How to Get Stan Free Trial in USA (Get 30-Days Free Stan)


Everyone loves free stuff, including us that is why we often ask does Stan offers a free trial? Yes, Stan offers a free trial. You can get the Stan free trial in USA for 30 days to enjoy exclusive movies and TV shows.

Australian streaming services are introducing free trials that allow users to watch as much as they like of whatever TV series and movies are available.

Stan is no exception; all new customers get a 30-day free trial of the Internet TV provider. All you’ll need is a computer with an Internet connection to shows to watch on TVs, smartphones, computers, or tablets. The streaming platform is compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast devices.

Stan can only be accessed in Australia thus to enjoy the vast content library of this Australian TV and to get the free trial of Stan, you need a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN so that you can access Stan in USA.

So, let’s find out how to get the Stan trial and what it offers!

How Can I Get Stan Free Trial in USA?

First and most importantly, to get the Stan free trial Stan Free Trial in USAStan Free Trial in USA you must have to register on the Stan website.

Enter your email address and click “Start your free trial” on the right side of the homepage. You are not eligible for a free trial if you have already subscribed to Stan.

Follow these simple steps to get the Stan trial:

  1. Go to the Stan website.
  2. Please provide your email address.
  3. Select “Start your free trial” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose your favorite Stan free trial plan from the pop-up menu.
  5. To take advantage of all of the features, upgrade to the premium plan.
  6. Provide your personal information, password, and payment card information.
  7. Accept the conditions of the service agreement.
  8. Stan’s premium content is now available to enjoy.

Can You Get a Free Trial on Stan in USA?

Yes, you can get a free trial on Stan. Following that, you’ll have to pay a monthly charge to gain access to their premium content.

To get started with the Stan free trial in USA, simply have a compatible device and an internet connection. There’s a lot to like about this complimentary period. You will enjoy such a stress-free time with your friends and family while using no advertising and unrestricted access to all Stan features.

How Much Does Stan Cost After the Free Trial Stan Free Trial in USA?

After your 30-day free trial ends, you’ll have to pay 6.90 USD (10 AUD) per month if you chose the premium plan. Basic and standard plans cost 9.65 USD (14 AUD) and 13.10 USD (19 AUD) per month, respectively, with HD and 4K streaming unavailable on the basic plan.

Here are the subscription plans of Stan:

Plans Cost per month Resolution Free Trial No. of screens you can watch on at the same time
Basic 6.90 USD (10 AUD) SD Available 1
Standard 9.65 USD (14 AUD) HD Available 3
Premium 13.10 USD (19 AUD) Up to 4K Available 4

How to Cancel Stan 30-Day Free Trial in USA?

To cancel the Stan free trial in USA select Manage Account by hovering your mouse over your profile in the top right corner. Then, under Subscription Information, choose the Cancel Your Subscription option and follow the prompts.

Your service will not be terminated immediately; rather, it will be terminated at the completion of your last billing period.

You can follow these easy steps to cancel your free trial of Stan:

  1. Go to the Stan website.
  2. Select your profile name.
  3. From the dropdown menu, select Manage Account.
  4. Scroll down to see the details of your subscription.
  5. Select “Cancel my subscription” from the drop-down menu.
  6. Select “Continue to Cancel” from the drop-down menu.
  7. To finish the cancellation process, press the OK button.

What are the Characteristics of Stan Free Trial?

New Stan users can enjoy 30 days of full access to Stan’s movie and TV library by just entering their email addresses and payment information.

Stan’s collection is definitely remarkable. Stan invests substantially in exclusive Australian streaming rights, with licensed premium programming representing a key component of the portfolio, despite producing few original series and movies in-house.

Stan has dipped its toes in the 4K pool, but only very tentatively. Every James Bond film is available in ultra-high definition (UHD), so you can examine the pores on a young Sean Connery’s face up close.

A 7-day free trial will be available to new and existing Stan members who add the Sport package. Stan Sport is an add-on package to Stan packages that offer access to the UEFA Champions League, Rugby, World Endurance Championship, Indycar, Australian Open, Wimbledon, World Rally Championship, Roland-Garros & US Open.

What are the Top Picks on Stan Stan Free Trial in USA?

Here are some of the top and most popular content to view on Stan Stan Free Trial in USA:

Stan Free Trial in USA– FAQs

Yes, you can cancel Stan after free trial in USA. By visiting the Stan website and clicking “Cancel my subscription,” you can cancel your Subscription Plan and/or Add-On Plan at any time.

You can add the Stan Sport package to your free trial. Every match is exclusively available on Stan Sport. You can enjoy ad-free, live and on-demand sports events. The Sports add-on will cost 10 AUD (6.92 USD) per month with a seven-day free trial.

Stan is free for 30 days. Watch exclusive new episodes that premiere on the same day. In addition, there are countless hours of complete series to enjoy.


Stan is an amazing streaming platform and the 30-day free trial is something that outstands this streaming platform as compared to others.

With the Stan free trial in USA, you can access the whole content library of this Australian TV and can watch the amazing content with your friends and family.

Moreover, the content can be watched in ultra 4K HD display to boast your streaming experience. So, go and get your Stan trial in USA and enjoy streaming.

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