Disney Starts to Eradicate Hotstar US, Moving Content to ESPN+ and Hulu

Disney Starts to Eradicate Hotstar US, Moving Content to ESPN+ and Hulu

The third-largest media conglomerate in the world, Disney intends to eradicate Hotstar US, which broadcasts live cricket and South Asian programming to American customers. 

For the US market, Disney will repackage Hotstar’s sports and leisure programs into ESPN Plus and Hulu.

The launch of Hotstar as a stand-alone service for U.S. customers is being hailed by Disney as a success for everyone.

The transfer from Hotstar, a premium model for South Asian content material, to ESPN Plus and Hulu within the U.S. expands upon the wealthy and various catalog of reside occasions and tales delivered throughout the Disney Bundle and offers a platform for South Asian content material to achieve broader audiences,” the corporate stated in an announcement.

Hotstar is a collection of over 100,000 movie titles, TV episodes, unique shows, and athletic events. Certified Hotstar U.S. subscribers who do not want to improve their proposal for the Disney Bundle can do so, but they must do it by Sept. 30. 

There is a big difference between the annual  $49.99 per year paid for Hotstar and the $167.88 cost of a subscription to the Disney bundle. 

Ineligible subscribers (Hotstar US customers who also purchase at least one other Disney streaming service) will receive tailored discounts for the balance of their Hotstar annual subscription.

Disney full shutdown Hotstar USA 2022

Hotstar will be totally shut down in the United States by Disney in late 2022, but no particular date has been set yet. The Mouse Home bought Star India, which works with Hotstar all over the world, by the procurement of 21st Century Fox.


In this whole shut down, the sports programs (including the IPL cricket tournament, the International Cricket Council (ICC) Males’ T20 World Cup, and BCCI) will be moved to ESPN.

Beginning in March 2022, all 62 matches of the IPL season will be streamed live on ESPN Plus. That might help ESPN Plus strengthen its cricket lineup, which includes more than 100 Cricket New Zealand matches over the next six years and 100 or more West Indies Cricket matches over the next five years.

Following is a list of sports events that were scheduled to be streamed on HotstarHotsta but will now be available on ESPN plus from 01 Sept 2021.

Hulu Will Get Hotstar’s Movies and Series

On the other hand, thousands of Hotstar specials, as well as popular Bollywood and South Asian movies and series, will be moved to Hulu.

These will include titles like Indian adaptation of “The Office,” “Hostages,” “Out of Love” (based on the BBC series “Dr. Foster”), “The City of Dreams,” “Live Telecast,” and “OK Computer” are among the new series available to all Hulu customers.

The number of Hotstar subscribers in the United States has not been disclosed by Disney yet. For the time being, the adjustment solely impacts subscribers in the United States.

Let’s see how this move turns out for Disney, and whether or not it actually attracts more subscribers by next year. 


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