How to Watch Money Heist Online [Updated 2021]

How to Watch Money Heist Online [Updated 2021]

How to Watch Money Heist Online from Anywhere

Money Heist is actually a Spanish TV series named La casa de Papel and it is one of the most popular TV series ever by Netflix. This series has taken the world by storm over a past couple of years and its fan base has grown exponentially.

Based on a group of thieves and their out of the box approaches, this thriller TV show has become a massive hit amongst the binge watchers. It was named the most watched non-English series of Netflix and is ranked 3rd most popular show on IMDB. So far, its 4 seasons have been on air and the fans have loved all of them.

This TV series first aired in 2017 on Netflix and the rest has become history. The title song of this TV series namely “Bella Ciao” has been a sensational hit and deeply loved by people all around the world. This is a tune hard to miss as it is being shared every now and then by fans on social media and many fans have it as their mobile ringtone.

Where Can I watch Money Heist Online

You can watch Money Heist online on various platforms, like:


As it is a Netflix series, you can easily watch it on Netflix from anywhere. In case it is not available on your Netflix, then you should refer to this guide and see how you can get American Netflix because it is available there.


Vid Angel

vid angel






Where we can watch money heist?

You can watch Money Heist on Netflix and many other online streaming platforms. Many of the online streaming  services will redirect you to Netflix.

Is Money Heist available on Netflix?

Yes, Money Heist is available on Netflix and its recently aired season 4 is trending on Netflix.

Can you watch money heist in English?

Yes, Money Heist is available on Netflix with English subtitles. You can easily toggle through the subtitles and select English or Spanish.

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