Nicki Minaj Celebrating ‘Sobriety’ And ‘Loving Life’: ‘Be Gentle with Yourself’

Nicki Minaj Celebrating ‘Sobriety’ And ‘Loving Life’: ‘Be Gentle with Yourself’

Nicki Minaj has spoken out about her sobriety and how much she is ‘loving life’ since transitioning on Twitter.

In a series of posts released Thursday on Twitter, the rapper, 39, finally opened briefly about her recovery.

After a Twitter user inquired if she was high, the artist responded with a quote-tweet, “No I’m sober & loving life. You ?” 

Minaj added in a second tweet, “I used to b happy when I was high. Now I’m happy when I’m sober. No judgement to anyone. Be gentle with yourself. 🎀.”

In a later tweet, she stated, “My eyes naturally look like that and ppl always think I’m high when I’m not wearing makeup. Plus my eyes are naturally gray & I was born in the Caribbean islands of Cuba. The 1st paragraph was 💯 true tho.”

Minaj already discussed how parenthood has altered her life. In September 2020, she and husband Kenneth Petty welcomed their son, who is now 18 months old.

During an interview on The Late Late Show in February, the “Barbie Tingz” singer told host James Corden that being a mother “has made me see more good in people” and “more good in the universe.”

“It makes you more of a forgiving person,” she stated at the same time further adding “When I look at my son, I’m reminded that I am so blessed. “I realized, for so many women, this is their dream. Their dream is to have a child and not everybody gets that blessing,” She further added “So when you have a little baby, you are reminded every day like, ‘Oh my God. Thank you God for this little gift.’ “

Not just Nicki Minaj, but many other celebrities, like Josh Brolin celebrating eight years of sobriety, and Kelly Osbourne celebrating five months of sobriety on her birthday are sober now and celebrating. 

Isn’t it true that bad times come and go? But your fans and family will always be there to help you get back on track, and we hope that everything gets cured and that you live a healthy life. Despite this, you might also need to read some inspiring stories like how Nick Carter is inspired by being a father.

In the United States, 19.86% of adults suffer from a mental disease. In 2022, this equates to over 50 million Americans. This ratio is enormous in only the first half of the year.

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