Bravo TV cost in USA : How Much you need to Pay in 2023 ?

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Bravo TV is an American cable network owned and operated by NBCUniversal Television and streaming services. Parent ownership is held by NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. Bravo TV headquarters is situated in New York, United States. The TV Channel was launched on 8 December 1980 and broadcast Nationwide.

Many people around the globe love to watch Bravo TV content for this they would like to know how much does Bravo TV cost in USA ? In this guide, we will discuss the Bravo TV cost in USA in detail to help you in deciding whether you want to go with Bravo TV or not?

The base package of YouTubeTV includes Bravo TV for $64.99 per month.  If you have already subscribed to Youtube TV you can access Bravo TV and other local Network Channels. The minimum cost package is provided by SlingTV at $35 a month.

So, let’s start binge-watching your favorite Bravo TV shows on a premium streaming platform. Their pricing details are mentioned below.

How much is Bravo TV Cost in USA & its Pricing Plans?

Several streaming platforms offer Bravo TV. We have mentioned below Bravo TV cost in USA and subscription plans.

Youtube TV

Cost $64.99/mo


Blue $35/mo includes: 42 channels, 50 hrs of DVR, and 3 screens
Blue and Orange $50/mo includes 50 channels, 50 hrs of DVR, and 3 screens for Blue whereas only 1 screen for Sling Orange.


Basic Package $64.99/mo includes 118 channels, 250 hrs of DVR, and 3 screens.
Pro $69.99/mo includes 118 channels, 1000 hrs of DVR, and 10 screens.
Elite $79.99/mo includes 163 channels, 1000 hrs of DVR, and 10 screens.


Premium $4.99/mo includes: live TV and more content (with ads)
Premium Plus $9.99/mo includes:  download content for offline, Ads free streaming.

What are the Bravo TV Deals?

Get Bravo TV Deals at discounted prices using these Coupon codes.

Provider Package Coupon Code
SlingTV Get 30% off (Use VPV for the US) SLINGER124
Paramount+ One month free subscription trial (for members only) OUTHPARK
Amazon Prime Get 10% off on the next subscription. (for prime members only) UFO160WP
HBO Get 15% off on the next subscription. WELCOME15
Now TV Save up to 75% on cinema membership for 3 consecutive months. NOWNUHGMIBHU
MTV Get 20% off on the summers Gear. MTVSUMMER
SHOWTIME STREAM Get 20% off on the summer Gear at SUMMER22
NBC TV Save 20% (go to shop) SAVE20

What Channels are on Bravo TV?

We have listed down the providers and their channels where Bravo TV is available so you can get your Bravo TV channel without any hassle.
Service provider Channels
Dish Network Channel 9492 (HD), Channel 129 (SD)
DirecTV (US) Channel 1237 (HD), Channel 237 (SD)
4DTV C-Band Channel 262 (West)/203 (East)
Verizon FiOS Channel 623 (HD), Channel 685 (HD), Channel 185 (SD)
Comcast Cable Channel 1463 (HD), Channel 175 (SD)


Bravo TV cost in USA depends on your SVOD such as you can watch Bravo TV on FuboTV AT $69.99 per month and stream your recorded show collection from anywhere in the world. Also, enjoy Bravo TV’s free trial with YouTubeTV and SlingTV.

Yes, the Bravo TV subscription cost is free. It is a valuable service added to your Television subscription through TV providers. So you are supposed to pay only for your cable Network subscription and watch your favorite shows on Bravo for free.

No, you cannot pay just for Bravo. It is a valuable service that is already added by a TV provider. Watch Bravo TV without cable on DirecTV, SlingTV, Hulu, fuboTV, Spectrum TV, Xfinity TV choice, or YouTube TV.


Bravo TV is an American broadcast network  you can  watch bravo without a cable network on different streaming platforms. DirecTV, SlingTV, fuboTV, YouTubeTV, Smart TV and Peacock offer a free trial so you can try it before you buy it. Bravo TV costs in USA $69.99 per month or you can get Bravo at the minimum cost with SlingTV.

Hope the article helps you answer your questions. Watch your favorite movies and Enjoy Bravo over this weekend!

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