How to Watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus 


Experience the grandeur of the Masters Tournament 2024, the first major golf championship of the year at Augusta National Golf Club, through ExpressVPN. This iconic event promises unparalleled drama and competition. You can watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus Finland library.

A VPN is key to unlocking the Masters Tournament for golf aficionados, offering a seamless stream of the event set for April 11-14, 2024. Join the celebration of golf’s rich history and witness every moment of this prestigious tournament by familiarizing yourself with the process of how to watch Discovery Plus in USA.

How to Watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

Here are your step-by-step instructions to watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus:

  • Select ExpressVPNto unlock geo-locks.
  • Download the VPN.
  • Switch to a Finland server.
  • Navigate to Discovery Plus and sign in.
  • Kick off your viewing party of Masters Tournament 2024!

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Where to Watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA?

Watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus, your front-row ticket to the first major golf championship of the year. Experience the prestige and tradition of Augusta National Golf Club directly from your own space.

For fans eager to follow the Masters Tournament but facing the challenge of geo-restrictions, ExpressVPN is the game-changer. It provides smooth access to the best Discovery Plus sports in USA.

Though other services will share the broadcast of the event, Discovery Plus is the premier venue for the PGA Tour Masters Tournament 2024. It has become the hub for golf aficionados, offering unparalleled coverage of this and other top-tier sports events.

So, sign up for this platform and start creating your list of what to watch on Discovery in USA.

When is the Masters Tournament 2024?

The Masters Tournament 2024 dates are set to unfold from April 11 to April 14, offering four days of unparalleled golfing excellence.

For those eager to watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus, ExpressVPN is your go-to tool to access the platform easily.

Where is the Masters Tournament 2024?

The prestigious Masters Tournament 2024 field is Augusta National Golf Club, located in Augusta, Georgia, USA.

This legendary Masters Tournament 2024 location, known for its beauty and challenging layout, invites fans to experience the magic of golf at its finest.

What is the Masters Tournament 2024 About?

The PGA Masters Tournament 2024 marks a highlight in the golf calendar, showcasing the world’s top talent competing for the coveted green jacket. This event not only celebrates the skill and dedication of the players but also honors the rich history and tradition of the sport.

How to Watch the Masters Tournament 2024 for Free on Discovery Plus?

Unlock the fairways of Augusta National by streaming the PGA Tour live for free, courtesy of Discovery Plus free trial in USA. Golf enthusiasts can seize this chance to follow every drive, putt, and birdie without any cost.

After watching the 2024 Masters Tournament live and free, you can head over to other sports championships without hitting cancel Discovery Plus subscription in USA button.

What is the Schedule for the Masters Tournament 2024?

You can watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus on April 11.

For a detailed overview of each date, check the official Masters Tournament 2024 schedule below:

Day Date PGA Tour Schedule
Monday 8 Pre-Tournament
Tuesday 9 Pre-Tournament
Wednesday 10 Pre-Tournament
Thursday 11 Round 1
Friday 12 Round 2
Saturday 13 Round 3
Sunday 14 Round 4

Who Qualified for the Masters Tournament 2024?

Players qualifying for the Masters Tournament 2024 represent the pinnacle of golf. Here’s a table of qualified players:

Player Name Title
Fred Couples Past Champion
Sergio Garcia Past Champion
Dustin Johnson Past Champion
Zach Johnson Past Champion
Bernhard Langer Past Champion & Honorary Member
Hideki Matsuyama 2023 Masters Runner-Up
Scottie Scheffler 2023 Players Championship Winner
Jordan Spieth Multiple Major Champion
Bubba Watson Past Champion
Tiger Woods Past Champion

Note: The full list of invitees is typically not released until just before the tournament. You can find the official list of players on the PGA Tour Leaderboard through the Masters Tournament website.

What are the Course Details for Masters Tournament 2024?

The Masters Tournament 2024 will once again grace the iconic Augusta National Golf Club, a course renowned for its beauty and challenge. This venue, rich in history and tradition, sets the stage offering an unparalleled golfing experience.

Who is the Champion of the Masters Tournament 2023?

Jon Rahm from Spain clinched the title of the PGA Tour Champion, showcasing his exceptional skills and determination. His victory adds another remarkable chapter to the tournament’s storied history, further enriching the anticipation.

What is the Prize Money for Masters Tournament 2024?

The Master Golf 2024 prize money stands at an impressive $18 million, with the winner expected to take home around $3.24 million. This significant reward underscores the tournament’s prestige and the high stakes involved.

What is the Ticket Price for Masters Tournament 2024?

Prices of Masters Tournament 2024 tickets vary by day and category, starting from $1,325 and going up to $5,119. If you are unable to secure a ticket, watch the game live on Discovery Plus Finland library.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus

Boost your streaming experience and elevate your digital security with ExpressVPN, the best Discovery Plus VPN in USA for Masters Tournament 2024 live. Experience lightning-fast streaming with download speeds reaching up to 93 Mbps and upload speeds close to 90 Mbps.

Spanning across more than 105 countries, ExpressVPN provides the key to watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus.


Watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus via ExpressVPN

Preferred Streaming Server: Finland server.

Beyond offering a front-row seat to the Masters Tournament, ExpressVPN shields your online activities with advanced AES-256 encryption.

Its Auto-Connect feature intelligently links you to the best server, enhancing your streaming with optimal speed and quality. This ensures your viewing experience is clear as you were physically present on the Master 2024 field.

Compatibility extends across a spectrum of devices thanks to ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, which promises outstanding streaming on everything from iPad to Smart TV, liberating your viewing from traditional VPN constraints.

Catering to diverse entertainment needs within a household, ExpressVPN allows up to 8 simultaneous connections. This means uninterrupted streaming of the Masters Tournament for you while others in your home indulge in their favorite content, all under one subscription.

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Masters Tournament 2024

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Yes, you can. However, watching the Master Golf 2024 in USA with a free VPN might be challenging due to limited server options. ExpressVPN is a more reliable choice, offering fast and secure access to geo-blocked content.

Scottie Scheffler is the favorite to win the Master Golf 2024, with odds standing at 5-1. This prediction showcases his impressive skill and potential to dominate at Augusta National.

A VPN is essential for streaming the Masters Tournament 2024 in USA due to geo-restrictions on many sports broadcasting platforms. ExpressVPN ensures you can access the tournament live, providing a secure and high-speed connection.

The Masters Tournament consists of four rounds, played across four days. This format has been a tradition at Augusta National, challenging the world’s best golfers. 

Wrapping Up

ExpressVPN is vital for fans in USA aiming to bypass geo-restrictions during the Masters Tournament 2024 Golf. Secure your link to the fairways and greens of Augusta National with this VPN for a hassle-free viewing journey.

The upcoming golfing tournament 2024 is gearing up to be a showcase of golf’s finest from April 11-14. Fans are set to watch Masters Tournament 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus with the help of ExpressVPN.

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