How Much Is HBO Max Price In 2023 [Complete Guide]

How Much Is HBO Max Price In 2023 [Complete Guide]

Praise the broadcasting gods that HBO Max now offers two membership packages. The Ads plan costs $9.99/mo, while the Ads-free plan costs $14.99/mo, which executes HBO Max price is reasonable for watching its fantastic content.

With an HBO Max membership, you’ll get access to a collection of widely praised, often brutal, TV series and films. In addition to classics like The Sopranos, you’ll be able to watch contemporary shows like Sex Life of College Girls Season 2, The Time Traveler’s Wife Harley Quinn, Velma, Beetlejuice, South Park, and Euphoria.

HBO Max is a geo-restricted service and it is only available to watch in the USA. However, if you want to watch HBO Max outside the US you will need the best Hbo Max VPN like ExpressVPN.

In this guide, we will provide you with the plan prices and all the necessary information to subscribe to them so read it till the end.

What are the Different HBO Max Price Plans


The basic, ad-free edition of HBO Max, which was introduced in May 2020, is $14.99/mo or $149.99/yr, while the less expensive, ad-supported variant costs $9.99/mo or $99.99/yr.

These two packages while delivering much of the same entertainment, have some significant differences in terms of what has been included and the entire watching experience, which we will discuss shortly.

HBO Max Ad-Supported Price Plan

The ad-supported edition of HBO Max is cheap than the basic version, however, there are some significant concessions that you’ll have to accept in order to save $5 each month.

Users will, of course, have to watch the ads, also Next TV claims that the quantity of advertising is far less than the other streaming providers with similar items.

While seasons of Big Bang Theory, Friends, and other licensed programs on HBO contain commercial breaks, neither of the HBO original shows does.

HBO Max Ad-Free Price Plan

The basic ad-free edition of HBO Max includes all that the commercial version does, but none of the disadvantages of the lower version. You will be able to watch anything on HBO Max, including select films in 4K Ultra HD as well as the ability to download movies and episodes that are popular on HBO Max on your iPhone, Android, Smart TV, or any of the compatible devices.

So, whether you’re searching for fantastic films, action films, or is it just something to enjoy while you fall asleep, you’re covered here, particularly if you want to watch films like Dune and The Suicide Squad in the greatest quality available.

HBO Max Price Compared To Other Services


There is tough competition between the streaming services because Amazon prime has the best-ever classic content library. Netflix has some amazing original content released every month whereas Disney Plus rules the heart of the fans through its Marvel shows.

These all have different price plans let’s see what is the difference between the HBO Max price and other streaming platforms’ costs:

HBO Max vs. Netflix

HBO Max vs. Netflix is a hot debate these days. however, With HBO Max’s With-Ads package, HBO Max provides both cost and high-quality entertainment. But now Netflix has changed the price of its monthly options — the Basic choice is at $9.99 – the two streaming services are priced similarly.

Netflix continues to dominate internet streaming. It has roughly three times the contents of HBO Max (36,000 hours versus 13,000 hours) and is continually saturated with fresh content, like the highly anticipated Stranger Things season 4. By using a VPN, you can also watch US HBO Max content in Turkey without any hassle.

It has three tiers to choose from: A basic plan for $9.99, a Standard plan for $15.49, and a Premium plan for $19.99.

HBO Max vs. Amazon Prime Video

Let’s be truthful: Amazon Prime Video completely outperforms HBO Max. It was less than an ‘Ad-Free’ HBO Max membership, includes features like free shipping and unlimited streaming music, and boasts a stunning cumulative average of above 20,000 tv shows and films as included in a $12.99 Amazon Prime membership.

You may save roughly 25% by buying a $119 yearly membership, and dozens of movies are available for streaming in 4K High Definition.

However, HBO Max has a significant edge in the form of unique programming. Some of the most popular shows in town are The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and The Big Bang Theory. And you can watch these US HBO Max content in Guatemala as well by using a reliable VPN.

HBO Max vs. Disney Plus

Disney+, with its cherished array of valuable brands, is among the most famous VOD streaming platforms. And, for $7.99/mo, it’s a steal. However, with HBO Max’s less expensive ‘With Ads’ package, the lower price differential implies HBO Max should begin collecting a larger portion of VOD income.

In terms of capability, Disney+ account options are possible for four people to stream through one account at the same time, whereas HBO Max only allows three.

However, in terms of content, the Mouse of House has a very small library, with 500 movies as opposed to 1300 on HBO Max, all of which are accessible for a few bucks extra. If you want an ad-free service, you’ll have to spend $14.99/mo, which is roughly double the Disney price.

HBO Max vs. Apply TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is a slow-burning VOD platform, gradually accumulating members with its high-quality original movies and television series, such as the award-winning thriller The Morning Show.

It’s half the price of an HBO Max subscription at $4.99/mo, and one account may be accessed by an extra five people – more often than any other broadcaster on our list.

However, because it is mostly dedicated to brand-new Apple TV original versions, its catalog of titles is quite limited. It has roughly 90 feature movies and series, compared to hundreds on HBO Max.

HBO Max vs. Hulu

On the surface, choosing Hulu appears to be a sure bet. Here we will be comparing HBO Max prices with Hulu costs. Its on-demand-only subscriptions remain quite cheap at $6.99/mo or $69.99/year, and it has an outstanding collection of over 4,000 films to stream.

However, in order to give the same capability as a full-fledged HBO Max membership, you must buy a few add-ons that significantly increase the price. Want to avoid unwanted advertisements? Then you must select the $12.99 plan of Hulu (No Ads).

Would you like to share this account with more than two people? Multiple Screens adds an extra $9.99 to the total monthly of $23. Its $14.99/mo HBO Max price tag for its ‘Ad Free’ package now doesn’t seem that outrageous.

Difference Between HBO, HBO Go and HBO Max

Here is the difference between HBO, HBO Go, and HBO Max:


HBO is home to movies to series. HBO’s ad-free and HBO Max subscriptions each cost $15 per month. HBO Max is certainly the superior option because it has a wider streaming library than HBO.


HBO Go had been a streaming partner application for HBO cable users, whereas HBO Now was a separate streaming alternative for those who did not have cable and wanted to watch HBO. HBO has discontinued the HBO Go application in July 2020. On the same day, HBO renamed HBO Now just “HBO.”

HBO Max:

HBO Max is an on-demand streaming service that combines HBO’s legendary original content with an even greater collection of WarnerMedia films and series. The program effectively replaces HBO’s previous streaming alternatives, HBO Now and HBO Go.

HBO Max Price: FAQs

Yes, you can pay for HBO Max for a year which costs $99.99/year with ads and $149.99/year without ads.

No, you can watch all the HBO Max movies at no extra cost if you’ve subscribed to one of the plans of HBO Max.

If you discover numerous email addresses, you have many HBO Max accounts. To resolve this, click on Membership for each profile to determine who is charging you.


HBO Max is a streaming platform that mixes HBO’s original show library with a massive collection of blockbuster films, shows, and anime.

HBO Max is one of our favorite streaming platforms, offering the best HBO Max price with its enormous selection of TV shows such as Selena + Chef season 4 and a developing slate of original including documentaries, and cartoons. .

Sign up for ExpressVPN today and start streaming your favorite shows.

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