How to Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu [Freemium Way]


If you’re a fan of historical dramas blended with crime and politics, then watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu using ExpressVPN.

This captivating Hulu original series features the esteemed Forest Whitaker taking on the role of Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson, a notorious crime boss who ruled Harlem in the 1960s.

Godfather of Harlem online brilliantly intertwines historical events with fictional narratives, making every episode a thrilling journey. The series is a riveting portrayal of a rough era, from the political upheavals to the power struggle within the underworld.

You can still enjoy this masterpiece on watch Hulu outside US using the best VPN for Hulu. We recommend ExpressVPN to unblock the platform, and the next section tells what needs to be done.

How to Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu? [5 Quick Steps]

Here’s how to watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu:

  1. Start by visiting the ExpressVPN website and sign up for an account.
  2. After subscribing, download and install the ExpressVPN application on your device.
  3. To watch Hulu, connect to a server located in the USA (Recommended: New York server).
  4. If you’re not already a Hulu subscriber, sign up for the free trial or choose a suitable subscription plan.
  5. Navigate to the Hulu platform and search for Godfather of Harlem to begin streaming the Godfather of Harlem episodes – including Our Day Will Come Hulu!

Where can I Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA?

If you are looking to watch the Godfather of Harlem outside USA, Hulu is your platform. However, due to geo-restrictions, you might require a VPN service to access it. In this case, ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.

Godfather of Harlem watch online that first aired in 2019 and currently has three seasons available for streaming on Hulu. To watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA, all you need is a Hulu subscription and ExpressVPN to bypass any regional limitations.

In addition to this GoH, you can also watch Armageddon outside USA on Hulu, a classic movie of its time without any issues.

How can I Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA for Free?

Picture yourself engrossed in the enthralling narrative of Godfather of Harlem, all without spending a dime. Courtesy of the Hulu free trial, you can watch The Godfather online free, even if you’re not in the USA.

Just make sure you have an ExpressVPN subscription to stream the series free outside USA.

Keep in mind that to enjoy Godfather of Harlem and other captivating content on Hulu without any interruptions, you’ll need to cover the standard Hulu price.

New episodes are released every week, so while the free trial gives you a glimpse of the action, it’s worth considering a subscription for uninterrupted viewing!

What is the Release Date for Godfather of Harlem on Hulu?

First aired in 2019, The Godfather of Harlem is an engaging series that’s now fully available on Hulu. Viewers can enjoy the intense storyline and excellent acting that make this show a must-see.

Till you watch Godfather of Harlem streaming free online, read its summary next.

Godfather of Harlem Plot Summary

Godfather of Harlem beautifully stitches together the complex narrative of Bumpy Johnson’s existence, providing a sneak peek into the treacherous world of organized crime in 1960s New York.

The series, set in the heart of Harlem during the 1960s, presents the mysterious gangster Bumpy Johnson to its audience. After enduring a decade-long incarceration, Bumpy returns to find his once-thriving neighborhood now in complete disarray.

The Italian mob has a firm grip on the streets, leaving Bumpy with the challenging mission of dethroning the influential Genovese crime family to regain his supremacy. Episodes of The Godfather of Harlem serve an enthralling mix of historical occurrences and dramatized narratives.

The series sketches a vibrant image of a man’s pursuit to restore his territory while maneuvering through the dark politics and power battles of the underworld.

Godfather of Harlem [Cast]

The Godfather of Harlem cast is well-suited to the characters they play in the series. Here’s a table for the cast:

Actor name Character name
Forest Whitaker Ellsworth ‘Bumpy’ Johnson
Ilfenesh Hadera Mayme Johnson
Lucy Fry Stella Gigante
Antoinette Crowe-Legacy Elise Johnson
Erik LaRay Harvey Del Chance
Elvis Nolasco Nat Pettigrew
Markuann Smith Junie Byrd
Demi Singleton Margaret Johnson

Is There a Trailer of Godfather of Harlem?

Yes, there’s a Godfather of Harlem trailer.

How Many Seasons of Godfather of Harlem are There on Hulu?

Godfather of Harlem is available on Hulu for streaming, with all three riveting seasons providing viewers with the opportunity to delve into the compelling narrative of the series fully.

Here’s the season-wise breakdown of Godfather of Harlem online free.

Godfather of Harlem Hulu season 1 (2019)

No. in Season Title Summary
1 By Whatever Means Necessary Bumpy Johnson is released from Alcatraz and goes to Harlem to retake his territory from Italian mob lord Vincent Gigante; he finds an odd ally in his old buddy Malcolm X.
2 The Nitty Gritty Bumpy embarks on a feverish quest for a dope supply independent of the Italians, realizing that a constant source of heroin is critical to reclaiming Harlem. Chin enlists the help of corrupt cops in an attempt to apprehend Bumpy.
3 Our Day Will Come Bumpy finds himself unexpectedly on Elise’s side as her shoplifting arrest and subsequent abuse becomes the impetus for a protest in which competing interests lead tensions to flare.
4 I Am the Greatest Cassius Clay fights local boxing legend Doug Jones; Mayme wants Bumpy to support Jones, while Malcolm wants Bumpy to support Clay; Chin has a turf war with Bonnano, and a buried truth is uncovered.
5 It’s All in the Game Chin places a wager in an attempt to break Bumpy’s bank. As a result, Bumpy owes the winners more money than he has. Stella and Teddy get arrested for kissing. Elise seeks to improve herself by turning to the Nation of Islam.
6 Il Canto de Malavita Elijah Muhammad visits Malcolm X’s mosque and meets Elise, whom he invites to spy on Malcolm; Chin discovers Teddy is alive, leaving Ernie Nunzi to remedy his error; Esther James has filed a defamation suit against Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
7 Masters of War Bumpy uses Chin’s terrible background to retaliate against the Italians; Mayme and Elise put aside their disagreements; and Bumpy sees his wife and children reunited before his conflict bursts.
8 How I Got Over Chin and Bonnano are at odds in Harlem; Mayme urges Bumpy to write a will in which Bumpy discovers that he and Mayme never properly adopted Margaret; Malcolm X and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. march in Washington, D.C.
9 Rent Strike Blues Due to slum conditions in Harlem, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. launches a rent strike and investigates the building owners; Ernie Nunzi looks for the hooker who helped set up Zambrano; and Bumpy and Mayme face marital problems.
10 Chickens Come Home to Roost Bumpy blackmails the mafia to ensure his and his family’s protection; President John F. Kennedy is assassinated; Teddy sings at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Season 2 (2021)

No. in Season Title Summary
1 The French Connection Bumpy Johnson takes measures to lift the penalties off his head after three months of hiding from Chin Gigante and the Italians; by forming new relationships with European Suppliers, Bumpy hopes to safely return to Harlem with his family.
2 “ting Like a Bee Bumpy Johnson seeks to expand his operations by using a new French supplier to distribute drugs to other major American cities, while Malcolm X uses his connection with Cassius Clay to regain favor with the Nation of Islam ahead of Clay’s iconic fight against Sonny Liston.
3 The Fruit Stand Riot When cops brutally beat and arrest innocent black adolescents and onlookers, the Harlem neighborhood comes together to liberate them. Bumpy Johnson and Malcolm X embrace street justice, whereas Adam Clayton Powell and Mayme Johnson utilize nonviolent protest.
4 The Geechee Bumpy Johnson and Chin Gigante’s odd relationship is highly profitable, but their success places targets on their backs. Malcolm X is under assault for his character and his life.
5 It’s a Small World After All An incident at the Geechee Club threatens Bumpy and Chin’s collaboration; Adam Clayton Powell seeks to stop the Civil Rights Bill filibuster, even if it means going dirty.
6 The Ballot or the Bullet Three Freedom Riders are murdered in Mississippi, and Bumpy Johnson seeks justice as well as protection from a federal probe; Chin Gigante avoids jail with a “insanity” argument; and Malcolm X issues his most ardent appeal to action.
7 Man of the Year Bumpy is named “Man of the Year” in recognition of his “good” efforts. Meanwhile, Ernie became a “mademan” in the Genovese Family. A disclosed secret would endanger countless people.
8 Ten Harlems Bumpy Johnson searches for adversaries inside his Ten Harlems after discovering treachery within his ranks. Malcolm X’s battle with the Nation of Islam grew from threats to open bloodshed.
9 Bonanno Split When Joseph Bonanno decides to eliminate the Commission, Bumpy Johnson must safeguard the Italian mafia. Captain Omar escalates his attack against Malcolm X.
10 The Hate That Hate Produced Bumpy Johnson must fight off competitors in order to obtain the greatest drug shipment in New York history, as Harlem erupts in riot; Malcolm X grudgingly agrees to protection from an odd source.

Godfather of Harlem Season 3 Streaming

No. in Season Title Summary
1 The Negro in White America Bumpy Johnson robs his own neighborhood to satisfy a drug debt owed to the Italians during the Harlem riots. Omar wishes to regain Elise and Malcolm’s favor. A hit on Stella’s life is ordered by someone close to her.
2 Alzado When Joe Colombo kidnaps Mayme as a gentleman, Bumpy becomes enraged and prepares for battle. Bumpy teams up with Cuban criminal Jose Battle, knowing he needs an alliance. Meanwhile, Chin assigns Stella’s protection to Colombo.
3 Mecca Jose Battle requests a political assassination from his new associate Bumpy Johnson; Malcolm X is imprisoned by Saudi officials on his way to Mecca; and the district attorney’s office targets Mayme because of her gangster links.
4 Captain Fields Bumpy and Battle make a bid for control of the local 27th police precinct when two uniformed officers assault the Geechee. Stella must decide whether to inform the FBI about Colombo. In the meantime, Malcolm’s life is in danger in Cairo.
5 Angel of Death When Monsieur 98 arrives to bring in the next batch of heroin, Bumpy and Colombo compete for dominance of the heroin trade. Omar attempts to woo Elise romantically. Pettigrew learns about cocaine through his encounter with a Cuban woman.
6 Spooks Bumpy leverages Battle’s CIA contacts to get a consistent supply of a new drug: cocaine. Stella lies to Fineman in order to avoid Colombo’s scrutiny. Mayme seeks for a Palmetto government contract.
7 All Roads Lead to Malcolm When Battle is jailed, Bumpy must find a method to free him and track down the mole; Bumpy realizes that Malcolm X has more opponents than they previously imagined.
8 Homeland or Death Bumpy uncovers a CIA conspiracy at the United Nations to kill Malcolm X and Che Guevara. Malcolm is working on his autobiography. Olympia uses Father Louis to get herself out of trouble.
9 We Are All Kings Chin Gigante has been freed from jail and is attempting to remove Joe Colombo from the Commission. Malcolm’s effort to bring together civil rights leaders is thwarted when his home is assaulted. Chin finds who ordered an attack on his daughter.
10 Our Black Shining Prince Bumpy and Chin recruit the assistance of Morgenthau to stop Colombo and Battle from bringing in a supply of heroin, firearms, and cocaine. Stella must make a decision between Colombo and her father. In the meantime, Malcolm X is preparing for his address at the Audubon Ballroom.

What Makes ExpressVPN the Best VPN to Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu?

Read on to know why ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu

ExpressVPN is a reliable and secure solution to bypass geo-restrictions and watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu. It delivers excellent download and upload speeds, ensuring buffer-free streaming.

You can enjoy your favorite shows worry-free with 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, Private DNS, VPN Split Tunneling, and a Threat Manager.

ExpressVPN is well-regarded for its expansive server network, comprising over 3000+ servers across 105 countries. We recommend using the New York server out of the 20+ US server locations:


Watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu with ExpressVPN!

Recommended Server: New York

The MediaStreamer feature lets you unblock the Godfather of Harlem TV series on different VPN-incompatible devices. You can watch The Family Chantel Season 5 outside USA on Hulu and get an insight into the events that passed in pandemic.

ExpressVPN is compatible with various operating systems and allows for 8 simultaneous connections. It is currently offering a special deal where you can get an annual subscription at just US$ 6.67 /mo (Black Friday Deal: Grab 3 Free Months + 49% OFF 12-Month Plan) with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Godfather of Harlem

What else can you Stream Besides Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu?

Here’s what to watch on Hulu outside USA besides the Godfather of Harlem Epix original using ExpressVPN:


Yes, the renowned TV series Godfather of Harlem is available on the streaming platform Hulu.

Yes, the Godfather of Harlem can be accessed on Disney+. The original show is also available for streaming on Hulu. By using ExpressVPN, you can overcome geographical restrictions to begin streaming right away.

At the moment, Godfather of Harlem is not accessible on Netflix. However, it’s available for viewing on Hulu. If you’re located outside USA, ExpressVPN can be used to circumvent geographical restrictions, ensuring you experience the series in its entirety.

Wrapping Up

Dive into the enthralling narrative as you watch Godfather of Harlem outside USA on Hulu.

Offering high-speed servers and impenetrable security features, ExpressVPN allows you to circumvent geo-blocks and savor your preferred shows and films from every corner of the globe.

Don’t let geographical restrictions hold you back. Happy Godfather of Harlem Hulu streaming!

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