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Are you wondering how to watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere outside USA on Hulu? Well, just take a long breath because your issue is resolved. You can watch it with a Hulu VPN like ExpressVPN. Although, Hulu is unavailable outside USA, with a VPN you can easily watch Hulu outside USA.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 is a reality series, and it follows farmers who are eligible to marriage go on a series of dates with different ladies until they meet the one.

You can watch this series for free, you might be curious to know how to watch it for free. So, it’s effortless. Hulu offers a free trial for 30 days for new users. The free trial is free; you can watch it for free for the entire month.

Don’t miss out on this guide because you’ll explore everything about the amazing cast and about the best VPN service.

How to Watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere Outside USA On Hulu? [5 Easy Steps]

Follow these quick steps to watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere outside USA on Hulu:

  1. Sign up for a reliable VPN like ExpressVPN.
  2. Download and install the VPN on your device.
  3. Login and connect to a server in the US. We recommend the New York server.
  4. Launch the Hulu website.
  5. Sign in to your account and watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere outside USA on Hulu.
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What is the Release Date of Farmer Wants a Wife On Hulu?

The release date of Farmer Wants a Wife is 9th March 2023 on Hulu. However, the series will make its debut on Fox on 8th March 2023 and the new episode will air every Wednesday.

Thus, we suggest watching it on Hulu, because, on Hulu, you can watch Farmer Wants a Wife online free with a free trial.

Moreover, with a free trial, you can watch The Oscars 2023 Live on Hulu and can watch your favorite celebrity win!

How Many Episodes Are there in Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere On Hulu?

Currently, Farmer Wants a Wife (American TV series) has 8 episodes. The table is provided below, and it consists of the episode names with their summary. Let’s have a look:

Episode Number Episode Name Summary
Episode 1 Goodbye City… Hello Country Ten city women travel to rural Missouri for the first time to meet Matt; Stephanie tackles her phobia of chickens, while Josie drives other women to fear her; Matt must send one lady home.
Episode 2 Pigs and Cows and Sheep… Oh My Stacy and Lisa reveal their real colors on a romantic date; Matt takes the women out for a crazy night of bingo; and one lady refuses to leave after she is eliminated.
Episode 3 Wet ‘n Wild The girls engage in a tractor race; a day at the swimming hole takes a dramatic turn when Stacey plants a seed of doubt; Christa and Brooke’s hatred reaches new heights; A lovely night with Matt transforms into a family event.
Episode 4 Do-Si-Do Matt takes the women square dancing; one lady gets messy during a corn harvesting task; and one woman feels like a princess on a romantic date with Matt.
Episode 5 As Country as Apple Pie Matt and the ladies engage in a revealing game of truth or dare; a pleasant day baking pies turns into a competition at the local fair; and Matt’s date decision surprises everyone.
Episode 6 It’s Show Time Matt requests that the ladies perform a talent performance for the community; Ashley puts Matt on the spot at a hog roast; and, following a surprising elimination, Matt and one of the women go on a hot and heavy date.
Episode 7  A Family Affair At a dinner with Matt’s family, the women are asked challenging and emotional questions. Brooke and Christa have a fight in front of Matt, and a shocking elimination leaves the women’s heads spinning.
Episode 8 Farmer Picks a Wife Before Matt picks a wife, the girls have to pass one last test.

Where can I watch the new season of Farmer Wants a Wife Outside USA?

You can watch the new season of Farmer Wants a Wife on Hulu. However, when it comes to outside USA, you require a VPN like ExpressVPN. So, make sure to subscribe to a VPN.

Now, are all the doubts about where can I watch all seasons of Farmer Wants a Wife clear? If so, then remember, a VPN can be used to watch various content, for instance, you can watch History of the World Part II comedy series on Hulu outside the USA with ease.

What Streaming Platforms Can I Watch Farmer Wants a Wife On Online?

You can easily stream it on Hulu. The basic Hulu plan costs US$7.99 per month.

In the series at each stage, the heat is turned up, but in the end, each farmer picks one lucky woman. Keep reading this guide to learn more about it.

What is Farmer Wants a Wife about?

Fremantle Media made Farmer Wants a Wife, which is a reality show on TV. The main idea behind the show is that some farmers are being shown women from the city, and they choose one of them to be their spouse.

In 2001, ITV in the United Kingdom aired the first episode of the show. However, now that you know Farmer Wants a Wife plot, let’s jump into the cast of the show.

Who Are In the Cast of Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere?

Here is the huge list of the FWAW cast. The cast consists of the names, occupations, and locations of the participants. It’s an interesting show for watching with your loved one. Have a look at the cast of Farmer Wants a Wife American television series:

Name Occupation Location
Hunter, 31 Farmer Watkinsville, Georgia
Emma, 24 Dance Coach Pacific Palisades, California
Sarah R., 34 Content Creator Kansas City, Missouri
DeVonne, 25 Director of Marketing Scottsdale, Arizona
Hayley B., 31 HR Manager Chicago, Ilinois
Meghan, 23 Event Coordinator Midland, Texas
Stephanie, 29 Sommelier Temeluca, California
Sydney, 23 Music Booking Agent Nashville, Tennessee
Talia, 32 Therapist Atlanta, Georgia
Ryan, 32 Farmer Shelby, North Carolina
Sarah I., 27 Communications for Global Children Dynasty Brooklyn, New York
Shartaysia, 29 Mental Health Therapist Los Angeles, California
Brittany, 33 Travel Blogger Sacramento, California
Hayley R., 28 Recruiter New York
Lily, 24 Psychology Student Miami, Florida
McKenzie, 29 Interior Designer Phoenix, Arizona
Porschia, 29 Accounting Assistant Las Colinas, Texas
Sara V., 27 Bartender Dallas, Texas
Allen, 32 Farmer Williamsport, Tennessee
Julia, 24 Cyber Security Analyst San Antonio, TX
Ariana, 31 Sales Associate Weehawken, New Jersey
Cassidy Jo, 28 Medical Sales Scottsdale, Arizona
Jordan, 28 Yoga Teacher Kennesaw, Georgia
Khelsi, 29 School Teacher Cataula, Georgia
Kiersten, 30 Blogger Nashville, Tennessee
Rebecca, 31 Horse Trainer Moorpark, California
Sloan, 34 Spirituality Coach Miami, Florida
Landon, 35 Farmer Alva, Oklahoma
Ashley L., 27 Executive Coordinator Dallas, TX
Ashley R., 32 Advanced Medical Support Assistant (AMSA) at Veteran Hospital Orlando, Florida
Heather, 39 Real Estate Investor Dallas, Texas
Erica, 27 Restaurant General Manager Manhattan, New York
Jessica, 26 Waitress Boston Massachusetts
Kylie, 25 Veteran Affairs Advocate Orlando, Florida
Nicole, 29 Supervisor of Radiation Oncology Allentown, Pennyslyvania
Zoe, 25 Photographer Nashville, Tennessee

Is There a Trailer of Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere available?

Yes, there is a Farmer Wants a Wife trailer. You can watch Farmer Wants a Wife 2023 trailer to get a sneak peek of the show here:

Why ExpressVPN is Recommended VPN to Watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere Outside USA on Hulu?

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Farmer Wants a Wife


Yes, the couple has purchased a home in Guthrie’s hometown and continues to live their happy life.

Andrew and Jess are still together. “We would never have crossed paths if it wasn’t for Farmer Wants a Wife,” Will added, “so yeah, I definitely owe the show a fair bit, I reckon!” As of December 2022, the pair is still in love and happier than ever!

Farmer Paige is now in Cassilis, NSW. While the sheep and cattle farmer is currently working in Cassilis, NSW, she does not reside on the farm. “Farmer Paige’s part was filmed on a ‘stand in’ farm as she’s a first generation farmer and doesn’t own a farm,” a seven spokesperson said to Refinery29 Australia.

Wrap Up

That all! Mark up your calendars for 9th March 2023 as the show will kick off on Hulu soon. We’re sure, you enjoyed every bit of the guide on how to watch Farmer Wants a Wife: Premiere outside USA on HuluMake sure to use a VPN, if you reside outside USA.

Talking about the VPNs, ExpressVPN has outperformed the speed test conducted by our team and has many US servers. So, subscribe to it, and wait for the reality show!

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