How to Watch World Matchplay 2022 on Sky Sports in USA

How to Watch World Matchplay 2022 on Sky Sports in USA

The 29th edition of the Betfred World Matchplay will start on July 20, 2022, organized by the Professional Darts Corporation. The event will be covered live on Sky sports which means fans in the USA must know how to watch World Matchplay 2022 Live on Sky Sports in USA.

Sky Sports blocks users whose IP addresses are outside the UK due to the content licensing policies of the platform. But don’t worry. Sky Sports is available internationally, and you can watch all the matches anywhere in the world, only if you use a VPN.

Quick Steps: World Matchplay 2022 Live on Sky Sports in USA

Fans worldwide will be tuning to the World Matchplay 2022. If you can not be at the venue physically, you can still watch all the games live on Sky Sports even if you are not in the UK. We compile four steps for you to do that:

  1. Subscribe the ExpressVPN. (The best VPN for Sky Sports)
  2. Set up and log in to your account.
  3. Connect to a UK server.
  4. Stream the World Matchplay 2022 without any problems.

Where can I watch the World Matchplay?

You can watch the game of darts live on Sky Sports for free in the UK based using your cable connection. If you are in the USA, you will need a VPN along with a Sky Sports subscription.

The World Matchplay 2022 will be held at the Winter Gardens Blackpool in the United Kingdom. It is a famous venue for shows and events. Plus, it has a restaurant, bars, and a cafe.

What channel is the Matchplay on?

The World Matchplay 2022 will be live on the Sky Sports Darts channel. If you are currently in UK, you can watch the games live in the venue or on your TV. But if you are in USA, you need a VPN to watch the game on Sky Sports. The bottom line is you can watch the game of darts live on TV this 2022.

Is the World Matchplay on TV?

The top headline of Dart news is that Sky Sports Darts live stream will be available for TV viewers to witness the games of World Matchplay 2022 live. Sky Sports will feature the event just like sky sports football. Every match of live darts tonight can be seen on the channel for free.

When is the World Matchplay 2022 being held?

According to the PDC, the darts World Matchplay will begin on July 16 and end on July 24. This eight-day event will showcase the world-class talents of dart players worldwide. You can watch the game live through the Sky Sports Darts channel.

Where is the World Matchplay 2022?

The World Matchplay 2022 will be held at Winter Gardens, Blackpool, in the United Kingdom. Locals in the UK won’t have any problem watching the game. But if you are in USA, you need a VPN.

Is the World Matchplay darts still on?

Yes, it is! The event will be happening this coming July 16. The venue for this event would be the United Kingdom. Tickets for live viewing are currently on sale. You can check out online ticket outlets to reserve your seat.

How many legs would the World Matchplay darts have?

Darts are played by playing sets or also known as legs. Different rounds have different sets of legs. The first round is the best of 19 legs. The second round is the best of 21 legs. The quarter-finals is played at 31 legs, the semi-finals at 33 legs, and the finals at best of 35 legs.

What is the prize money for World Matchplay darts?

The prize money for Betfred World Matchplay is £700,000 (approximately over $800,000). The winner will receive £150,000 ($180554.25). The runner-up will receive £70,000 ($84258.65) ; Semi-finalists – £50,000 ($60184.75); Quarter-finalists – £25,000 ($30092.38) ; Second round losers – £15,000 ($18055.42); and the first round losers – £10,000 ($12036.95).

How does the World Matchplay darts work?

A total of 32 players will play in the event. Sixteen will come from the Top 16 of the PDC Order of Merit rankings. The other 16 are the unseeded players and are the top 16 on the one-year ProTour Order of Merit.

World Matchplay 2022 Full Tournament Schedule

The event will start on July 16. The First round will be played from the start date up to July 18. Then on July 19, the second round will start and end the next day. The quarter-finals will occur on July 21 & 22. The semi-finals will be on July 23, and the finals will be on July 24.

Why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to Watch World Matchplay 2022 Live on Sky Sports in USA?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Sky Sports in the USA. The complete details and feature information of this provider is given below:

ExpressVPN: Recommended VPN to Watch World Matchplay 2022 Live on Sky Sports in USA


By connecting to the Docklands server of ExpressVPN, we unblocked Sky Sports to watch Rugby.

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch World Matchplay 2022 live on Sky Sports in USA. This VPN currently has 3000+ servers servers located in 94+ countries. It has 30 servers in the US alone and the best one is in Seattle, WA.

Unlimited switching to servers, fast and reliable connection, strong encryption, and split tunneling are just some of the features that make ExpressVPN the best. It also is compatible with MediaStreamer, a DNS service that lets you connect to VPN even if your device does not support VPNs natively.

You can subscribe to an ExpressVPN account for a month, for six months, or 12 months. Their most popular plan is the 12-month plan which will let you save 49% and an additional three months free.

The mentioned plan is currently priced at US$ 6.67/mo - Save 49% and get 3 extra months FREE with 12-month plan, and with this amazing plan, you can also watch other sports content like F1 Grand Prix, MLB Season 2022, and UFC Fight Night with ease. Also, subscribing to ExpressVPN will also let you unblock streaming sites like NBC, Foxtel Sports, ESPN+, etc.


Thirty-two players will play in the event. Each round will be played through games, also known as legs. The event will start from the first round to the second round, to the quarter-finals, to the semi-finals, and to the finals.

Peter Wright won the World Matchplay in 2021. He is currently the defending champion of the event.

Not necessarily. The number of legs a player should win to win the game will depend on the tournament rules.

Wrap Up

The hype around the world for the World Matchplay is building each day. So if you are planning to watch World Matchplay 2022 Live on Sky Sports in USA, you must use ExpresVPN. The only VPN that provides trouble-free streaming to its users.

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