What’s The Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports in USA?

What’s The Cheapest Way To Get Sky Sports in USA?

Are you looking for a cheap way to get Sky Sports? Never fear because this article will show you the cheapest way to get Sky Sports content without spending too much.

Sky Sports’ price is relatively high with an 18-month-long commitment unless you find an alternative at a reasonable price point with the same channels, such as Formula 1 racing and other sports channels.

One great alternative to watching cheap Sky Sports is to subscribe to Now TV, another great streaming site. There are a bunch of packages available with no commitment, which is why it falls cheaper than a proper Sky Sports subscription.

Sky Sports is a sports channel that mainly airs shows related to sports like World MatchPlay. The programming includes anything from basketball to football, to cricket, to Formula 1 racing– you name it. Sky Sports also broadcasts live sports news, which is why fans want to access Sky Sports without Sky.

Despite international interest in the channel, it is only available in the UK. To be able to stream Sky Sports in USA, you will need a trustworthy VPN like ExpressVPN.

What is the cheapest way to get Sky Sports in USA? [Quick Guide]

Wondering what is the cheapest way to get Sky Sports in USA? Sky Sports can be accessed through Now TV. Now TV is considered a great way to watch the cheapest Sky Sports. There are a few different package deals under which you can get a Now TV Sky Sports pass. Here is a summary of each price point:

  • One-off: Priced at USD 11.49 (GB£9.98). You will also receive a monthly membership from your mobile device.
  • No-contract: Priced at USD 39.15 (GBP33.99)
  • Pay-TV plan: Prices at USD 61.04 (GBP53)
  • Broadband: Priced at USD 51.83 (GBP45) with a Day pass

Despite its wonderful prices, it is recommended for your convenience that you should continue with Sky Sports instead of opting, for NOW TV, if you already have its subscription. This is because starting over with a subscription plan can prove to be pricier.

What is Now TV?

Now TV is a streaming medium that is under the Sky brand name. However, it can be accessed differently. There are two ways to access Now TV, through mobile or a set-top box provided by Now TV.


Sky Sports on Now TV.

Now TV is better than Sky because it does not hold any form of long-term commitment. The sky sports cheapest package is available to fans this way.

You can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly package to suit your needs. This way, you only get it when you want and don’t have to pay for the extra time you won’t even utilize.
There are a bunch of different passes available under a Now TV subscription. This includes:

  • Entertainment pass: This pass offers over 300 different channels to browse from.
  • Sky Ximena pass: This pass gives you access to over 1000 different movies and channels that stream movies.
  • Sky Sports Pass: All 11 Sky Sports channels will be available to you under this pass
  • Kids Pass: This pass allows you to stream hundreds of episodes commercial-free.
  • Hayu Pass: This pass offers up to 5000 different episodes of reality shows.

Because of this variety of passes, all in different categories, you only have to pay for the content you enjoy watching. The Now TV Sky Sports offer is the best for sports fans in USA who want to watch Sky Sports.

Can I get a free trial of Sky Sports?

Yes, you can. While the free trial is lesser known by people, you can get a Sky Sports free trial for Entertainment and Cinema passes only. There are no free trials available for any of the other passes. This means there is no Sky Sports free trial on Hayu or kids pass.

If needed, you can even cancel your Sky Sports subscription before the end of the free trial period.

How much is Sky Sports on Now TV?

The Sky sports subscription stands at a solid GBP. Taking this into account, it can be observed that signing up for the daily pass with NOW TV is cheaper in the long term than the 12-month-long commitment with Sky Sports.

The daily pass stands at a price of USD 13.81 (GBP11.99) only. This is much cheaper than getting a standard Sky subscription. The price was recently increased. However, it remains the more economical choice than a proper subscription.

How much is Sky Sports a month on Now TV?

If you are an avid fan of Sky Sports, it’s probably a great idea to go for the monthly package, which is priced at USD 39.15 (GBP33.99). This is probably going to end up being cheaper than a proper Sky subscription which is priced higher because of its commitment policy.

You’ll get access to channels such as Sky Sports Cricket, Sky Sports Premier League, Sky Sports F1, Sky Sports Main Event, and many more.

A bunch of other monthly deals results in lower monthly prices, so if you are ready for the commitment, that might be the best option for you.

How does the Now TV Sports day pass work?

The day pass stands at a price of USD 13.81 (GBP11.99). This price has recently been subject to increase; however, it proves to be reasonable for viewers who do not watch Sky Sports every day. Do watch out for the infrequent, useful discounts on the website that might give you a decent discount.

Another advantage of the Sky Sports day pass is that it gives you a 9-month membership.

The Now TV Sky Sports pass membership can be accessed through your phone, and you can watch up to 5 channels live from your phone. These channels include Sky Sports Premier League.

What does the Sky Sports mobile pass include?

The Sky Sports mobile pass means you can stream content live on your phone through the mobile app. Because of this, this pass is almost half of the day pass; at a price point of USD 6.90 (GBP5.99). This is basically super cheap Sky Sports.

Another limitation of this package is that it only airs five of the main eleven channels that are a part of Sky Sport. These channels include Sky Sports Action, Sky Arena, Sky Sports News, and Sky Sports Premier League.

Sky Sports pass at CD Keys

Sky Sports passes are available at CD Keys with an instantaneous delivery of a Now TV subscription to your given email address. Prices are subject to rapid fluctuations, so keep an eye on them to catch the best deal available.

Watch Sky Sports via Now TV passes with Tesco Clubcard

A great advantage of having a Tesco card is exchanging points for a Now TV subscription. Tesco Clubcard subscriptions are particularly interesting because, for every 50p worth of Tesco points, you get around USD 1.73 (GBP1.50) worth of Now TV subscriptions.

These points cannot be used on broadband, but they are available on all other passes. Up to GBP5 worth of points can be exchanged at a time though. Points expire after 36 months.

You can keep these vouchers on your account, and you get a discount every time you make a subscription. The remaining amount is cut from the payment information associated with your account.

Can I get Sky Sports with Vodafone?

Yes! Vodafone offers wonderful phone deals paired with an entertainment plan. If you happen to select a monthly contract for your phone plan, you’ll be given access to picking out an Entertainment plan from its categories.

One of them includes a free subscription to Sky Sports Mobile. This could perhaps be the cheapest Sky Sports package.

Two different package deals are available: one of them gives unlimited access to only 5 Sky Sports channels, while the other is an add-on to the original packages where you can receive the rest of the channels for an extra payment.

Sky Sports Mobile does not include Formula 1 racing. For as long as you are using Vodafone, you get access to Sky Sports Mobile TV.

What Sports are shown on Sky Sports?

Sky Sports is a mixed package of various sports channels. There are a total of 11 channels, with each dedicated to a specific sport. Sports such as football, cricket, golf, formula 1 racing, wrestling, etc., all have their channels.


Access to 5 of the channels falls under the primary package and is even available as a freebie because of partnerships with companies like Tesco and Vodafone.

Here is a list of sports:

  • Premier League
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Action
  • Golf
  • Arena
  • F1
  • Racing
  • News


Some of the cheapest ways to have Sky Sports is to get a Now TV pass. Alternatively, several cashback programs provide Sky Sports subscriptions as rewards. Some users have found themselves locking a better deal by contacting Sky Sports directly.

To be able to access 8 channels, you have to pay an extra USD 28.79 (GBP25) to your existing cable provider. Alternatively, you can get all 11 channels for USD 39.15 (GBP33.99) through a Now TV subscription.

It is possible to get Sky Sports without Sky TV through a Now TV subscription. In fact, because of being much cheaper than a proper Sky TV subscription, many people prefer Now TV as the cheapest way to get Sky Sports.

Yes, Now TV is priced at USD39.10/month (GBP33.95/month). However, it provides other deals for daily and weekly passes that can end up being cheaper.

Yes, Sky Sports offers a daily package. The price of one day pass is CAD 15.64 (GB£9.99).


Sky Sports, while being an amazing channel, tends to be too pricey for sports fans. Especially occasional fans who enjoy watching major tournaments have problems with the service being too expensive.

However, a range of alternatives is provided in the form of Now TV and cashback programs rewarding loyal customers with Sky Sports subscriptions. With these alternative options, watching Sky Sports on Roku or other devices is just as easy as ever!

If you are outside UK, don’t forget to get a VPN subscription to stream Sky Sports. Our top recommended VPN for sports is ExpressVPN.

For any further questions on the cheapest way to get Sky Sports in USA, feel free to ask us in the comments section.

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