How Much Does ATRESplayer Premium Cost in USA [Updated 2023]


Do you want to know the ATRESplayer premium cost in USA? Well, here we will provide you with all the prices and plans for ATRESplayer.

ATRESplayer Premium is a media platform developed by Atresmedia. It has a variety of entertainment content and good bids without ads, much like when you install Netflix.

ATRESplayer has a lot of content that you may watch for free with advertisements. Premium options, which feature 4K access, some exclusive shows, and no advertisements, are also offered. ATRESplayer premium’s monthly subscription is $5.10 (€4.99), while the annual membership costs $51.12 (€49.99).

ATRESplayer is a Spanish platform and it is not available in USA. If you want to access Atresplayer in USA then you will need the best VPN For Streaming in USA like ExpressVPN.

ATRESplayer Premium Cost in USA [Complete Guide]


The ATRESplayer premium membership costs $5.10 (€4.99)/mo. With this plan, you will not face bombarded advertising, cutbacks, and disruptions. You can watch additional series and programs by subscribing to this plan which is usually not available to watch for free users.

One of the simplest methods to obtain premium membership in ATRESplayer is to sign up for a 30-day ATRESplayer free trial, during which you may use all of the services without paying. ATRESplayer is accessible on iOS, Android, and Smart TVs.

You can gain certain benefits if you join for free with an email, Facebook, or Google. You have access to the best HD-4K picture quality and Dolby Digital Plus sound.

Plan Cost per month Ad-Free Live Stream Access Video Quality
Premium $5.10 (€4.99)/mo yes yes 4k

After paying the ATRESplayer premium cost in USA for the bundle you can watch various movies and shows including the super-hit show Money Heist, which is based on robbing the bank of Spain. If you’re into thriller genre series, this series is worth watching.

How Do I Pay For ATRESplayer Premium?

Here are the payment methods to pay for the ATRESplayer premium cost in USA:

Credit Card

Payment for services (POS) and goods is conducted online using a credit card. For completing the transaction, the user should input the necessary information. By choosing this payment option, the customer will be sent to the company’s website that offers the POS facility.

To complete the transaction, the customer must input the necessary information. After making a card payment, the customer will be able to use the system in a paid subscription manner. The cost of the product will be displayed on the website.


By choosing this payment option, the customer will be forwarded to the PayPal page, which is the company’s supplier.

The customer will be able to access the system after making a PayPal transaction. If a customer is unable to use the services after making a PayPal purchase, they must reach out to their customer support department.

Apple Pay

Users using iOS devices may employ their Apple accounts to make direct payments. Cash will be debited to the Apple ID accounts upon transaction verification.

Unless terminated at least 24 hours before the end of the latest payments, the membership is renewed. After purchasing, you may modify and discontinue the subscriptions in the App store settings menu.

Google Pay

Users using Android smartphones may make payments directly using their Gmail accounts. Unless canceled, the membership is automatically renewed.

You may cancel your membership at any moment in Google Play’s memberships section or in the admin panel itself. Whenever the current billing term ends, you would no longer have access to the membership if you discontinue it.

Mobile OR Pay-TV Operator

This payment option is now offered to Vodafone and Movistar mobile providers in Spain. To purchase the product from the provider, the user must first pick up their phone or pay-tv operator and submit the needed details.

The price of the transaction will display on the operator’s invoice if you choose this method of payment. For each piece of content, the cost of the product will be disclosed on the website.

In Central America, the ATRESplayer account can be linked to Pay-TV Providers as far as the operator’s restrictions are satisfied. After making a profile in ATRESplayer, the customer will be able to pick their provider and ultimately confirm the profile with the operator’s details.

If the procedure is completed successfully, the customer will get complete access to ATRESplayer premium International. The customer should call the operator for further details on the required requirements.


Customers with Amazon devices can make direct funding from their own devices via the ATRESplayer application. Once the transaction is completed successfully, these costs will be charged to the user’s smartphone.

Unless discontinued at least 24 hours before the end of the validity period, this subscription will be continued.

Once the transaction has been completed, users may modify and cancel their subscriptions in their Prime settings.

ATRESplayer Premium Benefits


Here are the benefits of paying ATRESplayer premium cost in USA to buy its bundle:

  • Exclusive entertainment movies and series are only accessible on the platform previews, allowing you to experience the movies before anybody else and before it is shown on television.
  • Ads are completely removed.
  • You can withdraw at any moment if you do not make a commitment.
  • Catalog of all series and programs.
  • Option of saving movies for offline enjoyment
  • With the last seven days, you can catch up on almost everything you missed up to 7 days after it aired.
  • 4K resolution allows you to see the video in ultra HD, in its native tongue or translated into Spanish.

ATRESplayer Premium Cost in USA: FAQs

No, ATRESplayer premium is not free to watch in USA. However, after subscribing to it, ATRESplayer has a lot of entertainment content that you might enjoy.

Yes, ATRESplayer is safe to use. Scamadviser is an automatic system that determines if a website is legitimate and secure (or not).

It is sufficient to visit the ATRESplayer official website and navigate to the category “Go Premium,” in which you must pick a payment system and complete the transaction. .


Many streaming platforms are available nowadays for watching live content. Certain firms, such as Atresmedia, provide a paid version for the streaming series, films, and traditional television shows in HD quality.

It took many years for ATRESplayer to be recognized, but now this streaming service is providing fascinating Spanish content, while it is still a far way from services that only work on the web, such as YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hulu.

In the short span of time ATRESplayer has gained quite the attention of the people. We hope the ATRESplayer premium cost in USA guide was helpful to you.

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