Paramount Plus Not Working with Pi-hole? Here’s How to Fix It


Do you want to try an ad-blocking program to block Paramount ads but came to know Paramount Plus not working with Pihole. Well, don’t fret. You can use a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN and use ad-blockers easily after unlocking Paramount Plus outside USA.

Paramount Plus has a wide variety of content, such as movies, shows, and original content, and is undoubtedly one of the best streaming platforms. There are specific content libraries of Paramount Plus for every region. However, to unblock them, you can use the best VPN for Paramount Plus outside USA.

Pi-Hole is an ad-blocking program that blocks advertisements at the network level. As a Domain Name Service (DNS) server, it scans all domains attempting to access networked devices and prohibits all ad-serving domains.

As a result, advertising will not be downloaded or shown on devices linked to your home network. Pi-Hole is one of the greatest ad-blocking alternatives. It is also known as the online ad sinkhole. Keep reading this guide to learn about how to stop ads on Paramount+ Plus.

Why is Paramount Plus not working with Pi-hole?

This might happen because you won’t use Paramount Plus-compatible devices. Another reason is that too many websites refuse to let you access them because their advertisements and tracking scripts do not load.

When customers employ Pi-hole with Paramount Plus, the streaming service becomes sluggish, unresponsive, or refuses to play video.

Is Paramount Plus not working with Pihole? See the solution of the Pihole Paramount Plus Whitelist in the next heading to access Paramount Plus with Pihole.

What Solutions Are Available for Getting Paramount Plus to Work with Pi-hole?

You can get help from the best whitelist for Pihole. Next, to start the program you want, you can do a short “disable for 1 minute,” it’ll work fine afterward using Pi-Hole.

Moreover, remember that with iOS devices, you will never get a Paramount Plus not working with Pihole error.

How to Add Paramount Plus Domains to the Pi-hole Whitelist?

After you get the Paramount Plus ad blocker error, you might be curious to know how to correct it. You can use Schrebra Paramount Plus whitelist, or there are other whitelists you get your issues resolved.

ParamountPlus Pihole Whitelist:

  1. You can make Paramount Plus work with Whitelisting
  2. can be used for the Paramount Plus Whitelist.

Try connecting to a VPN such as ExpressVPN; there might be an issue with the geo-restrictions therefore, you’re getting Paramount Plus not working with Pihole error.

What Should You Do If You’re Experiencing Issues with Pi-hole and Paramount Plus?

If you’re experiencing difficulties with Pi-Hole, consult the official documentation or contact the Pi-hole community for assistance. It will surely solve your issue of Paramount Plus not working with Pihole or any streaming issue.

If you experience any errors, reach out to the Pi-Hole community soon because Pi-Hole is your only tool to eliminate powerful ads and allows you ad-less streaming.

However, if you are new to this streaming site, check out Paramount Plus cost in USA. Make sure to connect to a VPN like ExpressVPN if you are facing any location errors. Also, read the Paramount Plus reviews in USA to find out every detail about the streaming service.

What is Popular on Paramount Plus in 2024

Discover the best Paramount Plus shows outside USA in 2024:

Cheers American Sitcom Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans
Memphis Tigers vs Vanderbilt Commodores Hot in Cleveland TV Land Series All Seasons
NFL Slimetime S3 E15 Finestkind 2023 New Movie
SkyMed Season 1 Notre Dame vs Oregon State
Dick Van Dyke 98 Years of Magic Season 1 Every Star Trek Movie and Series
South Carolina vs MS State Jaguars vs Titans
Eye on America Top Gun (1986)
Australia vs India Asian Cup Professional Bull Riders Championship
UAE vs Hong Kong AFC Asian Cup I Love Lucy

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FAQs – Paramount Plus not working with Pihole

Yes, Pi-hole is a DNS-based ad-blocking service, and unlike a Chrome or Firefox addon, a Pi-hole can block advertisements even on your TV!

Here are the steps if your Paramount Plus not working with Pihole and want to disable the ad blocker for Paramount Plus:

  1. Click on the AdBlock Plus symbol (a red stop sign with the letters ABP). There will be a dropdown menu.
  2. On, click Disable.
  3. The website and video should load again. If not, click the “reload” button in the address bar.

In the Pi-hole query log, you may observe queries from the device, some of which are blocked. is a wonderful place to try ad-blocking. You will see a lot of advertising if you do not use an ad-blocker. You should see none with the Pi-hole turned on.

Click on your profile in the upper right corner, then Account (-OR- go to Choose to Change Your Plan. Choose your new plan.

Wrap Up!

After reading this guide, solving the error Paramount Plus not working with Pihole will be no longer a problem. Pihole serves as a DNS server. It restricts domains that serve advertisements. If you do not utilize it, you will be bombarded with advertisements.

Do not forget to subscribe to a VPN such as ExpressVPN to unblock Paramount Plus and enjoy unlimited streaming of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation by getting a Paramount Plus free trial in USA for 7 days.

Remember that if, for any reason, you want to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription in USA, you can do so by going to its official website. Therefore, no need to worry!

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