How To Watch Viendomovies Outside USA In 2022 [Easy Guide]

How To Watch Viendomovies Outside USA In 2022 [Easy Guide]

Streamers who love Spanish content are often anxious to know, “Can I watch Viendomovies outside USA?” The quickest answer is yes; with the help of a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN, you can watch Viendomovies from anywhere.

Because of license agreements governing international broadcast rules, Viendomovies is not available outside of the US. The real kicker is you’ll be able to still circumvent local limitations and live stream Viendomovies with a high-end VPN. 

The US-based subscription Television network Viendomovies is run and owned by SomosTV. It broadcasts in Spanish. The station broadcasts in high definition (HD) and is available round the clock.

It mostly consists of well-known Spanish films created independently and marketed to Hispanics working and living in the US and its surroundings.

Viendomovies provides a huge collection of Spanish movies, including comedy, romance, drama, action, and more. Urubu, Los Lobos, La Noche Magica, Carmen & Lola, among other well-known shows, are a few of the most recent Viendomovies releases.

Unfortunately, the Viendomovies channel is only accessible within the US. However, DirecTV View still allows you to stream Viendomovies if you’re not using a cable. In addition, you’ll need a high-end VPN such as ExpressVPN that lets you bypass DirecTV’s geo-restrictions.

How to Watch Viendomovies Outside USA [Quick Guide]

You must use the DirecTV Live broadcasting platform service, which has Viendomovies as one of its available channels. Use a VPN app and follow these simple steps to access Viendomovies outside of the US:

  1. Join a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN client program on your device.
  3. Connect to the server in the US (ideally the New York server).
  4. Visit DIRECTV’s official website or launch the mobile app right away.
  5. Use your password and username to gain access to your DirecTV account.
  6. From the channels list, search Viendomovies.
  7. You may now watch Viendomovies from wherever you are outside of the USA.

Note: If you don’t have a Cable TV subscription, then you can watch Viendomovies without cable with one of the streaming services offering Viendomovies, i.e., DirecTV.

Learn about how to watch Viendomovies if you don’t have a cable TV subscription. Start by discovering how to signup for Viendomovies outside USA without the Cable below.


How Do I Sign Up For Viendomovies Outside USA without Cable

To sign up for Viendomovies, you will need to unlock Direct Stream or any other streaming service that offers it. The simple procedures to sign up with DirecTV Stream are as follows:

  • Download the ExpressVPN app to your device and sign up for it.
  • Connect to the ExpressVPN USA server (recommended server: NewYork)
  • Open the Directv app or website on your device now.
  • Create an account by selecting the Sign Up option and following the instructions.
  • Pay for your chosen Pricing Plan of the aforementioned Streaming service using a legitimate debit or credit card issued in the United States, PayPal, or a virtual gift card.

Note: Each of the above-mentioned streaming services offers different pricing plans such as Directv offers six unique pricing plans with 14 days free trial

You could also request a relative, friend, or acquaintance in the United States to pay on your behalf with their credit or debit card issued in the United States.

Why Do Need a VPN to Watch Viendomovies Outside USA

To access Viendomovies outside US, you must register with DIRECTV. Unfortunately, you require a VPN to unblock DIRECTV Stream outside of the United States due to the streaming platform’s copyright, licensing, and intellectual restrictions.

A reliable VPN app enables you to get around geographical constraints through its location spoofing characteristics.

Consequently, the following geolocation error message appears when attempting to connect to DirecTV Stream beyond the United States without using a reliable VPN app:

“We couldn’t figure out your location, which is required for streaming this program. Please try again.”


DirecTV geo-restriction

In a technical sense, your device’s internet protocol (IP) address indicates where you are right now, so streaming networks such as DIRECTV will simply determine where you are currently. If the streaming provider determines that you are outside of America, your connection will be instantly terminated.

However, a VPN works by hiding your real location and replacing it with a temporary IP address that is hosted on a different server in the nation you want to access.

Through ExpressVPN, our preferred VPN provider, you can quickly obtain a US IP address. All of the main streaming services, like the Viendomovies channel on DIRECTV, have a proven history of being unblocked by this VPN.

A VPN also helps you to unblock other streaming services such as HBO max outside USA 

What are the Different DirecTV Now Price Plans?

Given that you are already aware that a DIRECTV subscription is required to stream Viendomovies online, you must be interested in learning more about the various DIRECTV options. The DIRECTV subscription plans available are detailed below:

  • Entertainment Subscription Plan: This is the lowest-level package. More than 75 channels are accessible to users of the plan, which costs US$69.99 per month.
  • Choice Subscription Plan: More than 105 channels are available to customers of the Choice subscription plan, which costs $89.99 per month in the US.
  • Ultimate Subscription Plan: With this monthly subscription fee of US$104.99, customers can access more than 140 channels.
  • Premier Subscription Plan: The premier subscription plan sits at DirectTV’s highest level. More than 150 channels are accessible to customers of this $149 monthly subscription plan.

With each of the aforementioned subscription packages, DIRECTV furthermore provides a free 14-day trial period. However, in addition to your regular membership, you will also need to purchase the Viendomovies channel add-on.

The Best VPNs to Watch Viendomovies outside USA

To discover the best VPNs to watch Viendomovies outside US, over 50 VPN applications were put to the test. After extensive testing over numerous iterations, we narrowed the options to three VPNs, all of which are compatible and let you watch Viendomovies outside US flawlessly.

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch Viendomovies Outside USA

Due to its unparalleled and superior functionality and quick speeds, ExpressVPN ranks as the most suitable Viendomovies VPN to use for viewing the channel from a country other than the US. It may provide you with a staggering download speed exceeding 90 Mbps.

Regarding the server supply, ExpressVPN operates 3000+ servers in 94+ countries, including over twenty-five servers in various US locations. We connected to the New York server to access Viendomovies outside USA.

Expressvpn-unblocked-viendomovies-outside-usa (1)

ExpressVPN unblocked Viendomovies outside USA.

According to a recent speed test, these servers have the ability to download files at a rate of 89.38 and upload files at a rate of 84.66 Mbps over a connection of 100 Mbps.


You can simply unblock Pandora outside the US  or watch American Amazon Prime outside the US thanks to its US servers.

Recommended Servers: Washington DC, New York, New Jersey

ExpressVPN features specialized applications for Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Android, and macOS. A single subscription enables simultaneous use on five devices.

The most recent AES-256-Bit encryption is used by ExpressVPN, along with several other security measures. With the help of ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer feature, streamers who wish to access content with geo-restrictions instilled can do so even if their devices don’t support VPN apps.

ExpressVPN is offering a super-saving scheme whose deal reduces the long-term plan cost to US$ 6.67/mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan. This includes a 30-day guarantee for money back and 24/7 live chat support.

Surfshark: Budget-Friendly VPN to Get Viendomovies Outside of USA

The most affordable VPN for streaming Viendomovies beyond the US borders is Surfshark. Cord-cutters frequently prefer this VPN on a tight budget and want top-notch services at a fair price.

You can take advantage of Surfshark’s most affordable subscription, which is only US$ 2.30/mo - 82% Off on 2 Years Plan.

Its server network spans 3200+ servers in 65+ countries, with more than 600 spread across various US locations. We prefer using the Chicago server to watch Viendomovies outside USA.

surfshark-unblocked-viendomovies-outside-usa (1)

Surfshark unblocked Viendomovies outside USA.

According to recent speed tests on a connection of  100 Mbps, Surfshark can achieve uploading speeds of 83 Mbps and a respectable downloading speed of 88Mbps.


Surfshark speed test.

You can also access Disney plus and Youtube TV outside USA with Surfshark VPN.

Recommended Servers: Atlanta, New York, Miami, Boston

Boasting AES-256-GCM encryption, an automatic Kill Switch, Camouflage Mode, Bypasser, IP, and DNS Leak Protection, this VPN guarantees your maximum online security and anonymity.

For use with Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, and Linux, Surfshark is sufficiently compatible. This VPN also provides unlimited connections simultaneously, which is a plus. On iOS and Android devices, you also get a one-week free trial.

If you buy a Surfshark subscription, you’ll get a 30-day guarantee for money back in addition to 24/7 live customer support.

NordVPN: Largest Server Network VPN to Access Viendomovies Outside USA

For online Viendomovies accessibility, NordVPN has the greatest server network. Its enormous network has 5543+ servers in 60+ countries, including 1970 US servers. We connected to the Atlanta server to access Viendomovies outside USA.

nordvpn-unblocked-viendomovies-outside-usa (1)

NordVPN unblocked Viendomovies outside USA.

Recent tests using a 100 Mbps speed test connection revealed outstanding results for NordVPN. It reported uploading at over 79 Mbps and an astonishingly quick download speed of 86 Mbps.


NordVPN speed test.

These servers enable worldwide access to watch Starz play Outside USA and international Funimation US streaming.

Recommended Servers: Atlanta, Chicago, Miami

This VPN is renowned for its impenetrable security, improved privacy, and outstanding ability to get around geo-restrictions. Features like Server Obfuscation, Kill Switch, DoubleVPN, Onion Over VPN, and AES 256-Bit Encryption.

With its cross-platform functionality, NordVPN works well with macOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS.

NordVPN is available for US$ 3.49/mo - Save 60% on 2 Years Deal. This comes with a 30-day guarantee for money back. Six devices can use this VPN simultaneously with one account.

Compatible Device with Viendomovies Outside USA

Viendomovies can be accessed via DIRECTV Stream, as was previously mentioned. The streaming gadgets that work with Viendomovies via DIRECTV are as follows:

  • Windows, both for the PC and Web Browsers
  • Android
  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Apple TVs of 4th generation and above
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Samsung TV

How To Watch Viendomovies Plus on my Android through DirecTV?

To stream Viendomovies on any of your Android devices via DIRECTV, follow these steps:

  1. Join a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  2. On your streaming device, download and set up the VPN client application.
  3. Connect to an ExpressVPN server in the US (with more preference for the New York server).
  4. Sign in with the new Google account you’ve created.
  5. Use this new account to access Google Play Store. Once it opens, use it to locate DIRECTV’S app.
  6. Install the app, then sign into your account.
  7. On Viendomovies, start viewing your favorite movies.

How To Watch Viendomovies Plus on iOS through DirecTV?

Here’s how to use DIRECTV to stream Viendomovies on any of your devices that operated on your iOS operating system:

  1. Join a trustworthy VPN such as ExpressVPN.
  2. Download the VPN client application on your streaming device.
  3. Connect to an ExpressVPN server in the US (we recommend New York’s server).
  4. Set the region of your iPhone to “United States”
  5. Find the DIRECTV app on the App Store by opening it.
  6. Install the app, then sign into your account.
  7. You start to enjoy using Viendomovies to view your favorite movies.

What to Watch on Viendomovies in 2022?

The Hispanic market can choose from many Spanish movies on ViendoMovies. Action, humor, romance, drama, and several more popular genres are all featured on the channel.

A platform for internet VOD (Video on Demand) is ViendoMovies, which is completely free. It also covers regional, national, and worldwide film festivals featuring Spanish-language films.

What are the most Popular Shows on Viendomovies in 2022?

Listed below are some of the popular Viendomovies shows airing currently:

  • Lo Dejo Cuando Quiera
  • En Octubre: Domingos Con Guillermo Francella
  • One Way
  • Baby
  • Encontrados

What are the Best Movies on Viendomovies in 2022?

Listed below are some of the top movies airing right now on Viendomovies:

  • Urubu
  • La Noche Magica
  • Los Lobos
  • Carmen & Lola
  • Detective Willy
  • Lina De Lima
  • The Good Demons
  • Aire
  • Garden of Poppies
  • Valentina
  • Los Futbolísimos
  • Help Me Get Through The Night
  • Un Cupido sin Puntería
  • El Pacto
  • Dustwun

FAQs – Viendomovies Outside USA

Viendomovies is a Spanish-language network serving the US market. For now, it is only available in America and Puerto Rico.

Yes, it is legal to watch Viendomovies outside USA using a VPN. However, we recommend using only reliable VPNs like ExpressVPN as they are safe to use. Well, it is important to note that accessing the streaming site with a VPN is against the terms and conditions of BET.

Yes, Viendomovies works with VPN. Since DirecTV, an American streaming provider, offers the channel, using a VPN service with DirecTV is a terrific idea. Using a VPN to access globally geo-restricted content is permitted under US law. Therefore, we advise you to purchase ExpressVPN, which is dependable and secure.

Wrapping Up!

You can simply stream Viendomovies outside USA by adhering to our detailed instructions. With a large selection of well-liked films, Viendomovies is the best place to watch Spanish movies.

However, DIRECTV Stream, a network with geo-restrictions imposed, is the only way to view Viendomovies. We advise using ExpressVPN to get over the streaming channel’s geo-blocks to solve these location-related problems.

So grab your remote and start watching a ton of Spanish-language films online.

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