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If you are a binge-watcher, you must be familiar with the struggle to find something interesting to watch. In the media-hungry age of the internet, there’s literally a separate realm of online video content, and finding the best fit according to your taste seems like a herculean task.

IMDB started as a hobby during the 1990s and over the years has transformed into an encyclopedia of entertainment. It is definitely the most respected and popular source to find information related to any content. The mammoth database comprises more than 10 million titles and approximately 200 million users reach out to this platform globally while looking for information related to their favorite movie or show.

So, to make the selection of content a fun and interesting activity, Amazon and IMDB (widely considered the most famous and authentic source of information on TV series, films, documentaries, and stars), announced on May 05, 2022, the launch of free IMDB “What to Watch app” for Amazon Fire TV. 

The app is intended to give customized recommendations of films, TV shows, and other content across different streaming platforms to viewers specifically based on their preferred watching interests, genres, and moods.

“Hundreds of millions of customers rely on IMDb when deciding what and where to watch,” stated Chief Operating Officer of IMDB Nikki Santoro.

The new interactive application will provide a slew of lively and fun games to help viewers, their friends and families or anyone else playing separately, find out and make a decision on what to watch. It will be exclusively available for Amazon Fire TV users in the United States. After playing the mini-games, users will get tailored recommendations of films and TV series based on the results and responses in the game.

This customized experience will save the viewers from the hassle of extensive research and enable them to spend much less time looking for the best fits, as per their preferences. Consequently, users will have to choose from a much shorter list of recommendations and they can spend quality time watching the next TV series or film they will fall in love with! 

To further save time for the viewers, the app will also provide key information about each title, including trailer, genre, cast, plot, and runtime. IMDB user ratings will also be visible so that you can get an honest review of any title and decide for yourself whether a particular suggestion is worth watching or otherwise.

Moreover, the app will allow clicking on a film or TV series to get all the info through the Fire TV remote and users will not be required to search for the title’s details in a separate browser.

If you are a Fire TV user, you can now download the What to Watch (IMDb) app on your device and you can even use Alexa to open the app for yourself by saying “Alexa, open IMDb What to Watch app.

Nikki Santoro stated,

The new IMDb What to Watch app for Fire TV makes it easy, fun, and fast for customers to discover trending titles and hidden gems, find the perfect movie or TV series to fit any mood, and get the most out of their streaming services on Fire TV.

As of now, the following games can be accessed to play on the IMDb app, using the Fire TV Alexa voice remote:

Watch Challenge: In this game, users are invited to watch, rank, and receive digital stamps for watching organized title lists by IMDb, including the list of Top 250 movies, famous franchises, and their award-winning titles. Updation of themed lists will be done regularly.

Quick Draw: This game is a perfect fit for players who love surprises and some chance factors. Through virtual “playing cards,” the film and series options are shuffled and reveal a list of three picks within seconds. Users will also get an option for a new set of picks by clicking on the “deal cards” option.

This or That: Players of this game will answer a simple series of “This or That?” questions and the results will find the right TV series or movie to match their mood, no matter if they are looking for an outstanding romantic pick, a G-rated family title, an otherworldly horror flick, or a hilarious comedy. Users can also reset their preferences, including preferred screen time before they get their picks.

According to the IMDb, the company will keep launching new games and features on the IMDb’s What to Watch app, including its coming-soon game “Time Machine,” which will allow the players to go through history any time to see the movies from their favorite era, and also a game named “Build-a-Cast,” in which the players can make the dream cast they want to see and will put together the actors. The announcement will be made by the company when these games will be made available.

IMDb’s What to Watch application is now available to download without any cost via the Fire TV app store. IMDb users can log in to their accounts on the new app IMDb What to Watch, the app will receive the updates on its new games and features, and can import their personal ratings of movies and shows they have across IMDb to the IMDb What to Watch app and much more. Users can learn more about how to operate and use the IMDb What to Watch application on Fire TV by visiting their related websites.

“Entertainment on Fire TV is all about discovering new shows and movies, connecting customers to content quickly, and being delighted by the experience,” said the director of Fire TV, Charlotte Maines. “With the launch of the IMDb What to Watch app, we’re delivering customers a fun and engaging way to discover what’s next on movie night.”

With every day passing, more and more users want to have increased customized options, many companies are putting great effort into solving this concern by adding more features and apps, like Netflix having its complete recommendation tab and also its “Play Something” button, Plex’s all-new “Discover” section and the JustWatch app are few among others. Streaming giants are revamping the entertainment arena and we are here for it!

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