How to get Hulu Free Trial Outside USA [2024 Updated Guide]


As a streamer, I’ve often explored ways to enjoy my favorite shows without immediately committing to a subscription fee. That’s where the Hulu free trial outside USA shines, offering a generous 30-day glimpse into its extensive library of on-demand content.

I’ve noticed that Hulu stands out not only for its range of options, which include ad-supported and no-ads plans but also for its affordability once the free period ends. While some may seek live TV options, Hulu’s focus remains on its on-demand service with the trial.

Potential subscribers need to remember that accessing Hulu outside USA requires a VPN due to geo-restrictions. So, if you’re situated elsewhere, make sure to use a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN to enjoy everything Hulu has to offer.

With a straightforward sign-up process, there’s no reason not to take advantage of this fantastic offer and start streaming today.

How to get a Hulu Free Trial outside USA [Quick Steps]

Signing up for a Hulu free trial outside USA is simple and allows new subscribers to explore the full range of content available on the platform. To get started:

  1. Get a trustworthy VPN and select the plan that best suits your needs. I suggest using ExpressVPN.
  2. Using your VPN, establish a connection to a US server.
  3. To view all of the plans marked with a “30-day free trial,” visit Hulu’s website.
  4. Choose a plan, then fill in the necessary information.
  5. Savor a free one-month trial of Hulu TV!

After the Hulu Free Trial outside USA, What are the Methods to Get Hulu?

One of the most cost-effective streaming solutions is Hulu Basic. Hulu’s entire on-demand collection is available for $7.99 per month with ad-supported access. Hulu Basic with Disney Plus and ESPN+ is available for $14 per month. The ad-free Hulu subscription costs only $14.99 a month after the free trial.

A Hulu Plus Live TV service is available for those who still want Hulu’s live broadcasts. This is normally $75.99/month per month, but for the first three months of the cable plan, you may save 10 USD each month. Be advised that, unlike the other two options, which include a 30-day free trial, the live TV plan only has no free trial.

If you decide that Hulu isn’t suitable for your needs, it’s important to cancel Hulu after the free trial to avoid any charges. It’s worth noting that Hulu does not send reminders when your trial period is nearing its end, so it’s advisable to set a reminder for yourself.

How Much Will Hulu Cost After the Trial Period?

Continuing service after the free Hulu trial involves different costs based on the selected plan:

  • Hulu Basic – $7.99 – Hulu Basic includes everything available in the other two versions, except for a few things. It is only 7.99 USD/month, which is a very affordable price. You will see ads while streaming with the Hulu basic bundle.
  • Hulu (No Ads) – $17.99 – Hulu (No Ads) costs 17.99 per month and is better than the basic package. If you choose this bundle, you won’t have any ads interfering with your streaming. You can also download and view any movie or television show.
  • Hulu + Live TV – $75.99 – This is the most comprehensive Hulu bundle, and it includes Live TV as well as the ability to record Live TV with 50 hours of DVR cloud storage. This bundle costs $75.99 a month and includes all of the features not included in the other two Hulu plans.
  • Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV –$89.99 – Hulu Live TV and the ad-free Hulu Streaming library are included in this $ 89.99-a-month subscription.

What Shows and Movies Can I Watch with Hulu Free Trial outside USA?

It offers a large library loaded with fantastic TV shows and movies, including exclusive movies, Hulu Originals, and programs for kids, and it promises All the TV you love. You can watch the best Horror movies on Hulu. FX has nearly 40 horror movies on Hulu, including Sons of Anarchy, American Horror Story, and Fargo.

With so much to see, sign up for Hulu’s 30-day free trial now and enjoy a diverse selection of entertainment.

Will Hulu Send Me an Email When My Free Trial Has Ended?

No, Hulu will not send you any notification when your free trial ends. It will automatically convert to a paid subscription. You should cancel before the free trial expires if you don’t want to be charged for a membership.

Each of the three monthly options offered by the service comes with a free trial. Hulu and Hulu (No Ads) are free to try for 30 days, whereas Hulu + Live TV only has no free trial. Each of these services will automatically convert to a paid subscription once the trial period expires.

What Add-Ons and Extras Does Hulu Have?

Hulu’s service is customizable with a range of add-ons and extras, allowing users to tailor their viewing experience. Premium channel add-ons such as SHOWTIME, HBO Max, Cinemax, and Starz are available at additional monthly fees, providing access to exclusive series and blockbuster movies.

Additionally, Hulu offers themed TV bundles to cater to various interests:

  • Entertainment Add-On: Extra lifestyle and entertainment channels.
  • Sports Add-On: Expanded sports coverage and channels.
  • Español Add-On: A selection of Spanish-language content.

While these add-ons enhance the Hulu experience by offering more specialized content, they do come with their own costs. Subscribers should consider these expenses when customizing their Hulu subscription.

What Users Have to Say About Hulu Free Trial on Reddit?

Hulu’s free trial can be a handy tool! Many users find it a great way to browse their shows and movies before getting a subscription. Some users also love the ad-free trial option. It lets you watch content on Hulu without interruptions from commercials. This can help you decide if Hulu’s upgraded, ad-free version is worth the money in the long run.

However, there’s a bit of a downside. Some people find it tricky to cancel the free trial before it automatically turns into a paid subscription. This can lead to unexpected charges on your account.

My Experience

In my own experience, I tried it, and it was a nice way to check out some stuff for free, especially without commercials during the ad-free trial. But remember, when it comes to canceling, the terms can be confusing, and you get charged even after canceling. That’s why I always set a reminder to cancel before the trial ends. Overall, the free trial can be a good way to test Hulu.

What is Worth Watching on Hulu with a Free Trial:

Bad Romance 20/20 Uncharted
The Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2024 The Boarding School Murders
Romance with a Twist Choir Docuseries
The Good Mother An Ice Palace Romance
Alan Partridge 2013 Jupiler Pro League 2024
Naruto Shippuden Season 8 Twilight
First Daughter The Riches TV Shows All Seasons
Love & Translation Dating Show TMZ Investigates Season 5


Follow these steps:

  1. Visit Hulu.
  2. Click on Start Free Trial.
  3. Enter billing information.
  4. Enjoy watching Hulu.

New Hulu members can trial the Hulu plan of their choosing for free after signing up. For 30 days, you’ll have unlimited access to the streaming library with either the Hulu (ad-supported) or Hulu (No Ads) subscription. After your free trial, you’ll be charged on a month-to-month basis.

Hulu provides a 30-day free trial, so you can determine if the service fulfills your needs before committing. Hulu now offers a Hulu + Live TV package with a one-week free trial, but most individuals will find that a week is enough time to decide whether the service is right for them.

If Hulu isn’t for you, you may cancel at any moment during your free trial outside USA without being charged.

Hulu’s refund policy specifies that refunds will only be granted if you have overpaid for your monthly membership or if there has been an unjustified charge. If your monthly bill is overcharged, you have 30 days for a refund; otherwise, it will not be accepted.

Hulu is part of the Disney Bundle, which includes Disney+ and ESPN+. While there is no free trial for the bundle, it offers significant savings compared to subscribing to each service individually.


After exploring Hulu free trial outside USA, I’ve discovered the streaming service’s appeal is undeniable, with a vast library that caters to a wide array of tastes. You can use the ExpressVPN to access this platform outside USA and for bufferless streaming.

Remember to keep track of the trial’s end date to make a well-informed decision about continuing the subscription, ensuring it aligns with your viewing preferences. Overall, Hulu stands out as a top contender in the streaming space, and I believe it’s worth the test drive to see if it fits your media consumption habits.

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