How To Fix Discovery Plus Not Working Outside USA in 2023 (Quick Guide)


Are you facing problems with Discovery Plus not working outside USA on your smart TV, streaming device, and web browser? Don’t worry; we have discussed all these issues in detail in this blog.

But, before we proceed ahead, you must get familiar with Discovery Plus. Discovery Plus is one of the market’s greatest on-demand video streaming sites in America. The platform emphasizes realistic content as well as original series and delivers high-demand best Discovery Plus shows like Love of the Grid and Good Eats to its audience.

Discovery Plus is a US-based streaming site. Thus, you can’t access Discovery Plus outside US due to geo-limitations. You have to apply for any good VPN ExpressVPN is preferred because it’s a quick and reliable service. The Discovery+ subscription fees are fairly reasonable.

Follow the troubleshooting techniques below to resolve the Discovery Plus not working outside USA on FireStick or Xbox or other device issues, and enjoy watching your favorite shows by subscribing to Discovery Plus, and then you might cancel your subscription anytime.

Why is Discovery Plus not Working Outside USA? Here are Some Fixes for the Streaming Service Issue

Users have lately complained that Discovery Plus is no longer effective on a variety of systems. Some viewers face problems using the online app, whereas others cannot view programs in the catalog.

Server interruptions are the most frequent cause of Discovery Plus not working outside USA. It could, meanwhile, be caused by sluggish connectivity or malfunctioning application installations.

Now, we’ll present you with how to troubleshoot Discovery Plus if it’s not functioning on a particular gadget and it will answer od your query “Is Discovery Plus down?“. Let’s discuss this in detail so you don’t think more about why is Discovery Plus not working outside USA in 2023.

Check Discovery Plus Servers


The initial step you should adopt is to examine Discovery Plus servers. Because Discovery Plus is a video streaming site, it depends on servers to deliver services and content to viewers.

You may evaluate the most recent performance of Discover Plus using an application like Down detector. If servers are unresponsive, the best course of action is to wait because server-related issues cannot be fixed on your end. If there are no server issues, proceed to the option below.

Restart Your Device


Although this process looks effortless, rebooting your smartphone resolves a lot of issues. It starts by reloading your operating system, which will remove any minor issues. Your transitory cache is also flushed when you restart your device.

If Discovery Plus is not loading on Android, follow the steps below and fix the Discovery Plus error codes.

On the Android platform:

  • Locate the device’s Power switch.
  • Hold down the option till the alternatives page appears.
  • Finally, press the Restart button.

If you are an Apple user and you are also facing the issue of Discovery Plus not working outside USA on iOS, then go through these steps.

  • On your apple device, activate Assistive Touch.
  • Then, proceed to the Device tab and select More.
  • Finally, press the Restart button.

Check Your Internet Connection


If Discovery Plus not working outside USA on Xbox or any other device, it might be due to a sluggish or inconsistent internet service. You’ll need a reliable internet service to avoid lagging and playback troubles while streaming online.

To determine whether your network is the cause, you should use an application like to measure its uploading and downloading capacity. If this application reveals any issue related to your internet service.

Then restart your router after 5-10 seconds and reconnect it again. Repeat this test to examine the network performance. Whether the connection problem has been resolved or not. If still this issue is not settled, then kindly consult with your service provider.

Switch to a Wired Connection

Upgrading to a wired connection is another way to improve your network efficiency. Despite wireless networks, LAN cables are not vulnerable to network interferences, resulting in a far more solid connection to your Desktop or Television.

If a cable connection is not feasible, you could attempt to enhance Wi-Fi coverage in the vicinity of your Television or gadget. To improve the signal strength of your wireless network, you can deploy a Wi-Fi network or booster.

Update Discovery Plus

Sometimes Discovery Plus is not working on Android due to the application of an old version of the Discovery Plus app that is unable to function on your device. To resolve this, examine previous app updates and install those updates to repair any technical issues.

It is also an excellent opportunity to update other software.

Clear Your Browsing Data


Web browsers retain transitory information on your system, known as caches & cookies. This information is used to maximize the efficiency of your browser and help accelerate website page loading.

Caches and cookies, on the other hand, can increase and become damaged over time. To resolve this, perform the following steps to clear all data:

  • To begin, launch your favorite browser and navigate to Settings.
  • Move down to the Privacy and Security option.
  • Next, select Remove Browsing Data.
  • Modify the time span and add caches and cookies.
  • Finally, press the remove data button to begin.

Reinstall Discovery Plus

If none of the alternatives above helped you and still Discovery Plus app not working, we recommend installing Discover Plus again. So, you can examine that you have the most recent version of the application and that no items are lacking from your system. You must do as follows:

  • Navigate to the application launcher on your phone.
  • Now, find, press, and hold the Discovery Plus app icon.
  • Finally, press the Delete App (iOS) or Uninstall buttons on Android.
  • Next, install Discovery plus again and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Contact Discovery Plus

However, in this scenario, your only alternative is to get expert assistance. Visit the help center of Discovery Plus and contact their team to describe the issue. Deliver all relevant information with your application. Thus, the Discovery Plus team could help you in resolving the issue.

Discovery Plus not Working outside USA: FAQ

Sometimes your device or application needs to be updated. Try to make sure your streaming device or app on your smartphone is updated to the most recent version. Ensure you have a reliable network connection.

A Discovery Plus Error Code happens when Discovery Plus cannot locate the video you are attempting to view on the server and instead tries to play the next movie in the lineup.

There are easy steps to erase the cache. You follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to Settings on your Android phone.
  • Click Apps.
  • Select Installed Apps.
  • Choose Discovery+.
  • Select Erase Cache.

Just go to, log in, and go to the Profile dropdown. Choose Subscriptions and Membership. Click Manage Subscriptions.


Discovery Plus is one of the most famous American streaming sites for delivering on-demand video content to its viewers. The platform emphasizes more on original content or series, and you can also change Discovery+ language anytime and watch the shows on Chromecast.

Sometimes an error occurs causing Discovery Plus to stop working. This difficulty can be caused by several factors, including connection issues, poor internet service, and system failures.

Moreover, use the troubleshooting procedures explained above to resolve the issue of Discovery Plus not working outside USA on Firefox and continue watching your favorite shows with Discovery Plus free trials.

If you are outside of the US, you must utilize a paid VPN like ExpressVPN to bypass geo-restrictions in your region. Its prices are very economical, and you may cancel your subscription anytime. So, Why are you waiting now?


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