How to Watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus


Experience the pinnacle of professional cycling with O Gran Camiño 2024. For fans looking to watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus, a VPN like ExpressVPN is your ticket to overcoming geo-restrictions. Stream every moment from February 22nd to February 25th, 2024, without missing a beat.

Due to geo-restrictions, accessing UK libraries is difficult. This is why I will be guiding you on how to watch Discovery Plus in USA with a VPN. Team returns to O Gran Camiño. The prestigious event features a 15km ITT and challenging stages in Galicia, culminating with the Monte Aloia showdown on Sunday.

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How to Watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus? [Quick Steps]

Here are the quick steps on how can I watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus:

  1. Subscribe to ExpressVPN (My top recommendation).
  2. Download and install the VPN app.
  3. Connect to a server in the UK (I recommend using the Docklands server).
  4. Visit Discovery Plus and either log in or sign up.
  5. Search and enjoy the O Gran Camiño 2024 live broadcast in USA!

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Note: Discovery Plus is a subscription-based service that offers seamless streaming. To watch O Gran Camiño 2024 live, you must pay the Discovery Plus price in USA. Now, next let’s learn where is the Gran Camino bike race?

Where to Watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA?

You can watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus. While Discovery remains the go-to channel, cycling aficionados can also find O Gran Camiño 2024 broadcasted on Max. However, the recommended platform is Discovery Plus due to its vast content library.

Viewers in USA may encounter geo-blocks, a common hurdle for international sports enthusiasts. ExpressVPN emerges as a reliable solution here, enabling fans to unblock Discovery Plus UK libraries and dive into O Gran Camiño 2024. Let’s now discover when is O Gran Camiño 2024 start.

When is O Gran Camiño 2024?

O Gran Camiño 2024 was running from 22nd to 25th February. Whether you’re a seasoned follower of cycling or new to the excitement of such races, the spectacle of O Gran Camiño offered a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the sport’s dynamic world.

I hope its all clear about when is O Gran Camiño 2024 dates. Don’t worry, if the event is over, you can still watch it using a reliable VPN service.

Where is O Gran Camiño 2024 Going to be Held?

The 2024 O Gran Camiño (English: The Great Way) was a road cycling stage event held on February 22-25, 2024 in Galicia, northern Spain.

If you’re in USA, consider using ExpressVPN to stream the event.

How Much Does TNT Sports via Discovery Plus Cost?

For enthusiasts aiming to catch O Gran Camiño 2024 and more via TNT Sports on Discovery Plus, the premium plan is priced at USD $39.20 (£30.99). For those wishing to watch the event for free on, Discovery Plus free trial in USA, allows them to access their content for a limited time at no cost.

However, If you plan to watch O Gran Camiño 2024 and wish to avoid monthly charges after the event, remember to cancel Discovery Plus in USA before the trial period ends to avoid any subscription fees.

Note: TNT Sports is not included in the free trial offerings.

What is O Gran Camiño 2024?

The 2024 edition of O Gran Camiño, a road cycling stage race, was held from February 22 to February 25 in Galicia, the northwestern autonomous community of Spain. Classified as a category 2.1 event on the UCI Europe Tour calendar for 2024, it marked the third installment of the O Gran Camiño race.

  • Stages: 4 (Diverse terrains including mountainous regions and flat sections)
  • Participants: International teams and individual cyclists
  • Objective: To compete across different stages for the overall best time

Schedule of O Gran Camiño 2024?

The O Gran Camiño 2024 schedule was meticulously planned to offer a thrilling four-day cycling event from February 22nd to 25th, showcasing the diverse terrains of Spain.

Stage Date Description
1 22/02/2024 The opening stage set the tone for the competition with a challenging route.
2 23/02/2024 Features a mix of terrains, testing the cyclists’ versatility and endurance.
3 24/02/2024 The queen stage, with the most demanding climbs, is pivotal for the overall standings.
4 25/02/2024 The final stage concludes the event with a dramatic finish.

This Grand Camino Walk schedule promises an exciting and dynamic competition, appealing to fans and participants alike with its varied and challenging stages. watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus for an unparalleled viewing experience.

Which teams participated in O Gran Camiño 2024?

The O Gran Camiño 2024, part of the UCI Europe Tour 2.1, will unfold from February 22-25, covering 502.5 km across Galicia’s landscapes. Featuring time trials and climbs, it promises excitement for participants and spectators alike.

Alongside the challenging route, O Gran Camiño 2024 teams will compete for glory, showcasing teamwork and strategy. To catch all the action live, watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus. Would you like to see the O Gran Camiño 2024 start list? We have it covered below.


The event will see participation from a mix of WorldTeams, ProTeams, and Continental teams. Here’s a breakdown of the confirmed teams and some of their notable riders:


  • EF Education: Amador, Carapaz, Carthy, Nerurkar, Piccolo, Powless, Urán
  • Ineos: Bernal, Castroviejo, Fraile, Tarling, Hayter, Kwiatkowski, Rodríguez
  • Movistar: Arcas, Barta, Canal, Quintana, Muhlberger, Pedrero, Sosa (To be confirmed)
  • Arkea
  • Groupama
  • Visma


  • Burgos
  • Caja Rural
  • Euskaltel
  • Kern Pharma
  • Polti
  • Q36.5

Continental Teams

  • Arabay
  • Efapel
  • Sabgal
  • Tavfer
  • Tavira

O Gran Camiño 2024 live streaming will be available on Discovery Plus UK, you can watch it in USA with the help of ExpressVPN.

Stages of O Gran Camiño 2024?

To watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus, fans can experience every moment of this thrilling race, including the O Gran Camiño 2024 route from the historic Torre de Hércules time trial to the challenging climbs of Monte Aloia, showcasing Galicia’s breathtaking landscapes, across four stages.

O Gran Camiño 2024 Stage 1 | Torre de Hércules – Torre de Hércules (ITT)

The first stage of O Gran Camiño 2024 is a captivating individual time trial (ITT) that starts and finishes at the iconic Torre de Hércules in A Coruña.

This stage is not just a test of speed and endurance but also a journey through history, as competitors race around the only Roman lighthouse still in operation today, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

O Gran Camiño Stage 2 2024 | Taboada – Chantada

Stage 2 takes the peloton from Taboada to Chantada, offering a 151 km route through the heart of Galicia. This stage is characterized by its rolling hills and the beautiful landscapes of the Ribeira Sacra, known for its terraced vineyards and the serene Miño River.

Cyclists will face a challenging course with several climbs that will test their climbing abilities and strategy, making it a key stage for those looking to make an impact in the general classification.

O Gran Camiño 2024 Stage 3 | Xinzo de Limia – Castelo de Ribadavia

The third stage, from Xinzo de Limia to Castelo de Ribadavia, stretches over 173 km, marking the longest stage of the race. This leg will take riders through the varied terrains of Ourense, from the flatlands to the challenging climbs, culminating at the historic Castelo de Ribadavia.

The stage is a true test of endurance, with the route passing through ancient Roman roads and offering breathtaking views of the Galician countryside.

O Gran Camiño Stage 4 2024 | Ponteareas – Tui

Concluding O Gran Camiño 2024, Stage 4 from Ponteareas to Tui is a 162 km journey that will decide the final standings. This stage is notable for its significant elevation gain, including the climb to the Monte Aloia Natural Park, a first-category ascent that will likely be decisive.

The route offers scenic beauty and grueling climbs, providing a fitting end to a race that showcases the best of Galicia’s natural landscapes and cultural heritage.

Who were The Notable Winners of O Gran Camiño?

O Gran Camiño, a prestigious cycling race through the heart of Galicia, has quickly become a highlight on the cycling calendar, attracting top talent worldwide. You can watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus.

Below, are the highlights of the notable winners from the 2022, 2023, and 2024 editions, showcasing the elite athletes who have conquered this challenging course.

Year Winner Second Place Third Place
2022 Alejandro Valverde Michael Woods Mark Padun
2023 Jonas Vingegaard Jesús Herrada Ruben Guerreiro
2024 Jonas Vingegaard ( DEN ) Lenny Martinez ( FRA ) Egan Bernal ( COL )

These champions have demonstrated exceptional athleticism and strategy and etched their names into the history of O Gran Camiño, inspiring both the regional audience and cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

Ticket Price of O Gran Camiño 2024?

Here’s the ticket pricing for the O Gran Camiño 2024, reflecting the variety of options available, perfect for those searching for O Gran Camiño 2024 tickets:

Ticket Category Price Quantity Available
Entrada General € 200 (USD$ 215.40) 2 tickets
Entrada General € 242 (USD$260.63) 2 tickets
Entrada General € 281 (USD$ 302.64) 1-3 tickets
Entrada General € 282 (USD$ 303.71) 1-4 tickets
Front of Stage € 487 (USD$ 524.50) 1-4 tickets
Entrada General € 725 (USD$ 780.82) 1-2 tickets
VIP € 1,332 (USD$ 1434.56) 1-2 tickets

Social Media Buzz of O Gran Camiño 2024

The buzz around O Gran Camiño 2024 is vibrant on social media, spotlighting its innovative use of mobile weather stations for live updates to cyclists and spectators. This novel feature has sparked considerable engagement, showcasing the community’s keen interest.

Here is the tweet capturing the buzz below:

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O Gran Camiño 2024

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The duration to bike the Camino de Santiago varies, typically ranging from a week to over a month, depending on the route and cyclist’s speed. The exact time can differ based on personal pace and chosen path.

Yes, you can watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus with Free VPN but it often lacks the reliability and speed needed for high-quality streaming of events like O Gran Camiño 2024 on Discovery Plus. Premium VPNs like ExpressVPN are recommended for a seamless viewing experience.

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN to watch O Gran Camiño – the historical route on Discovery Plus in USA. VPNs, like ExpressVPN, are a legitimate tool for enhancing online privacy and accessing geo-restricted content in most countries.

Jonas Vingegaard won his third straight stage in O Gran Camiño, beating Lenny Martinez, David Gaudu, Egan Bernal, and Hugh Carthy in rainy weather.

Wrapping Up

Don’t miss the chance to O Gran Camiño 2024, live from February 22nd to 25th, 2024. This prestigious cycling event promises excitement and competition at its finest. Ensure you’re able to watch O Gran Camiño 2024 in USA on Discovery Plus with a reliable VPN.

Geo-restrictions can hinder access to specific content like O Gran Camiño 2024 in certain regions. ExpressVPN offers a reliable solution, enabling fans in USA and beyond to bypass these limitations and securely enjoy their favorite events on Discovery Plus UK library without interruption.

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