How To Cancel Voot Subscription [Quick Guide – Updated 2022]

How To Cancel Voot Subscription [Quick Guide – Updated 2022]

Voot Select is an Indian subscription-based on-demand video streaming service by Viacom18. It was launched in March 2022. With so many other streaming platforms like Netflix, SonyLiv, HBO Max, Hotstar, and Hulu available in the market, you might want to switch to other streaming sites and cancel your Voot subscription. Our quick guide has shared the easy steps on how to cancel Voot subscription.

Currently, Voot is available only in India. To watch the content on Voot outside India, you need to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN. If you are wondering to know ‘is streaming with a VPN legal?’, then to answer your query we must say it is legal to use a VPN for streaming and protecting online activities.

Let’s begin our guide on canceling your Voot subscription. It is important that you timely cancel your Voot subscription before the start of your billing period. You cannot simply delete Voot account if you want to discontinue the streaming service, but you need to cancel it manually.

What are the different Methods to Cancel Voot Subscription?

It is easy to discontinue using Voot as it allows you to opt for multiple ways to cancel Voot subscription. Remember, deleting Voot account cannot cancel Voot subscription. In our guide, we have shared the methods to cancel Voot subscription through the following:

How to Cancel Voot Subscription if You’ve Subscribed through Debit/Credit Card?

To cancel your Voot Select subscription, follow these easy steps if you have subscribed through a debit/credit card.

  • Sign in to your Voot account.
  • Click on your profile icon in the top right corner.
  • If canceling your subscription through the website, choose ‘Billing History.’
  • If you are canceling with an app, choose ‘Subscription’.
  • Select ‘Cancel Subscription’ to cancel your current Voot plan.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ to confirm your choice.


  • You will be notified about your Voot subscription cancelation shortly.


How to Cancel Voot Select Subscription if You’ve Subscribed through Apple iTunes?

If you have subscribed to Voot Select through Apple iTunes, follow these quick steps on how to cancel your subscription:

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your iOS device.


  • Choose ‘iTunes and App Store’.
  • Now, click on your Apple ID and tap ‘View Apple ID’.
  • Then from the subscription menu, choose ‘Voot’.


  • Finally, select ‘Cancel subscription’.

How to Cancel Voot Subscription Via Android Application?

Here are the simple steps to unsubscribe Voot from Android application:

  • Go to the Voot application on your Android device.
  • Tap on your profile picture/icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  • In the Accounts and settings menu, select subscription.


  • A subscription page will appear. Select ‘Cancel trial’ or ‘Cancel Subscription’.
  • Select Yes to confirm your choice.


How to Cancel Voot Select Subscription if You’ve Subscribed through Amazon In-App Purchase?

You can use Amazon Pay to purchase Voot subscriptions as Amazon gives the users an option to use their Amazon account for purchasing from external merchandise sites.

If you used an Amazon In-App purchase for your Voot subscription, you can cancel it without any hassle.


You cannot cancel Voot subscription if it has been terminated or suspended automatically.

You can easily cancel your Voot subscription at any time by not renewing your Voot Plan before it expires. Every plan must be renewed before the expiration date, or else it will be suspended or terminated. Visit the ‘Account’ section on a user’s profile to see their next renewal period’s due date or to cancel Voot Select service.

No, you do not get a refund if you cancel your Voot subscription. It is because your Voot subscription plan will remain active till the end of your subscription term. So, for example, if your billing term ends on the 30th of a month and you cancel your subscription on the 2nd, you will not get a refund for the remaining 28 days.

No, Voot subscriptions do not get renewed automatically. Subscribers have to renew their subscription before the due date otherwise it is automatically canceled or suspended. To check the next due date, check the accounts section on Voot’s page.

Wrapping Up

If you do not find your Voot subscription worthy or want to discontinue the streaming service, this article will show you how to cancel Voot subscription in a simple manner.

By following the easy steps mentioned in this guide, you can easily cancel your Voot subscription anytime without a hassle. However, if you cancel the subscription in the middle of a billing term, you will not get a refund for the remaining days. If you delete the Voot account, it will not cancel your subscription.

We hope our quick guide will help you in canceling your Voot subscription. We have discussed the methods to unsubscribe Voot from Android, Amazon Pay, Apple iTunes, and Debit/Credit card.

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