick, and safe. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can test it without any financial risk.

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