Neymar’s Ankle Injury: Brazil to Face Switzerland at the World Cup in His Absence

Neymar’s Ankle Injury: Brazil to Face Switzerland at the World Cup in His Absence

Merely Richarlison, Rodrygo, Vinicius Junior, Raphinha and all the other star-studded choices are present in a strong and skilled Brazilian team, only to play without its most renowned player: Neymar.

The coach of Switzerland, Murat Yakin, had this to say about the Brazilian players on Sunday: “Each and everyone is super skilled, even the center backs and goalkeeper.”

He added, “They are here to get the title. That’s almost a must for them.”

Due to the severity of the ankle injury that Neymar sustained during Brazil’s 2-0 victory over Serbia on Thursday, it is very probable that the Brazilian no. 10 will miss the remainder of Brazil’s Group G matches. Let’s watch the World Cup 2022: Brazil vs. Switzerland match.

After a brilliant scissor-kick strike for his second goal against the Serbs, no. 9 Richarlison was already receiving a lot of attention, and it was only going to get brighter from there.

Yakin admired what was perhaps the most memorable occasion for him personally throughout the first week in Qatar.

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Yakin’s words, which were originally spoken in German, were translated into English as follows: “Absolutely, that’s why we love football, why we watch it, to see such goals.”

Brazil coach Tite, has discussed the several paths to the goal that his side might take now that Neymar is not on the roster.

“Maybe we’ll see a feint or dribble from Vini, maybe we’ll see creativity when finishing a play from Richarlison or a header from Pedro,” he said.

“This will come up because they have that creativity,” Tite said. “It’s impressive how calm they can be to do things even under all this pressure.”

Despite this, Switzerland was able to thwart Brazil’s onslaught in the first match of the 2018 World Cup, which took place between Switzerland and Brazil and ended in a 1-1 tie.

“They are very difficult to win against,” said Marquinhos, who is currently a starting player in the center defense position but sat on the bench in Russia in 2018 during the draw.

During the previous 18 months, the Swiss have been a difficult opponent for several of the finest teams in Europe.

This year in the Nations League, Switzerland was victorious against both Portugal and Spain. The Swiss qualified for the World Cup by winning their World Cup qualification group and finished higher than the eventual champions of the European Championship, Italy. This allowed the Swiss to progress to the tournament in Qatar.

“We’ve been challenged by great teams and we’ve been able to score,” said striker Xherdan Shaqiri, who is participating in his fourth World Cup, a Swiss record. “If we score a goal I think we can completely change the game.”

In the first game of the group, which took place on Thursday, Switzerland defeated Cameroon 1-0 courtesy to a goal scored by Breel Embolo, which Shaqiri assisted by providing the ball that led to the goal. The Swiss managed to eke out a victory over the team that was projected to be their weakest opponent by doing just enough to pull it off.

Top-ranked Brazil must make another forced change, with Éder Milito or Dani Alves available to replace Danilo, who, like Neymar, was hurt against Serbia.

Tite said he had settled on his lineup but would not reveal it until Monday evening. Serbia plays Cameroon earlier in the day.

Switzerland will be missing Noah Okafor, the Salzburg attacker who has been a popular late-game pace option.

What are your views on the solid Brazilian squad without Neymar? Let us know in the comments section below!

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