A List of the Astonishing Powers and Abilities of Darkseid

A List of the Astonishing Powers and Abilities of Darkseid

Darkseid, the infamous DC villain, considered to be equal or even more powerful than Thanos, is set to debut on the upcoming Justice League live-action film. We have covered all the powers and abilities of Darkseid in this blog, so keep reading to get astonished by this powerful supervillain.

Comic and Manga fans are somehow aware of this mighty character’s ultimate powers and abilities; however, the movie and anime fans don’t seem to know a lot about him. The biggest DC villain is an evil God as the character “Uxas” absorbed all the powers of the old Gods and became a new evil God called “Darkseid.”

A list of the amazing powers and abilities of the evil God, Darkseid are as follows:

Main Abilities

Darkseid gets his powers from the Omega effect, which gives him the following abilities:

  1. Control over life and death
  2. Telepathy
  3. Matter manipulation
  4. The ability to manipulate size and soul
  5. Energy projection
  6. Telekinesis.



You can get an idea of Darkseid’s strength as he randomly threw young Superman in a fight; none of the characters can stand against Darkseid when it comes to strength as his power is incomparable. That’s why some people believe that he can even hunt down Thanos.



Darkseid attains extra durability as he had survived Super Girl’s attack when she threw him into an orbit. He has also survived multiple bomb attacks with receiving zero damage. His resilience and strength are quite evident as he has pulled through massive attacks.



Even though Darkseid is huge, but his agility is unnerving. He moves so fast that even Superman can’t see him, and he has also escaped Wonder Woman and is known to travel light-years in just a few moments.

Extreme Intelligence


Unlike other villains, Darkseid isn’t just about the strength and power dynamics. He is extremely intelligent as he tricked his son into killing him, even though his son knew that it would bring a huge disaster. He has the machinery knowledge to create machines that can stop the forces from destroying the solar system and knows how to control time with machinery.



Darkseid can create clones of any person, including extra powerful superheroes like Superman. He has the ability to enter anti-life environments and can easily transform people into energies.

Complete control over Omega Beams


Darkseid’s control over the Omega Beams leads to his ultimate strength as he can control the beams’ direction, power, and application. The beams are extremely fast and even hit Lightray. Thanks to the Omega beams, he also killed Cyborg Superman, who is one of the most powerful DC characters. The beams let him control over 3 billion Daxamite minds and grant him Telekinesis.

Darkseid – The Ultimate Villain

Darkseid has a team of Darkstars that have ultimate strength and can beat the entire team of Green Lantern. He has also killed a clone of the new God Orion, who is considered to be equally powerful as Superman. He has revived his army in the past, as he has the power over life and death.

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All of these strengths and abilities combined make Darkseid one of the most powerful villains across all superhero series. Darkseid is not just an enemy of a specific superhero; he’s the ultimate foe of the whole DC universe. We are excited to see how the character turns out in the Justin League Live-action film, how he displays his ultimate powers, and how the whole DC team stands against him, or will they?

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