Netflix’s “American Murder: The Family Next Door” Features The Story of The Watts Family

Netflix’s American Murder: The Family Next Door shows a tale of unbelievable horror and unsettling facts.

This crime story is about the murder of Shanann Watts, her two daughters and her unborn child. When the news about this murder broke out, it spread across all media outlets and social media like a wildfire. Finding their murderer was not much of a riddle, and it took the police only a few days to identify their murderer, which was Shanann’s husband.

People started to question her character and what got her killed rather than sympathizing with the victim. The footage of this horrific events also began to circulate on the web.

An Early Documentary About this Hideous Crime (Full Movie)

A documentary was made before Netflix picked up this story for their platform. In this documentary, they tried to cover all the aspects of the story but still something was missing from this puzzle:

The Love Affair of The Watts

Shanann was a loving wife who regularly posted pictures about her family and especially about her husband over Facebook. Fun fact is, they two even met though the same social platform back in 2010, started dating, and eventually got married. She was an active Facebook user and judging by her regular posting, and it seemed as it was a perfect couple that loved each other so much.

Nevertheless, according to the reports, things started to go downhill when she told Chris about her pregnancy, and according to the media reports, Chris had an affair. They both were distancing from each other, and Shanann often said this to her friends as well.

But what’s ironic to notice is that even her good friends claimed later that Shanann was a bossy and controlling person, and Chris was a great husband and a loving father. This very narrative seems senseless as how a good husband and father can be so cold and kill his daughters and wife.

The Confession

When the investigation began, Chris was dodging the media and cops and seemed quite nervous at times. However, he later confessed to his crimes and was given five life sentences.

The thing that breaks one’s heart is to know that Shanann was the one who supported the family financially most through her jobs. She was a loving person who took good care of her husband and kids, and in the end, she got what she did not deserver at all. Chris Watts did what was not just ruthless but inhumane as well.

The watts family’s whole story is spine chilling because you can never expect something like this in relationships bonded so firmly (apparently). Another thing to pick from this story is that life can be quite different than it appears on social media.

Wrapping It Up!

Netflix has brought this story to screen with some additional footage, and it has provided more clarity to people in this case. This new documentary is currently trending on the US Netflix, and if you have not watched it, I would recommend you to watch it to get to know more about this horrific tale.

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