Samantha Moitzi Responds to Al Perkins’ Love Island Australia 2022 Participation

Samantha Moitzi Responds to Al Perkins’ Love Island Australia 2022 Participation

Samantha Moitzi, who was Al Perkins’ bride on Married at First Sight, has shared her thoughts on Al’s appearance on the Love Island Australia season 2022.

In a video posted to Instagram on Wednesday night, she said that she had been overwhelmed with inquiries asking for her opinion on the situation.

Sam replied in the video, “OK so, I’m going to answer this so then people can stop asking me about it… how do I feel about Al being on Love Island?”

“I mean from… I don’t know, maybe not day one [of MAFS] but like, it was pretty clear very quickly to me that Al and I wanted very different things.”

Al is presently Coupled Up with Jessica, a blonde butane lighter, after just emerging as a Bombshell on Love Island. Watch episodes of Love Island Australia to get a taste of the spicy and dramatic moments that the contestants experience on the show.

Samantha went on to say more, “I think Love Island is much more suited to him, his personality and what he’s looking for. I wish him all the best, and I hope he does find what he is looking for.”

She continued by saying that she hoped people would now be able to “cut her some slack.”

Everyone was saying I wasn’t giving him a chance when I was like… ‘We don’t want the same things!'” she added. “We’re very different people, and I want to settle down, so yes. But I wish him all the best!”

She went back to affirm that the two people are still very good friends, and she also added: “Just to clarify, Al and I are friends. We’re fine, we’re amicable and we have no issues.”

On the show “Married at First Sight,” Sam and Al’s relationship did begin on a nice note. Despite this, the two were unable to develop a romantic relationship throughout the course of the experiment because Sam had concerns over Al’s lack of maturity.

They made the decision to withdraw from the experiment, and early this year Samantha disclosed that she had entered a new romantic relationship.


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When Al arrived at the Villa earlier this month, there was little doubt that he generated quite a commotion.

Stella was perhaps the most excited person to meet the reality star, and she said right away that she had a “reality TV star crush” on him.

After she had finished asking him questions about his time on MAFS, Al eventually asked her if she would want his signature after he had finished answering all of her questions for him.

After some time had passed, she summoned him for a conversation and proceeded to regale him with a funny account of how the two of them had first met online.

“I’m so excited! I commented on your TikToks, and you’ve actually replied to my comment,” She exclaimed in excitement.

“It was that one where you… this is so embarrassing by the way that I’m saying this. You were building like, that little kitchen top. I said, ‘This content is so wholesome!’ you said, ‘Thank you…I’ll post more. And then you never did…”

Al has just begun a blissful relationship with Jessica, but only the passage of time will tell whether their love will be able to withstand the test of time.

The fourth season of Love Island Australia is now streaming online exclusively on 9Now, with new episodes being released every Monday through Thursday at 6 p.m. AEDT.

What are your thoughts on Samantha Moitzi’s remarks on Al Perkins and his blissful relationship with Jessica ahead; how long will it go? Let us know in the comments below!

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