Most Disturbing Deaths in Horror Movies Suggested by Reddit Users [April 2022]

Most Disturbing Deaths in Horror Movies Suggested by Reddit Users [April 2022]

What would horror movies be if they did not show any brutal death scenes? It is indeed one of the most enticing things for horror fans, and they would love watching those gruesome scenes over and over again. If you are a true horror fan and you love morbid scenes, then you have come to the right place.

I have lined up 25 of the most brutal deaths in horror movies that will shake you to the core! Reddit users suggested many of these scenes.

Proceed with caution because there may be spoilers ahead!

1. Pyramid Head Flays the Skin of the Girl- Silent Hill

Silent Hill is one of the most amazing horror thrillers you will ever get to see. It is an adaptation of Konami’s one of the most popular video games. Silent Hill is an absolute bone chiller with a great mix of emotions and terror that will keep you shivering.

The art direction of the movie is amazing, and its visual effects are splendid. The death scenes in this movie have been depicted pretty well, and it seems as if they are real. The most gruesome scene that you will get to see in this movie is when the Pyramid Head flays the girl’s skin, he literally rips it off like a cloth. This was the scene that requires a stomach that can digest macabre easily.

2. SAW III – The Rack Trap

If you are familiar with the SAW series, you would have an idea of how terrifying torture victims have to go through. However, one of my personal favorites and loved by many fans is the scene where Timothy Young is put on a rack trap, and his limbs are twisted until he dies. This scene is hard to watch as you can feel the pain and chills down your own limbs while watching it.

3. Tina’s death in A Nightmare on Elm Street

A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of those horror movies that every 80s and 90s kid remembers. It is one of the most popular horror movies ever because of its amazing conception. Freddy Krueger is one of the best horror characters to date because of his frightening portrayal.

One of the most brutal death scenes in this movie was Tina’s death, who was slain by Freddy in her dreams. You will surely think twice when you get into your bed after watching this scene.

4. Guy’s Faced Chopped Off in Laid to Rest

Laid to rest was one of the flattest earthed thrillers about a chrome skulled killer on a killing spree. Many people didn’t like it because of its gore and nonsense killing and weak storyline. However, it does have some amazing killing scenes that you will enjoy if you are a gore fan. The best and most brutal scene in this movie was the guy’s death outside the car when the killer stabs through his face and then chops it off. This one is a treat for morbid lovers:

5. Olga’s Death in Suspiria (2018)

Suspiria was one of the most well-directed movies ever, having a dark story with a blend of emotions and art. The death of Olga in the movie is one of the filthiest scenes ever made in any film. Olga’s bones breaking and her body bending, creaking, and then her eventual death is one hell of a sequence to watch.

6. Haute Tension: Night Visitor – Staircase Killing Scene

Haute Tension or Hot Tension is one of the best psych thriller movies ever. This scene where the intruder enters and then squashes the man’s head on the staircase would easily make an average man throw up.

7. Sister’s Death – Hereditary (2018)

Hereditary is a masterpiece in the horror industry because of its unique conception. If you love horror, but you have an emotional side too, then you will love this movie. The scene where Peter is rushing to save her sister’s life as she’s suffocating in the backseat of the car is one of the most brutal scenes of the movie.

During the scene, the young girl tries to catch her breath by sticking her head out of the window and is rammed by a tree on the side of the road and dies. This is one of the most breathtaking and brutal moments ever witnessed in a film.

8. The Green Inferno – Jonah’s Death Scene

Once you have watched this scene, you will pray to God every day not to be caught by cannibals. This scene is literally painful to watch as the pack leader starts to rip the body of Jonah piece by piece. Watch this movie and especially this scene, at your own risk.

9. Halloween 2018 – Head Stomp Scene

Michael Myers is one of the most popular Horror Villains ever that only knows how to kill, not to die. Ever since Halloween came out, Michael Myers has become the face of terror. In the 2018 version of Halloween, he kills the man by literally stomping over his head and squishing it like a melon.

10. I Spit On Your Grave 2011 Stanley and Andy’s death scene

Push someone too far, and trouble will land at your disposal. I spit on your grave is one of the best revenge horror stories. The way that one girl slays all those men is just a treat to watch. Every move she makes is brutal to the core. However, she kills Stanley and Andy in the most unwanted manner.

11. Scream (1996) – Death of Casey

12. The Shining – Dick Halloran’s death

13. Alien (1979) – Thomas Kane Chest Bursting Scene

14. Psycho (1960) – Bathroom Murder Scene

15. The cabin in the Woods – Curt’s Death Scene

16. IT (1990) – Georgie’s death scene

17. Saw (first edition) – Reverse Bear Trap on Amanda

18. Silent Hill – Christabella’s death scene

19. Final Destination 3 – Frankie Cheeks

20. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (2011) – Bee Chainsaw Scene

21. The Omen (1976) – David Warner’s Death

22. Slugs (1988) – Eaten by Slugs scene

23. Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) – Impaled eye-first on a wooden spike

24. You’re Next – Blending Felix’s head

25. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Johnny Depp’s death


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