How to Watch Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu [Freemium Way]


Moonlighting, the popular comedy-drama from the 1980s, is now available to stream on Hulu! But what if you’re outside USA? Don’t worry; with a VPN service like ExpressVPN, you can still watch Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu.

Starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd as private detectives, the show was known for its clever dialogue, romantic tension, and ability to mix humor with serious moments. Moonlighting also tackled social issues like homophobia, racism, and sexism, making it a groundbreaking show for its time.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll show you how to easily access Hulu outside USA via ExpressVPN so that you can start streaming Moonlighting right away.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of the show or discovering it for the first time, our guide will provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy this classic TV series.

How to Watch Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu? [5 Quick Steps]

Learn how to connect to ExpressVPN to watch Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu:

  1. Start by signing up for a reliable VPN. ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.
  2. After registering, proceed to install the VPN app on your device.
  3. Input your login information as required.
  4. Connect to a US-based server; the New York server is preferable.
  5. Visit the Hulu website to watch Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu.

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Curious about how to pay for Hulu outside USA? Well, you may use an American debit or credit card alongside other payment methods.

Where can I Watch Moonlighting outside USA?

The Moonlighting TV series is a classic 80s show that many fans still enjoy watching today. If you’re looking for a platform to watch it, you’ll be happy to know that Hulu has it available. With an affordable subscription cost and seamless streaming experience, Hulu is a great option for fans who want to catch up on this iconic show.

But with ExpressVPN by your side, you no longer need to worry, given its ability to get around the geo-restrictions without any hassle.

How can I Watch Moonlighting outside USA for Free?

To watch Moonlighting online for free, you can subscribe to the 30-day Hulu free trial. With this trial, you can enjoy watching Moonlighting on Hulu without any additional charges. To access the free trial, you will need to acquire the promo codes first. So, go ahead and sign up for the free trial to start streaming your favorite show!

Remember that geo-restrictions will act as a barrier if you attempt to stream the channel outside USA.

However, the use of ExpressVPN makes it easier to access Hulu as it will effectively help you to get around the location barriers and enjoy Moonlight streaming for free if you take advantage of a US IP Address.

What is the Release Date of Moonlighting on Hulu?

The release date of Moonlighting on Hulu was set for October 10th, 2023. This beloved 80s show became available to stream in stunning HD quality. If you’re outside USA and eager to revisit (or discover!) Moonlighting, I recommend using a VPN service like ExpressVPN to unlock Hulu’s library.

What is the Moonlighting Preview?

The show centers on Maddie Hayes, a bankrupt former model who takes over the faltering Blue Moon detective firm. She initially considered selling it but was won over by the staff, particularly David Addison, Beasley, and Armstrong, and the exciting cases the agency took on.

What is the Cast of Moonlighting?

The following table showcases the complete cast of Moonlighting and details about the number of episodes they featured in.

Actor Year of Appearance Number of Episodes
Cybill Shepherd 1985-1989 66
Bruce Willis 1985-1989 66
Allyce Beasley 1985-1989 66
Curtis Armstrong 1986-1989 37
Kristine Kauffman 1985-1989 30
Jonathan Ames 1985-1989 30
Daniel Fitzpatrick 1985-1989 30
Jamie Taylor 1986-1989 26
Willie Brown 1985-1989 23
Jack Blessing 1986-1989 17
Inez Edwards 1987-1989 13
Eva Marie Saint 1986-1989 06
Robert Webber 1986-1989 08
Charles Rocket 1985-1989 07
Clinton Allmon 1986-1989 05
Mark Harmon 1987-1989 05
Dennis Dugan 1988-1989 04
Virginia Madsen 1989-1989 03

Is There a Trailer of Moonlighting?

Yes, a trailer for Moonlighting is available. Head to the link below to watch this exciting trailer:

How Many Seasons will the Moonlighting Have on Hulu?

Hulu will let people watch all five seasons, which have a total of 67 episodes. The show, which was created by Glen Gordon Caron, also has the Grammy-nominated title track by Al Jarreau.

As shown in the table below, all the seasons and episodes of Moonlighting started airing on Hulu on 10 October 2023.

Season Episodes
1 7
2 18
3 15
4 14
5 13

How Many Episodes Does Moonlighting Have in Each Season?

The following table provides individual details of all the episodes of Moonlighting.

Season Episode No. Description
1 1 After losing her fortune, former model Maddie Hayes contemplates selling the City of Angels detective agency but gets involved in a case involving smuggled Nazi diamonds.
1 2 Maddie decides to sell the agency, but David persuades her otherwise. They discover clues about Nazi diamonds, leading to an adventure split into two episodes.
1 3 Maddie and David’s first case involves a missing son and contract killers, with unexpected twists.
1 4 Blue Moon provides security at Maddie’s friend’s company, uncovering information leaks and a psychic’s role in it.
1 5 Investigating the shooting of a radio host turns into a complex case involving affairs, faked deaths, and murder accusations.
1 6 Maddie, David, and Agnes end up on a murder mystery train, trying to solve a murder amid a train ride.
1 7 David and Maddie do debt collection work, stumbling into an assassination plot during a formal dinner event.
2 1 David’s brother arrives in town with mysterious money, leading to a clash of interests and a showdown with a drug dealer.
2 2 Maddie and David are hired to find a woman’s ex-boyfriend, but the case turns dark when the ex-boyfriend is murdered.
2 3 Maddie confronts her embezzling former accountant in Argentina, setting up a high-stakes poker game.
2 4 The detectives dream about a murder at a 1940s nightclub, with Orson Welles making an appearance.
2 5 Maddie challenges David to act mature for a week while they also get involved in the case of a kidnapped concert pianist.
2 6 Maddie and David investigate a case involving a stolen locket and a potentially threatening estranged husband.
2 7 The detectives are hired to protect a woman who claims to be a leprechaun pursued for her pot of gold.
2 8 An artist’s portrait leads to suspicions and investigations, putting Maddie under scrutiny for possible foul play.
2 9 David takes a case involving a lost Rolodex, while Maddie sells the agency to a rival firm, leading to consequences.
2 10 The investigators run into “the three kings” FBI agents while assisting a mom in finding her baby.
2 11 The investigators help a widowless man locate a wife, but their efforts reveal an unexpected plot.
2 12 After going to a business banquet, Agnes becomes embroiled in espionage, which results in unforeseen experiences.
2 13 The cops find a diamond heist with fake fatalities after keeping watch on an escape artist’s body.
2 14 When Maddie’s parents show up there, they bring up the subject of potential infidelity and start a challenging family fight.
2 15 A man hires the investigators to observe his own death, which leads to unexpected twists and real intimacy.
2 16 David becomes well-known, but Maddie finds out the truth thanks to the danger posed by his data source.
2 17 A man hires a hitman to kill him, but when the hitman gets a wedding invitation, things go wrong.
2 18 A dramatic adventure starts as Maddie and David recruit con artist Camille Brand after rising to popularity.
3 1 During the visit, David’s father announces his impending nuptials to a woman he had shared a passionate night with.
3 2 Blue Moon is looking into a man after he claims to have killed his wife but later hears from her.
3 3 An assassination plan’s involvement stems from a date night challenge, ending with a boxing about against Don King.
3 4 Blue Moon is hired to track down an enigmatic letter writer and solve a crime.
3 5 An intricate web comprising a married woman and a potential suicide results from a priest’s confession of love.
3 6 David’s previous marriage and a dream scene, including a dance number, are revealed to Maddie when she accompanies him to New York.
3 7 Due to a teen admirer interrupting homework, a clip show program with a Shakespearean motif is produced.
3 8 In an homage to “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Maddie queries whether keeping the agency open was the best action.
3 9 Rona Barrett, a gossip columnist, investigates the arguments involving Maddie and David in the style of a clip show.
3 10 After Herbert offers her a full-time position, Agnes is compelled to check into a worrisome case.
3 11 Maddie considers a one-night stand, which leads to misunderstandings and an unexpected encounter with another man.
3 12 David and Maddie’s relationship is strained when Sam, Maddie’s ex-boyfriend, reappears.
3 13 Sam and David compete for Maddie’s affection, sparking a mystery search and a night of excitement.
3 14 Sam or David must be chosen by Maddie, leading to an emotional encounter and a shocking revelation.
3 15 Maddie and David manage a case involving a disapproving parent while dealing with the fallout from their night out together.
4 1 David and Maddie face a decision as they struggle with the basis of their relationship.
4 2 David assists a woman who is trying to escape her hitman husband as Maddie pays a visit to her parents.
4 3 David feels stressed out by Maddie’s absence, which causes him to get involved in an ill-fated wedding and write a moving letter.
4 4 Maddie is upset by her parents’ celebration, and David’s night out just makes her angrier. Maddie learns she is expecting.
4 5 David’s pursuit to reach Maddie is derailed when he ends up in prison.
4 6 David’s prison ordeal continues, leading to a surprising musical number.
4 7 David deals with the aftermath of Maddie’s departure, trying to save Blue Moon.
4 8 Agnes’s mother brings trouble from Mexico, and Agnes and Herbert investigate.
4 9 David prepares for fatherhood, sparking feelings in his Lamaze partner, while Maddie contemplates her return.
4 10 Maddie’s train ride home leads to a surprising revelation and a heartfelt reunion with David.
4 11 David tests Maddie’s newfound marriage, leading to arguments, tests, and a murder mystery.
4 12 David tries to prove his commitment to Maddie with an extravagant wedding.
4 13 Herbert’s grapefruit guarding mission reveals his love life struggles, and Agnes makes a decision.
4 14 Blue Moon takes on a case involving infidelity, and Maddie and Walter annul their marriage, sparking renewed interest between Maddie and David.
5 1 Maddie’s unborn baby receives a visit from an angel, and Maddie faces a miscarriage.
5 2 Maddie deals with her miscarriage while the detectives take on a mysterious case.
5 3 A woman questions her husband’s identity, leading to unexpected twists.
5 4 Blue Moon investigates a plastic surgeon and reflects on their relationship.
5 5 The office is divided as they take on separate sides of a controversial case.
5 6 A fierce divorce lawyer seeks help, leading to an unexpected turn of events.
5 7 A man’s death sparks a bizarre afterlife dream sequence.
5 8 David’s brother’s request for help reveals dark secrets.
5 9 Blue Moon investigates a client’s claim of the “perfect crime.”
5 10 Maddie’s cousin’s visit leads to romantic complications.
5 11 Agnes’s jury duty leads to her own case, and Herbert takes action.
5 12 Maddie witnesses a murder, and David fears her bodyguard’s intentions.
5 13 Relationships are tested, and Maddie and David face the end of Moonlighting.

A Show Worth Revisiting (or Discovering for the First Time!)

For those new to the scene, Moonlighting is a delightful blend of comedy, drama, and romance. It follows the unlikely partnership of Maddie Hayes, a former model down on her luck, and David Addison, a wisecracking private investigator. Their banter is legendary, their cases are captivating, and the undeniable chemistry between the leads is what truly sets the show apart.

Feeling overwhelmed by all those episodes? Don’t worry! I’ve got you covered. I’ll provide a short guide to the seasons and even suggest some “must-watch” episodes to get you hooked.

A Short Guide to the Seasons: Your Moonlighting Map

  • Season 1 (1985): This is where it all begins! The pilot episode introduces the core characters and establishes their dynamic. Prepare for witty dialogue, a touch of mystery, and a whole lot of sexual tension.
  • Seasons 2-4 (1986-1988): The show hits its stride here. The cases get more complex, the will-they-won’t-they tension between Maddie and David intensifies, and there are some truly iconic moments.
  • Season 5 (1988-1989): Things take a bit of a turn as the show delves deeper into Maddie and David’s relationship. Expect some emotional storylines alongside the usual blend of humor and mystery.
  • Season 7 (1989-1990): The final season is shorter and features a different showrunner. While some fans find it lacking compared to previous seasons, it still offers closure for the characters’ arcs.

Must-Watch Episodes to Kickstart Your Moonlighting Obsession

  • “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1): A classic introduction to the characters, their dynamic, and the show’s overall tone.
  • “Blue Moon” (Season 2, Episode 6): A fan favorite with a fun case involving a missing sapphire necklace and a glimpse into Maddie’s past.
  • “In the Line of Duty” (Season 3, Episode 1): This episode perfectly encapsulates the show’s blend of action, humor, and romance.
  • “Nosferaatu” (Season 4, Episode 18): A darkly comedic episode inspired by the classic Dracula story.

Pro Tip: Check out online reviews and forums for more episode recommendations based on your interests.

A Few Fun Facts to Fuel Your Moonlighting Obsession

  • Did you know the show’s iconic theme song, “Moonlighting,” was nominated for a Grammy Award?
  • Bruce Willis wasn’t always the action hero we know today. Moonlighting was his breakout role!
  • The series finale was a controversial event, leaving many fans disappointed. That just adds to the show’s mystique, right?

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What Else You Can Stream Besides Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu?

On Hulu, you can stream a wide range of content; thus, you no longer need to be concerned about what to watch on Hulu. Some examples are listed below that you can watch outside USA with ExpressVPN:


Yes, you will be able to watch Moonlighting on Hulu. Besides, you can even benefit from the Hulu free trial of 30 days and access the platform outside USA via ExpressVPN to enjoy streaming for free.

Bruce Willis and Cybil Shepherd might have been friends at some point, but now they are not.

When David returns to the office after the wedding, a television network executive has already started hauling all of the furniture and stuff out. David and Maddie are informed by the executive that they have been canceled.

Wrapping Up

Embark on a journey with this famous dramedy of the 80’s. Refer to our above guide on how to watch Moonlighting outside USA on Hulu if you still have any concerns.

Get an ExpressVPN connection to get around the imposed geo-restrictions and watch Moonlighting on Hulu from your home.

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