Love Island: A Key Couple Goes Missing Right Before the Finale, Fans Are Puzzled

Love Island: A Key Couple Goes Missing Right Before the Finale, Fans Are Puzzled

Love Island Season 8 fans have been in a conundrum as of late. Apparently, a key couple was nowhere to be seen in the show’s latest episode.

The ITV2 reality dating show will end soon, with just a few episodes left to its name. As the finale nears, the show’s excitement is constantly surging. The fans were befuddled after the last night’s episode, as a significant couple, Tasha and Andrew barely appeared onscreen throughout the episode. 

The said couple was involved in some huge drama in recent episodes, including a dramatic fallout from Casa Amor. They didn’t even show up in the group scenes too much. 

Taking to Twitter, many Love Island fanatics expressed their puzzlement over Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page’s lack of appearance in the most recent episode.

Regarding the case of a certain couple missing from Love Island’s last night’s episode, @LoveIslandGB expressed how the episode was so interesting they forgot Andrew and Tasha failed to appear and questioned their existence:

Another user’s (@annniepw) opinion about the show was different. She thought the episode was boring without the key couple’s drama to look forward to and wanted to see more of them, for they missed them:

@RhysFields was quick to point out why people wanted Andrew and Tasha to win in the first place and how they could forgive him so easily after what he did to Carol’s daughter. Her tweet blew up and got a response of over 45k likes and 3k retweets.

Don’t forget to tune into Love Island Season 8 at 9 pm on ITV2 with only a handful of episodes left. In case, you’re unable to access the channel; you can still watch Love Island UK right here. If you’ve become addicted to Love Island then perhaps, the newly started Love Island USA can satisfy your cravings. Here’s how you can tune into Love Island’s American counterpart, Love Island USA right here

In case you didn’t know, a woman claimed that her daughter’s handbag was stolen by a guy who looked like Andrew at Bristol Sainsbury on March 12th. 

On the other hand, @trollyfella believes Luca and Jacques have more chemistry together compared to Andrew and Tasha. The user shared a picture of Jacques hugging Luca before departing for good from the show. 

Jacques left the show in order to focus on his mental well-being. After his exit, he revealed that becoming a part of Love Island Season 8 was the worst decision of my life.” 

In this season 8 of Love Island, the male contestants have been heavily criticized by the public due to their brash and toxic behavior with their female partners. Recently, Women’s Aid revealed how they were in talks with the show personnel to rectify the misogynistic behavior of the boys and to be careful in future shows as well. 

Similarly, @urheartispure shared a screenshot of her complaint to Ofcom regarding Luca Bish’s “absolutely unhealthy and toxic behavior” towards the 19-year-old contestant, Gemma Owens. She also insisted her fellow Love Island fans to do the same. 

@Lola52007870 called her generation “tapped” because of the hypocrisy shown by people compared to how they reacted to Ekin-su and Davide’s spat and Gemma and Luca confessing their love for one another. Her tweet received over 7.5k likes:

@n9ll22 called out Paige and Adam for being “the fakest couple” on this season’s Love Island, claiming the pair is boring and looks forced: 

Murad Merali (@MuradMerali) believed that the current batch of contestants were the ideal candidates for the “Lie Detector Test” and that it was too bad they eliminated the segment from the show. His tweet received nearly 6k likes: 

New Fan-favorite Ekin-Su’s already considered a winner

Many fans praised Ekin-su and were determined that she’ll be the one to win this season:

@gigildnx shared how she firmly believes Ekin-su’s public’s favorite contestant. She even demanded they bring the “Tweet Challenge” to prove her claim:

Murad Merali said he can definitely see Ekin-su hosting the future shows of Love Island: 

On the other hand, @DabasTanu said she has no worries for Ekin-su anymore as she’s already making it big on her own now:

Love Island: When does the show end? Finale date revealed

Love Island Season 8 will be wrapping on Monday, 1st August. 

In Thursday’s episode (21st July), Ian Stirling, the narrator for the show, revealed the finale episode and shared it’ll air from 9pm to 10:30pm. 

If the series continues to follow the format of previous seasons, the final four couples will get to meet their families, and the winner will be crowned. The winning duo can decide to either share the £50,000 prize or steal it. 

The last season of Love Island was won by Millie Court and Liam Reardon, who shared their prize. Just last week they revealed they split up a year later after the 2021 finale aired. 

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