Netflix Warns Users that Their Account Will Be Deleted if They Fail To Protect Themselves From the Scam


Netflix warns users that their account will be deleted in case they fall prey to the new scam!

There is a new scam in the air in which Netflix users are receiving emails and text messages, and they are asked to provide their Netflix account credentials and their payment detail. The user may receive a message or an email stating that their “monthly payment was unsuccessful and they need to re-enter their banking details”.

The email or the text message may also contain a URL, which is actually a phishing link. If the user clicks on that link, they may land on a fake page that seems to be similar to the Netflix payment gateway. If you enter your details there, then you are being tricked and now the scammers have your banking details.

Netflix has warned all of its users on its website of this scam and has also said that they would be forced to delete your account.

Netflix has also clarified that they will not ask for any sort of credentials through a text message, an email, or through a third-party vendor. Netflix has published the following statement on their website:

“We will never ask you to enter your personal information in a text or email. This includes credit or debit card numbers, bank account details, Netflix passwords”.

They have also stated,

“If the text or email links to a URL that you don’t recognize, don’t tap or click it. If you did already, do not enter any information on the website that opened. “Scammers can’t get information from you unless you give it to them. So don’t click any links in the messages or reply to them.”

How To Spot a Scam Email or Text Message

In case you receive an email or text message of such type, you will be able to identify their scam easily if you notice these things:

  • There will be numerous typos and grammatical mistakes in the email or the text message.
  • The subject line of the mail will be bilingual.
  • In the first line of the mail, they will be referring to you as “User” or “Customer” rather than stating your real name.

What to Do In Case You Have Clicked on the Link

  • Contact Netflix support team immediately.
  • Change your Netflix Username and Password, and also consider changing credentials of any other social platforms that you may use with the same password and username.
  • Contact your bank immediately and let them know that your details may be compromised.

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