Michael B. Jordan Reveals Anime Action Influence on Creed 3’s Boxing Fights


The highly anticipated Creed 3 is set to take the world of boxing by storm. Michael B. Jordan, who plays the lead character Adonis Creed, has just revealed that the film will feature an exciting new element: anime influence on the film’s fight choreography. The forthcoming sequel is Jordan’s directorial debut and takes fans back into the boxing ring. In this interview, he talks about his time directing and performing in the same film.

The actor of Creed III said that his love of Japanese animation affected the film’s battle sequences when discussing how he found inspiration for them while directing his first feature-length picture during an interview. He stated, “It was a gift and a curse. There have been eight other movies before me. You can shoot a boxing match in so many different ways. I think ‘cause I was kind of put in a corner, it kind of forced me to be more creative and really find, like, think outside the box of how to make the fights different. So we shot all the fights in IMAX. And also, I had a huge Japanese anime influence on a lot of my fights. I’m an anime nerd.”

Jordan had numerous difficulties as a director, and some of the most significant ones include directing and performing in many boxing sequences. He did, however, figure out how to leverage it to his advantage, and sought out the counsel of other filmmakers like Ryan Coogler and Jon Favreau. “It’s tough. You got a mouthpiece in sometimes. You got gloves. You’re always depending on so many people. Your team is everything. So, to be able to be in the middle of a boxing scene, honestly, it’s sometimes easier because I can direct while I’m acting. If I need to move you upstage a little bit, I just move a little bit like this, and then I get the shot that I need.”

There are eight films in the Rocky series, and each one has had a major battle in the film’s third act. In the first two films, Sylvester Stallone’s lead character Rocky has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to challenge Apollo Creed for the world heavyweight championship (Carl Weathers). Even though Rocky loses the first bout, the fact that he lasted the distance with the heavyweight champion is a huge moral triumph for the big underdog, and the rematch in the 1979 sequel culminates in a new champion. The battle between Rocky and Russian super-boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV is often regarded as the series’ most memorable due to its symbolic significance as a metaphor for Rocky’s remarkable tenacity (as well as the United States triumphing over the Soviet Union during the Cold War).

The 2015 reboot of the Creed franchise brought with it some amazing battle sequences. In the first Creed film, Donnie, eager to prove himself, fights Leo “The Lion” Sporino in a violent back-and-forth battle filmed in one continuous take by director Ryan Coogler. A scene that has become a fan favorite, thanks to the sequels. The major battle in Creed III between Donnie and Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) could join the franchise’s pantheon of classic bouts thanks to Jordan’s direction, which drew from some unexpected inspirations and was shot with IMAX cameras.

Netflix has a great collection of movies, and Creed is one that you should never miss. If you are a sports lover and a fan of boxing movies, then you absolutely must watch Creed on Netflix. Incorporating anime influence in Creed 3 makes fans excited and curious to see how it will play out on screen. Some have raised concerns that it might look out of place in a film about boxing, but Jordan assures that it will be seamlessly integrated into the story.

Jordan has already discussed the effect of his favorite Japanese animation and manga on the film’s battle sequences, so this is not the first time the topic has been brought up. The actor and director of Creed III have said that the famous boxing-themed manga series Hajime no Ippo inspired the film’s boxing and training scenes, especially the stylistic slow-motion cinematography and the emotional journeys and inner conversation of Donnie and Dame when they are in the ring. When Creed III hits cinemas on March 3, Jordan’s vision as director of the boxing series will be on display.

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