Camille Vasquez Believes Depp’s Case Needed a Woman and She was ‘Lucky’ to be Chosen

Camille Vasquez Believes Depp’s Case Needed a Woman and She was ‘Lucky’ to be Chosen

Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez states that his client’s defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard needed a woman and she was just lucky to be the chosen attorney to do the job.

The comments were made by Vasquez, 38, in a teaser for a Friday sit-down interview with Gayle King of “CBS Mornings.”

In a video that went viral, Camille Vasquez can be heard saying, “It was important to have a woman on the team.”

Gayle King questioned her, “Why?”

Camille said,

This case called for a woman’s perspective and I was the lucky person chosen to do this job.”

The host presented a follow-up question. “Do you feel lucky? Is lucky the word?”

Vasquez replied, 

I think so, yeah. I think hard work and luck — you can’t underestimate there was a combination there. Of course, it’s a tremendous amount of hours, but it’s also a little bit of luck, and it’s not a job that I took lightly. This was his name, this was his life. It was important.

While talking to King regarding the latest update in the court case, Vasquez said Depp’s legal team would’ve moved on had Amber Heard’s legal team not filed an appeal; however, it was very much “expected” of her as she “indicated” she was clearly against the verdict ever since it was announced:

Vasquez gave the interview just week after Heard had filed a motion in order to appeal the jury’s verdict, which was given in Depp’s favor last month. 

The seven-membered jury found that Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard indeed defamed him by alleging that he physically abused her during their relationship. As a result, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor was awarded $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages.

However, the amount was brought down to $350,000 due to a Virginia law capping punitive damages.

On the other hand, Vasquez became a star on social media overnight. Initially, TikTok users were convinced that perhaps Depp’s lawyer was romantically involved with the actor. However, her formidable and fiery approach during cross-examination, all the while representing her client with the utmost professionalism, became her lasting legacy. 

On July 15th, fans got their hands on Vasquez meeting up with Depp once more at one of his concerts in Europe. She graciously introduced her boyfriend, Edward Owen, aged 38, to Depp who was more than happy to meet the guy.

Camille Vasquez can be seen in this tweet introducing her British executive boyfriend Edward Owen to Johnny Depp along with other members of the legal team attending the concert:

Since the defamation trial ended on June 1st, Depp has been on tour with the guitarist and his good friend Jeff Beck. 

Depp’s legal team reflect true happiness as they won the globally watched battle:

Here’s how a twitter user finds Camille Vasquez different from Amber Heard:

In July 2022, Amber Heard’s team filed for a mistrial claiming that one of the jury members who showed up for jury duty wasn’t the person on the list. However, the claims were overruled by the Judge. 

It comes as no surprise that the jury didn’t buy Heard’s “crocodile tears” while she gave her testimony during the defamation trial, as revealed by one of the jury members. 

You can watch King and Vasquez’s full conversation on Thursday on “CBS Mornings,” starting at 7 a.m only on CBS. For viewers outside USA, here’s how to watch CBS from anywhere in the world.

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